Technical Project Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Technical Project Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

In addition to project management, he is technical and security savvy.
John has been a very good technical lead across projects and is seen as one who strives for technical excellence.
His technical skills are top-notch and that makes him very effective at managing technical people and projects.
He is a technical manager with a rare combination of people skills, project management and technical vision.
He excels in agility, detail oriented, technical project management.
His technical and functional understanding towards any project is very impressive.
I found him extremely valuable as the technical architecture of the project.
We would always look forward to his technical support in the project.
John is clearly a technical expert, but also has the ability to manage complex architectural projects.
I have no hesitation in recommending him for all aspects of technical training and project management.
John also managed a number of new, often technically complex feature and infrastructure projects.
John is an accomplished project manager who has an excellent technical and functional background.
He is adept at handling the technical, functional and management aspect of a project.
Him management skills, his understanding of both sides a project (technical and non technical), makes him an excellent team manager.
John possesses immense technical knowledge and we have had technical discussions that benefited the project.
John has the technical expertise that can provide value to any project engagement.
John is an excellent organizer and deals effectively both with technical people and project managers.
His delivery and preparation is second to none which makes him a very good technical project manager.
He used to manage the technical publications for all the major projects we carried out.
Whenever the project had issues with technical problems his brilliant mind helped us to go further forward and bring the project to its goal.
He is a capable project manager and quickly grasped the technical aspects of the project using and championing agile methods and principles.
John is a very professional project manager who is able to manage complex (technical as well commercial) projects very well.
John has the most remarkable abilities as a project manager and technical trainer.
He has inspired and helped the entire project team irrespective of technical or non-technical matters.
John is a knowledgeable and experienced project manager capable of managing technically complex, cross-organizational, multi-stakeholder projects.
He also is an excellent manager; he managed a technical team and was always up to date on employee needs, concerns and projects.
He is an exceptional team leader, project manager, and technical writing manager.
John is technically brilliant he was star performer in the project.
John is an exemplary technical manager that has the highest regard for detail and dedication to projects.
He is always eager to learn new stuff both in technical, project management and leadership aspects.
John has a solid technical background along with excellent project management experience.
John was very technical and also wore the hat of the project management or product management roles as well, he is very well rounded.
He is a technical project manager who is exceptionally good at managing finance portfolios.
John is technically knowledgeable about the projects he manages to know the important questions to ask.
Detailed oriented with good technical expertise, he made sure all projects were technically realistic and would be implemented on time.
John makes for a very competent technical manager in any java based projects.
He manages project management of technical deliverables and commercial issues equally well.
Being from a technical background, he liaises with technical specifications and project scope/ deliverables with equal ease.
John brings a balance of strong project management, technical know-how and innovation to every project or program he handles.
His technical competency was of the highest magnitude and given that, we were successful with our project.
John's positive attitude and willingness to help on any project is second only to his technical ability.
John brought innovation with his technical abilities and his commitment towards the project.
There are no technical challenges or project requirements he is not capable of meeting.
His technical background also proved valuable many times throughout the project.
He'll volunteer to deliver complex technical projects, which makes him unique.
I recommend him in every project that needs a technical positive drive.
He is smart and understand the technical languages behind the project.
John appears to tackle the most technically complex projects with ease.
His technical expertise helped lifting the project off the ground.
During his time in this role he proved himself to be very technically savvy and a diligent and thorough project manager.
His project management and technical expertise have been greatly appreciated within our company and with clients.
He was the front man for our project and also managed other responsibilities apart from technical issues.
John has the technical smarts to not only manage a complex project, but also to set its direction.
He has a strong ability to drive projects from both a technical and management perspective.
John is a result-oriented, experienced and talented technical project manager.
He's very technically talented, and an excellent project manager / leader.
No matter how many projects he is managing, he can surprise every tech leads by his mastery of technical details on all of his projects.
His understanding of both technical and managerial aspects of work, gives him the ability to relate to both technical and non-technical challenges in a project.
John was an energetic and passionate project manager with an impressive capacity for juggling a broad portfolio of technically complex projects.
As a technical project manager, he is not only on top of technical standards, but also keeping business value in mind which is a great asset for a valuable project manager.