Technical Sales Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Technical Sales Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He has the right blend of technical, sales and management skills.
John is a hands-on, technically competent sales manager, who drove results.
John is the rare combination of a skilful technical sales contributor and an excellent manager.
He is technically proficient in all manner of sales, management and banking issues.
He has both built and managed sales teams, as well as "carried the bag" himself, for highly technical and complex sales cycles.
He works very well with both technical and non-technical people.
I can tell you that he is very well respected for his technical abilities as well as his management style.
I always respected him for both his management style as well as his technical abilities.
John is one of those rare managers with excellent technical background.
I would recommend him for any type of technical sales -or construction management role.
He was spot on in filtering candidates for us both in the technical and sales area's.
He is capable of managing complex pre sales, sales cycles using his solid technical background.
He transferred from consulting, management to technical sales management and continued to excel.
John is a dedicated sales manager, great at relationships, technically strong.
He would be an asset to any organization in technical service, technical sales or management of these functions.
He has been in the shoes of the sales force and more specifically the technical people.
Besides being a very good manager, is he technically very sound, he does sales and is involved with contracts.
John is strong in all areas: sales, marketing, technical and management.
He is an excellent sales rep, highly technical and very competent.
John was able to handle the sale by himself and only brought in his technical staff and management when necessary.
I would recommend him without hesitation to any company seeking a top tier technical sales manager.
He is the best at helping non-technical sales guys articulate benefit.
He has very good management abilities with strong technical background.
John is thorough in his technical work and yet he also has the ability to get his message across to non-technical audiences.
He is great at technical sales and knows how to manage a team as well as clients.
John's enthusiasm and technical expertise make him a formidable competitor in pre-sales technical account management.
He has high intellect and knowledge/experience of both sales and technical environments.
I have no problems recommending him in the technical sales field.
John excels on many levels; technical competence, sales, and management, and at each company he went farther and distinguished himself more.
He also has great technical expertise and understands how to manage the complete sales cycle from opportunity to close.
He is a rare blend of sales, management, and technical talents that will bring immediate value to the table.
He manages very well multi-tasks and he is always helping the pre-sales team to complete the technical sales activities.
His combination of technical insights and sales capabilities makes him an all-round manager of the business.
John is a very well rounded sales manager with both technical and business savvy.
He is technically solid and manage the deliverables very well.
John was the sales leader of the organization and displayed technical and sales leadership during our time together.
He has retrieved his technical background very creatively to make successful sales.
John is an exceptionally technical and creative pre-sales expert.
John is an extraordinary technical manager, innovator, and mentor.
John's technical knowledge and sales savvy make him a great asset to any sales organization.
He demonstrates both sales and technical acumen and is certainly an asset to any organisation.
He has a fantastic technical and sales background and truly gets solution selling.
He is very good with sales people and can switch to technical topics with ease.
He is highly technical, yet he is right at home in a sales role.
He is a rare breed that can span technical, sales and management and is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.
He was unsurpassed as a technical expert and did a great job as a sales manager.
John was the most organized technical sales manager that my team worked with.
He was technically strong, and yet would have fitted into a non-technical manager position as well.
He is technically brilliant, strong in customer management, both pre and post sales.
John is an incredible leader with a wealth of experience in technical sales and pre-sales.
John has the unique set of sales, management, technical and interpersonal/political skills that can add value to any complex sales organization.
John has a very good technical experience before he became a sales manager, something we rarely see those days.
He is technically astute, knows how to ask the right questions and is stern in his management style without being condescending.
John's background makes him understand the in-depth technical challenges and manage them through.
Besides management side, he also has a very solid technical background and very hands on.
When doing technical work, or having technical conversations, his excitement is visible and infectious.
John has been an excellent sales manager and is good at understanding the technical specification of the products.
In addition to his experience in technical sales, he is also ready to assume a position in sales, as well.
His technical and management experience is clear and present.
John company will be lucky to have him managing their sales team.