Technical Services Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Technical Services Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John as a dedicated technical manager, would be an asset to institutions that will hire his services.
He has in-depth domain and technical knowledge in the service management area.
John started with us providing us technical writing services.
John will be the best technical manager, you can get for your team.
The broadness of his knowledge is amazing, technically and non-technically.
He is a "ready reference" of knowledge in both the technical and service management arenas.
John is also very technically minded and can think outside of the box for a service project or technical solutions.
John is great at explaining technical issues to non-technical people.
Apart from the technical part, he is also very good at managing.
Add the fact that he is extremely technically savvy and you get both a formidable manager and point of technical advice.
Know him as a strong manager and technical expert who can deep dive into any technical subject when it's needed.
He's also incredibly technically savvy in terms of him online services.
John demonstrates excellent technical leadership and management.
John is thorough, technically gifted as well as a great manager.
He was technically very strong and a high sense of responsibility as a service manager.
He has great technical knowledge, and knows how to get the best out of strong technical constraints.
The breadth of his knowledge on diverse subjects-technical as well as non-technical-is amazing.
John is highly technical and he has a wealth of knowledge on every technical subject.
John can take very technical concepts and explain them to non-technical people in a way that they understand.
John is one of those rare people that are technically, and can explain things in a non-technical manner.
It also enables him to articulate his thoughts to both technical and non-technical people effectively.
He is very technical and is able to explain complex concepts clearly, even to non-technical people.
John is an excellent organiser and deals effectively both with technical and non technical people.
I found his technical expertise most helpful, and would have no reservations in recommending his services in the future.
He is an amazing blend of people and service oriented and technically savvy.
His happy-go-lucky persona together with wit and a technical framework shape him as a technical manager.
John has the ability to not only embrace the most technical of issues, but can also manage an organization.
I would highly recommend him for technical management positions within an organization.
He is a very experienced manager, very-well organized with strong technical background.
John utilises the full breadth of his technical and management background.
John has always strived for technical excellence and best-possible customer service.
He understands not only the technical aspect, but also customer service.
He was technically proficient and provided excellent customer service.
His strong technical service oriented mindset also proved to be of eminent value to the company.
He managed to do this with very low turnover and provided very consistent service to the entire organization.
He impressed me with his management style as well as his thorough technical knowledge.
John has a natural technical ability, but that is only more impressive when you consider his ability to make the upper technical digestible and understandable by non-technical people.
John is exactly the type of person you would want to be your technical manager.
He is strong in his own filed at the technical services and support.
He'll tell you he's not really very technical, but that's just him modesty speaking.
And when he speaks, everything 'technical' becomes 'understandable.
He also does well interfacing directly with non-technical people.
John is one of those people can make the technical seem easy.
He managed the technical development of the service and it's very successful introduction including liaison with onshore management.
John's teams are technically strong, well managed, and ahead of the curve.
He managed the technical team with ease and was our go to rainmaker.
I don't think he would have any trouble managing a technical team.
John is a thorough and service orientated manager that keeps the end goal in mind.
Also he manages very well the service partners with a great respect.
He delivered great service by himself and also managing the technical team working behind the scenes.
He is known for methodical and clear thinking on any issue, management or technical.
John is a very intelligent, innovative and technical manager.
John has provided the best service available when recruiting for open technical positions within my company.
John does an excellent job of explaining the technical aspects of our cloud services.
John has always provided an excellent technical knowledge, level of service and value for money.
His breadth of knowledge (both service management and technical) is beyond doubt and his positive approach is refreshing.
John has a strong technical background, with in depth knowledge of incident, problem and service management.
He also has the unique ability to speak in layman's terms of those less technical or get very technical as required.
He can explain highly technical or complex things in a way that's understandable to non-technical people.
His background in understanding the latest technical solutions helps bridge the gap with management and technical stakeholders.