Technical Service Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Technical Service Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John came up to speed on the technical aspects of the authentication service very quickly.
John is technically savvy and provides prompt service with great results.
John has a very good combination of service selling, managing engagements and technical know how.
He is technically astute and always eager to provide outstanding service.
John would contribute outstanding technical services to any team.
John is very accomplished in the echo technical and management area.
His technical expertise in the area, he managed to make him look great.
John has always been and continues to be a solid technical manager.
He is very service-oriented, but with great technical depth - something that is rare in combination.
We have enhanced services and our company technical capabilities as a result.
John provided a professional service from both a management and technical point of view.
John stepped in and made swift and significant enhancements for those of us that were vendors of technical services.
John gives great service to his clients with a deep technical understanding.
John has been very helpful in providing technical solutions for services requested.
He is extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of the technicalities of his service and is always available to help, should the need arise.
K is very passionate about what he does and really enjoys helping and providing technical services to others.
John has used our services to acquire contract technical talent.
And that's what makes him a fantastic creative services manager.
With his management and technical skills, he can certainly add value to any organization interested in his services.
As our conference's stage manager, he keeps everything technically up and running as well as on time.
John is technically very sound and more importantly very warm and service-minded in carrying his duties.
I am impressed with the value, technical acumen, and focused service he brings to his clients.
He is very thorough with all that he engages in and has an in depth knowledge of everything 'service management'.
He has great depth in customer service and technical support services.
He manages to balance technical expertise with a strong customer service focus.
John is a seasoned service manager capable of solving all technical issues for both the end user and the distributor.
His ability to not only be customer focused, but also extremely capable technically makes him unique among technical managers.
I was disappointed to see him leave the area, and would recommend him in any technical management role.
John will be an excellent and valuable asset to any technical or management organization.
John would be an excellent asset for anyone who needs help managing technical talent.
He is knowledgeable, service oriented, and has the technical perspective as well.
He is a very hands-on technical manager and is always on top of all the things going on with our cloud service networks.
John was the official point of contact for this as he owned their managed service as a whole - at a technical and contractual level.
John capably managed the service quality in addition to obtaining superior technical results.
John is a good manager and has demonstrated excellent technical capabilities.
He understands how to manage both the technical details and leadership at the same time.
He gets to know the technical requirements for the open positions and provides relevant matches to the hiring manager.
I would hire him again to provide the personable technical service he offers.
Even though he was from a technical background, he was given an additional opportunity for client servicing and he stood very well at that also.
His technical, people management and overall shared services acumen helped us accomplish our overall goals at an accelerated rate.
John managed our account for several of our back-end services including technical, billing, and support services.
He provides an excellent service to increase visibility for your business or service.
John is a man who is in the business of service, true service.
John has a natural ability to provide both technical and managed services wraps across a large set of products and services.
He has a good grasp of the technicalities of the service being delivered and importantly presents this in a way non technical clients like myself understand.
John's management style is professional, precise, and highly technical.
He is passionate about what he does and adopts a sound management & technical approach in everything he tackles.
I'd like to meet more people like him: if you are looking for technical managers, you must give it a try.
He provided excellent service in the areas of resource management and performance management.
He has been on top of all of our technical matters in our support services department.