Technical Sales Engineer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Technical Sales Engineer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is an independent and with an initiative technical engineer.
He is a talented sales engineer, whose technical expertise is widely recognized.
John au fait with all aspects of a sale, technical, deep technical, very deep technical, commercial, competition, collaboration.
John is one of those unique individuals who excels at both engineering and sales.
He can make sales be acceptable and understandable even for an engineer, for me.
He was always the " greaser of the wheels " to help the sales engine goes faster.
He is extremely savvy both as an engineer, but also in sales, which is rare.
John is a sales engineer that every salesman wants on their side.
John is the textbook definition of an effective sales engineer.
He would be an asset for anyone looking for a sales engineer.
John excelled not only in his sales engineer duties, but he also wrote and published technical articles and Whitepapers.
He works seamlessly with both his technical and not so technical colleagues.
I know him as an honest sales engineer always looking out for the client.
He has an incredibly solid technical knowledge, but has the gift of being able to make it accessible to anyone, both technical and non-technical.
John is the go-to engineer when looking for efficient solutions to most any technical challenge.
Not only people manger, he is also very technical so that engineers go for his advice.
His expertise in engineering, technical solutions is exemplary.
He made my job as a sales engineer quite easy, because he had the technical wherewithal to handle the sales process on his own.
John has the unique technical knowledge combined with sales skills that makes him the ideal sales engineer.
He is as comfortable prospecting as he is sales, engineering complex technical solutions for his clients.
His knowledge of technical and non-technical areas were outstanding.
When there is an engineering or technical component, he is either already proficient or gets up to speed quickly.
It was not uncommon for other engineers approach him when they ran into technical difficulties.
John's technical aptitude and understanding of first principle engineering are very good.
If we needed something technical, he would find the engineer and get an answer for us.
John's engineering background help him move effectively in the technical realm.
John is a natural engineer who is genuinely interested in all things technical.
His strong technical expertise provided engineers with clear guidelines.
John was my "go-to" guy when comes to engineering and technical issues.
He's very technically savvy, and has a great rapport with engineers.
John is a true technical sales engineer, learns quickly, and is never satisfied with mediocrity.
He is of course good and experienced engineer, who is fluent to work with all technical and engineering things.
John and his team are more like sales engineers than salesmen.
He was able to cover technical sales training of other sales offices and sales reps.
John is a dedicated colleague (sales engineer) who is always helpful.
John is an all-around great guy and a stellar sales engineer.
John is a top-notch sales engineer who goes above and beyond.
His technical, commercial and sales ability/knowledge was second to none.
He is also able to effectively link between technical engineering organisations and the sales community.
John is a detail-orientated sales engineer who never forgets the sales aspect of his role.
His sales style is smooth, making techniques-based complex sales sound interesting and comprehensible.
John is an extremely competent technical sales engineer and developer.
For organizations, he is the master sales, mechanic you need for your sales engine.
He is an engineer with high technical and interpersonal abilities.
John is an ethical, smart, "realistic for a very technical engineer", understand sales "culture" and very mature manger.
He is able to relate technically with engineers and works well with sales personnel.
John is the perfect blend of sales executive, technical engineer, and awesome guy.
He brings expertise in technical sales of travel and tourism.
John is one of the those extraordinary engineers with great technical ability combined with passion.
John is a superb engineer and has excellent technical understanding in many different domains.
John is a thoughtful engineer who is always available to colleagues seeking technical advice.
His strong technical background in engineering also helped him excel in this position.
John is a technical wizard, and a highly effective and trustworthy engineer.
John has a great technical background, and good engineering skill set.
John goes above and beyond to make sure the sales and engineering team are in lock step.
He always went out of his way to source viable candidates for technical and engineering positions.
John was able to transition from engineering to sales and in so doing apply his technical talent to the problem of closing deals.
John is an effective technical sales person with much experience with diesel engines.
I enjoyed our many conversations & the fact that he went above & beyond to eliminate barriers between sales & engineering.
He is comfortable in manufacturing/industrial engineering roles, as well as sales; an unusual combination.