Technical Recruiter Performance Review Phrases Examples

Technical Recruiter Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is actually technically very competent which made a pleasant change from the vast amount of non-technical recruiters.
Further, he's an outstanding recruiter that can be trusted with any search - the more technical the better.
His expertise in the past was recruited primarily positions that were not of a technical nature.
John's recruiting for us was superb; he found us excellent candidates for technical positions.
John understands the technical recruiting marketplace and he knows how to close the deal.
I would highly recommend him to any company looking for an excellent technical recruiter.
John was recommended by a colleague as one of the best technical recruiters in town.
He also understands his domain very well and can become a very good technical recruiter.
John helped me to recruit for a technical role and it couldn't have gone any smoother.
John is an outstanding technical recruiter and has proven leadership abilities.
His technical and recruiting expertise makes him an asset to any organization.
John has been a technical recruiter for numerous years and it truly shows.
I have great respect for his ability and technical recruiting abilities.
Highly recommend him for your tough to hire, technical recruiting needs.
John is an exceptional technical recruiter who is extremely tech savvy.
He has a great understanding of technical recruiting with an expert level of technical knowledge.
He is an excellent technical recruiter and someone that you can always advise when you are not aware of the technology that you may be recruiting for.
For me, he is the best, the only, and the preferred recruiter for technical writers.
John is a very knowledgeable recruiter with the technical expertise to understand the profiles he recruits for.
John has a strong technical recruiting background and really understands the recruiting process.
John is a detail oriented technical recruiter with over seven years of recruiting experience.
He is a seasoned technical recruiter and understands very well the full life cycle recruitment.
He was technically sound and successfully recruited for some of the most challenging positions.
His expertise in Intel, military, and technical recruiting is second to none.
John is highly proficient in his area of expertise, technical recruiting.
John is an excellent recruiter and always comes up with creative sourcing methods on difficult technical recruits.
John is an excellent presenter for both technical and none technical groups.
He has an incredible amount of knowledge when it comes to technical recruiting.
He is very technical, knowledgeable, hardworking, enthusiastic recruiter.
John is an experienced recruiter, who can recruit at all levels of an organization.
John is a savvy recruiter who has a strong breadth of technical knowledge which he effectively uses in recruiting stellar candidates in the technical arena.
He did an excellent job of recruiting for very difficult technical positions.
John saw the need for a technical recruiter at our company and decided to take up the role himself and has been quite successful.
I admire his contribution for any technical recruitment and wishing him all the very best for future endeavor.
He is especially great at difficult recruiting for technical positions and ones requiring clearances.
I found his contribution to interviewing and recruiting technical candidates to be very helpful.
His understanding of the technical requirements from a recruiters perspective is impressive.
He is a shining example of the characteristics that a technical recruiter should exemplify.
John has substantial expertise in technical recruiting to include classified positions.
He is approachable, friendly, enthusiastic and a technical and resilient recruiter.
He has a complete vision and perspective of the technical recruiting environment.
John is intuitive and possesses a natural aptitude for technical recruiting.
John is bright, articulate, and a highly effective technical recruiter.
He has done all of the recruiting for six others and myself for all of that time.
John is a top tier professional recruiter who has forgotten more about technical recruitment than most of us will ever know.
He openly shared his deep technical knowledge and consistently helped make me a better technical recruiter.
John communicates well, particularly technical things to non-technical people.
He enjoyed mentoring our new recruiters with his great recruiting tips and extensive technical knowledge.
He not only excelled at that, but his inner drive made him want to the best technical recruiter on the team.
He was able to quickly get through his learning curve in taking on some very technical recruitments.
John is an amazing recruiter who not only understands both technical and non-technical positions, but also excels at adapting him searches to suit very specific requirements.
These are just some of the reasons why he is an effective technical recruiter and would be an asset to any organization.
John came into a very tumultuous situation around technical recruiting for the hospital.
One of the most prominent is his ability to recruit and retain technical talent.
He is a technical recruiter, par excellence, and he is extremely self-motivated.
Unlike most of the recruiters, he always gets back to you with any questions, concerns.
John was one of my first hires, and he recruited for me at several other companies.
John is the guy everyone goes to when they have questions about recruiting.
He is able to explain complex technical issues in a non-technical manner, which makes him a great conduit between technical, non-technical teams, and stakeholders.
John will exceed your expectations of any other technical recruiter that you have ever worked with.
John is a perfect example of what technical people want in a recruiter.
His technical competency and fluency is unrivaled in recruiting.
Having experience in both staffing and corporate recruiting gives him an edge over other technical recruiters.
John would make an incredible asset to any technical recruiting function.
He started as an applications, technical recruiter with our company.
John used to interact with him often on recruitment of technical resources.
He absorbed the nuances of recruiting for highly technical requirements, and he understands technical concepts with ease.
Communication is top notch, and also, he knows the technical side of things, something that most recruiters lack.
John knows his stuff when it comes to technical recruiting and is a very bright individual.
John will sure to bring value to any organization seeking an experience technical recruiter.
John helped his organization with our technical recruiting needs at all grade levels.
This is fantastic, and stands out to him as excellent technical recruiting leadership.
John exemplifies what a technical recruiter should be and delivers on his promises.
He handled the recruitment of highly technical and critical positions.
He is a true technical recruiter, very sincere and hardworking.
John came to our company with a very strong command of technical recruiting.
Has good technical aptitude, and if he didn't know something would research it to become technically savvy to best recruit candidates.
He would be a great asset to any organization, especially those looking to recruit technical people as he with his own technical background, is the best.
He is a great technical recruiter simply because he is very knowledgeable in any technical space or vertical.
He is technically sharp and can communicate effectively both with technical and non-technical resources.
John is very passionate about what he does and virtually lives and breathes technical recruiting.
John is highly technical and has great knowledge of recruiting.
He quickly integrated into our recruiting team and has proven himself as an exceptional technical recruiter.
John is awesome at recruiting; he went the distance to help him prepare for the technical interview.
John recently started learning technical recruiting and picked it up very quickly.
He is the real deal and not some fly-by-night technical recruiter.
His understanding of technical needs is very good and adds to his overall success as a recruiter.
He understands the technical needs and gives attention to details when recruiting new personnel.
His technical background along with him search ability make him a very good recruiter.
John is the only technical recruiter to find his profile on our company and contact him directly for an impeccably matched position with the company that he was currently working for as a technical recruiter.
He is very good at recruiting top technical talent and will get you the very best candidates.
Geekology has been tremendously valuable in his technical recruiting education.
A focused recruiter that utilizes his technical background very effectively.
An all-around recruiter who is capable of handling technical and non-technical positions because he strives to understand the business.
He's definitely got experience in recruiting for senior technical roles.
John has recruited and trained for him in his technical team.
His experience as a technical recruiter is impressive, and it came through in his relations with him.
John continuously demonstrates a willingness to help others as a technical recruiter.
He's very strong in technical recruiting, but can handle any other area thrown at him.
He has a broad technical background and can recruit effectively in any area.
He's great at finding technical people and managing the recruiting pipeline.
He is good leader in all aspects-technical and non-technical, he is always there for help.
John is an outstanding technical leader with an incredible technical acumen.
John is exceptional at understanding the technical details of the job for which he was recruited
Without his persistence and experience in recruiting technical staff, we would not have succeeded.
His technical background, experience in recruiting and friendly nature help him do the job.
John should be one of your first recruits when building a technical team.
He is the lead technical recruiter in the office and mentored him and the other recruiters.
He's good at communicating technical concepts to both technical and non-technical team members.
He also understands the technical field well and can help you find and recruit the right candidate.
His sunny disposition and his unwavering perseverance under deadlines makes him great at technical recruiting.
John, unlike most recruiters, comes from a technical background and this shines through on the calibre of candidate he delivers.
He is exceptional with technical recruitment - he had a reputation for filling some of the toughest positions.
He came into the organization and hit the ground running taking on technical recruiting, which is no easy feat.
With a wealth of experience he will exceed your expectations when it comes to your technical recruitment needs.
John is a highly technical recruiter and it was an absolute pleasure dealing with him.
If you need a specialised technical recruiter who will go the extra mile, call him.
He epitomizes high ethics, straight talk, and technical recruiting expertise.
His technical ability and willingness to help most definitely contributed to his success as a recruiter at our company.
John's level of technical recruiting expertise, in the our company, our company space is excellent.
John is the kind of technical recruiter every company needs-he will hit the ground running and immediately improve the recruiting team.
John joined the frog recruiting team to take on a large technical recruiting initiative, and jumped right in.
He helped mentor him on the recruiting process and overall recruiting world.
John's knowledge of the technical recruiting process is comprehensive.
John is an excellent recruiter to work for, very supportive, always available and the best thing about him is he knew how to recruit so he understands what recruiters need to be successful.
He loved recruiting, he could locate and rope in very specific technical talents.
He helped him to recruit three high-caliber technical talents this year.
John can recruit a wide range of candidates, but he excels at technical recruiting: he's got the chops and the record to prove it.
He is incredibly knowledgeable in recruiting being he was highly performing recruited
John is an excellent all round recruiter, he has the knowledge and experience to understand all technical requirements.
His knowledge of social is outstanding and this makes him different and special from other technical recruiters.
In particular, he is a very versatile recruiter with experience in both technical and generalist work.
His technical knowledge and background is far superior to that of a typical recruiter.
He represents the company well when recruiting new employees in technical positions.
His technical knowledge is a huge asset to his recruiting abilities.
John worked with him at our company handling international technical recruitment.
He makes sure you are well informed of the company's vision and is technically savvy for a recruiter.
He holds all of the attributes of a successful technical corporate recruiter.
His knowledge of recruitment and expertise in technical recruiting was a huge advantage to our entire team.
His technical knowledge was also very good and he used to grasp complex technical things very well, which made life easier for the technical team.
His clients often come to him asking for recommendations on recruiting agencies that specialize in non-technical areas.
John has worked closely with him in the past as his recruiter.
His technical competence despite a non-technical person is undisputed.
He also has a strong technical expertise in recruiting talent and developing recruiters.
He does a good job of not only looking at the technical side, but also the cultural side of recruiting.
John specialised in technical recruiting in our team, although he regularly covered all areas.
His strong technical knowledge was also very helpful to the technical team.
He is also a great mentor that helped him with some of the more complicated areas of technical recruiting.
This approach has immensely helped him in his field of technical recruitment and to be successful.
John has a very good grasp the very diverse field of technical recruiting.