Technical Sales Representative Performance Review Phrases Examples

Technical Sales Representative Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to technical sales and the sales process.
He is always ready to help us in all situations and involves himself in both sales and technical challenges.
John was successful because of his innate ability to be very technical, but also sales savvy.
John's background makes him understand not only the sales side, but the technical side.
John is always ready to help and quickly responds to sales or technical questions.
He brings not only him sales acumen, but technical expertise to all of his deals.
John has the strongest combination of being technically astute and very sales savvy.
His strength was his technical sales capability and his ability to think clearly.
He is someone who comprehends the technical aspects while wearing the sales hat.
He even understands the technical components of the sale - rare in this world.
John was able to do this quickly and with great technical and sales expertise.
I strongly recommend him for both technical and sales leadership positions.
John is truly enthusiastic sales profit with unmatched technical expertise.
John is not only a great friend, but also excellent at technical sales.
He exceeds every sales target or technical challenge he encounters.
John is technically excellent but also a great sales enabler.
John's combination of sales and technical ability is hard to find.
He is an asset in sales discussions as well as technical ones.
John has a sales tenacity that is seldom seen in technical gurus.
He voluntarily entered the technical pre-sales arena to complement his sales experience.
He also has the ability to share the technical aspects of any situation with the customers, both technical and non-technical.
He'd be an asset to any technical organization either in a pre-sales or post-sales role.
He relates well to both technical and non-technical personnel.
He represents an awesome technical asset to any organization.
John not only gets the sales side of things, but he is very technically minded as well.
His role with us was to remove the technical barriers to closing deals in a highly technical sales environment.
John sees the whole picture of the sales cycle - not just the technical aspect.
He is quite comfortable running sales, technical cycles entirely on his own.
His technical understanding surpasses even the most seasoned sales reps.
He is technically competent; sales savvy and an all round nice guy.
He has sound technical expertise and has excellent sales acumen.
John has both the technical and sales knowledge to succeed in any environment.
John provides excellent technical knowledge and sales leadership.
He combines his technical knowledge with the right mix of sales.
John is also quite unique in having both a sales focus along with the technical ability.
His presentation style is great for any audience, either technical or sales.
John comes from a very strong technical & solution sales background.
Had close interactions with him in his both technical and sales careers.
He is one of those rare individuals who are comfortable in either a technical or sales environment.
He provided leadership in both sales and technical roles in an extremely challenging environment.
He is able to act easily in the technical and sales side and he is always looking for challenges.
John would do excellent in a sales role, as well as any of the technical roles he prefers.
I believe he is a logical choice to take any technical sales management position.
John is comfortable when he puts on his sales hat or a technical leadership hat.
He can reduce technical issues into simplicity, therefore making sales happen.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him for anything related to technical sales.
John is an irreplaceable asset in any leadership, technical or sales roles.
His solid technical background helps him navigate through the sales waves.
He can navigate from technical discussions to sales strategy with no effort.
He helps add value, based on his combined technical and sales background.
He has a unique mix of technical know-how and frontline sales empathy.
John is a definite requirement for any technical sales group.
He comes across as an astute professional, always there to help, be it of technical or non technical nature.
He guided me through the technical and sales aspects of the telecoms profession.
Whether from a sales or technical perspective his contribution to a sales process is exemplary.
John has a technical background and several years of experience in sales.
John is a very bright, detailed oriented sales representative.
John is the consummate professional sales and technical individual.
I was impressed with his sales approach as well as his technical and in depth understanding of our needs at the time.
His technical expertise really helped when translating sales requirements into specifications.