Technical Sales Performance Review Phrases Examples

Technical Sales Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

His technical solution's ability is fantastic as he grew from being a technocrat to technical sales.
While his role tends to be technical in nature, he is still sales focused and can explain very technical concepts to audiences with a wide range of technical understanding.
Johns sales experience as well as exceptional technical expertise make him perfect for any position, pre or post sales.
His experience in technology with respect to both sales and technical sales gives him the background to be very credible.
His articulate presentations and his technical demonstrations show is deep background in technical sales.
Not only is he both technical and sales savvy, but fluent in two languages.
John understands sales and the sales process from top to bottom, technical to relational.
He has an unusually sharp technical proficiency, so deep, so that he's taught technical classes as well as sales classes.
He also brings the rare combination of deep technical aptitude and sales savvy, making him perfect for a wide variety of technical sales and sales solution roles.
John's background makes him understand not only the sales side, but the technical side.
He brings not only him sales acumen, but technical expertise to all of his deals.
His technical and sales ability is second to none, as is his good nature and wit.
His strength was his technical sales capability and his ability to think clearly.
He even understands the technical components of the sale - rare in this world.
His technical understanding surpasses even the most seasoned sales reps.
He exceeds every sales target or technical challenge he encounters.
He is easily his greatest surprise in terms of technical sales.
John exhibits an uncanny amount of sales and technical acumen.
Our company rarely do you come across the best of both technical and sales acumen that John possesses.
John au fait with all aspects of a sale, technical, deep technical, very deep technical, commercial, competition, collaboration.
John articulates and effective in the way he did his technical sales presentations, and was extremely valuable in helping close the sale.
Whether from a sales or technical perspective his contribution to a sales process is exemplary.
John not only gets the sales side of things, but he is very technically minded as well.
He runs the technical sales trainings during our annual sales event.
John knows how to hire, motivate and nurture pre-sales and post-sales technical teams.
John always delivered on his obligations, and grew to become one of our best technical sales people.
At that time, he has always provided him with friendly and competent technical sales help.
Customers love him, so do the sales people that depend on him for technical cadence.
His presentation style is great for any audience, either technical or sales.
His technical sales acumen is unprecedented with an insatiable drive.
He is an excellent sales rep, highly technical and very competent.
He combines his technical knowledge with the right mix of sales.
John's combination of sales and technical ability is hard to find.
His technical and sales leadership led to many positive changes.
Not only did he support his region's sales needs, he drove all technical sales as well.
His technical enough to hang with the nerds and has always delivered on his sales goals.
John' native tastes for sales and technical solutions are clearly noticeable.
He can navigate from technical discussions to sales strategy with no effort.
John comes from a very strong technical & solution sales background.
Supported him in sales as the technical expert on system demos.
John is instrumental in the technical sales role he held by our company.
Managing him directly for the last year has been an absolute pleasure as he has grown him technical background and influenced younger technical sales reps.
His role with us was to remove the technical barriers to closing deals in a highly technical sales environment.
People enjoy working with him whether they are in sales or in technical areas.
Had close interactions with him in his both technical and sales careers.
John's technical sales abilities are reflected in his team's consistent number one sales ranking in the company.
He does it quite well, and since he has an excellent technical background, he knows when he is getting something real and when it's nothing more than empty sales promises.
The combination of his technical and sales expertise has made him an invaluable asset to our organization.
He brought his technical expertise as well as his already established sales experience into every deal.
He can hold his own with the most technical audience, yet never lose sight of the sales opportunity.
He provided leadership in both sales and technical roles in an extremely challenging environment.
He is able to act easily in the technical and sales side and he is always looking for challenges.
Johns charm alongside his technical know-how delivered repeatedly on sales and repeat business
His technical expertise really helped when translating sales requirements into specifications.
John's contribution to the sales effort went far beyond his high degree of technical ability.
John would do excellent in a sales role, as well as any of the technical roles he prefers.
John is both extremely technical as well as valuable in a sales environment; which is rare.
Having done technical, sales, managerial and leadership roles his style is more nuanced.
His versatile nature allows him to excel in any technical or sales orientated position.
In addition to his technical background, he also has a very strong sales understanding.
He has the right combination of technical and sales approach in his day to day tasks.
And he backs it up with technical credibility and strong command of the sales cycle.
His technical pitch is so deep and complete that he never needs any pre-sales help.
Therefore, he can handle some of the technical aspects of a sales cycle up front.
His sales and technical strengths clubbed with strong passion make him distinct.
He would be a valuable sales, technical or enablement asset to any organization.
John is comfortable when he puts on his sales hat or a technical leadership hat
The technical expertise, he is able to bring onto sales calls is second to none.
His technical capability, combined with a natural sales ability was first class.
He can reduce technical issues into simplicity, therefore making sales happen.
His ability to understand complex technical sales scenarios are second to none.
John has a very good technical background, but he is sales oriented, too.
Wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to other technical sales professionals.
John is very dynamic, sales driven with a very good technical background.
John cuts through the technical clutter and helps shorten sales cycles.
His high sales and technical aptitude also make for a rare combination.
His technical acumen is well known amongst those in our company, but it's his sales acumen that has really flourished over the past year.
His sales style is smooth, making techniques-based complex sales sound interesting and comprehensible.
He guided him through the technical and sales aspects of the telecoms profession.
John will sell your solution with strong technical sales presentation.
His customer-first approach to sales and his attention to detail is an example, all technical sales people should follow.
It is not uncommon for him to get on sales calls as a technical resource.
He provided technical solutions sales support on both a pre and post sales bases.
He loves to read and write on both technical as well as non-technical topics.
John does a wonderful job of leading the technical sales effort in both pre-sales & post-sales activities.
He gladly shares his wealth of sales and technical experience to help other members of his sales team become successful.
He transferred his technical knowledge to the sales teams, enabling increased sales for the organization.
John as the unique ability to transition between the sales and technical competencies when necessary.
John followed up after the sale and maintained current technical knowledge to help us make decisions.
John's sales strength comes from having an excellent technical knowledge about what he sells.
John's technical and competitive knowledge was always an asset to the sales organization.
As an added value he is surprisingly sound technically for someone with a sales background.
He's reliable and well-spoken and therefore very competent at pre-sales technical tasks.
His sales and technical knowledge are considerable as is his individual initiative.
And he does not mind helping out on after sales as his technical knowledge is huge.
He has an appetite for technical knowledge, and was successful in his sales role.
His technical expertise was matched by his drive, desire and sales ability.
John's knowledge of technical sales details is second to no one.
John also has a strong technical background which it is very important in today's required technical sales and support.
His knowledge of technical concepts, especially for a non-technical sales person, is impressive.
His technical and sales skills are brilliant, has deep experience in sales and technical and is always focused to get client satisfaction.
He knows when to incorporate technical personnel in the sales process and how to handle client issues after the sale.
All technical and technology sales people should be just like him.
He closed many highly technical sales with corporations all over the world.
John has always impressed him how he can seamlessly move from sales to technical environment, which is a tremendous asset in the sales environment.
John also has a unique sales approach that allows him to take any sales or technical concept and transform it into a visual analogy.
He understands the process and knows what it takes to be successful in technical sales.
His sales experience with a technical mindset makes him an inspiring leader.
Also, he is able to play several job roles ranging from the technical to the sales.
He is an expert on the technical details, graphics and affiliate sales.
His technical sales knowledge helped him stand out among his peers.
He wields both his technical and social abilities like a well trained technical sales ninja.
His technical expertise coupled with an expert sales approach makes him a unique asset to any sales team.
He easily understands a customer's technical environment and he could deliver the appropriate sales or technical message accordingly.
John possesses the perfect balance of being extremely technical while also having the phenomenal sales ability
He will always find his way to highly perform whether in a technical or sales environment.
John successfully sourced candidates for several roles across sales, technical and channel.
John possesses a very rare combination of technical understanding and sales instincts.
He regularly closed large volumes with an extremely technical and competitive sale.
Specifically, it's a great experience dealing with him in a technical sales role.
He is a highly dedicated individual with strong technical and sales background.
He brings a great perspective of both the technical and sales side of things.
Our company, though John's official role was primarily involved technical and pre sales.
Being in sales, he is always up to date with all the technical aspects, fast thinker and knows how to deal with different situations
John's strong technical abilities and passion for sales was always refreshing and counted upon each and every month.
John would be an asset to any sales organization, especially one requiring the command of highly technical concepts.
Addtionally, his extensive experience in technical and sales positions makes for a very powerful combination.
He understands the sales and the technical side of an opportunity equally well and handles both superbly.
He looks like more solid at sales, and this is a great combination with his usual technical background.
He can wear many different hats and maintain his technical posture all throughout a sales cycle.
John combines the strong technical acumen while always focusing on the sales aspect of his role.
John is unique because he deeply understands both sales philosophy and technical architecture.
John can successfully fulfill any technical or sales position and he has a superb character.
John, although sales oriented, has a very high level of understanding of the technical side.
He also is quite technical by nature which is great to find in a sales guy these days.
His technical sales expertise is very unique and he is a clear, expert at what he does.
John's got strong sales instincts, great technical vision and competitive awareness.
His technical background provides him a high level of credibility in his sales efforts.
He has a strong financial and technical background that has yielded consistent sales.
John will be a superb technical sales asset for companies with global ambitions.
Him technical and sales our company expertise was particularly appreciated, in addition to his right tone of voice.
John follows-up up on sales processes and uses technical resources most efficiently.
With his strong sales and technical experience, he was a very effective solution sales partner to clients.
John involved himself in technical pre-sales presentations and wrote papers to ensure successful sales and usage of this differentiator.
One could bank on his technical competence and use it to their advantage in sales also, which is what most of us did.
He also could very quickly get up to speed on his clients technical needs / wants which would allow him to close sales quicker.
Johns sales and technical savvy are the key to success in many of the proposals from our company.
His technical mastery allows for a very comfortable sales to approach/experience for the customer.
His technical capabilities resulted in incremental revenue for the sales channel.
He involved him in sales calls and technical demos with potential clients.