Technical Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Technical Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

His technical and leadership skills are matched by excellent people skills.

John is one of the best technological visionaries I've ever known.

John is a pleasure to work with and displays a wide range of skills.

John always demonstrates outstanding technical and business knowledge in the project area.

John has excellent communication and technical skills.

He demonstrated the highest level of understanding of the most complex design and implementation issues at every stage of development.

Him sound knowledge, coding skills and out-of-box thinking were precious for our team.

He is also one of few industry experts who can explain the complex concepts in a very practical and simple way.

He has an exceptional way of finding things and get them improved.

John is more than skilled database specialist, he has also wide knowledge of other IT areas.

He's an outstanding software engineer with rich experience.

He's got strong technical skills, plus effective communication skills.

He understands complicated issues, even when outside of his direct area of expertise.

He understands what is needed and is able to clearly communicate how best to get there.

His program is simple and easy to understand.

John is eager to learn and experience with the latest technologies like NoSQL databases.

He has a good understanding of SCRUM methodology and business processes.

John has both excellent technical skills plus and a wonderful personality.

But it shows the power of people helping people through the power of connections.

He is known for his technical skills and leadership skills.

He's a very skilled engineer.

He is one of the few people with both skills.

He has many skills as a professional.

John, comes with a blend of technical and people skills.

This combines with his strong technical skills to create a powerful package.

But in reality, he was so much more than just my teacher.

I am very impressed with his professionalism and results.

I consider John a very professional person and very skilled.

He certainly has terrific people and technical skills.

He is both professional and results oriented.

He is truly one of the best people I have come across in my professional career.

His language skills are remarkable.

He is a highly skilled professional.

John showed strong managerial and technical skills.

He has deep professional expertise, and it shows.

John is very skilled and professional.

John is thorough, thoughtful and professional.

This combined with his dedication and outstanding technical insight gives him the availability to deliver a technical message to non-technical people.

John is an outstanding technical professional.

John is a consummate professional who has exceptional people skills.

He is always willing to improve his professional skills.

He is a focused and results driven professional.

He is a results-oriented, thoughtful leader.

I never thought I could look this professional.

He is diligent, thoughtful and delivers results.

He is most professional and gets excellent results.

He is very thoughtful and result-oriented leader.

Exceptional technical and people skills.

He was professional and technically very strong.

He is very professional, friendly and skillful.

He is a genius at language.

He has excellent technical skills and interpersonal skills.

He is very skilled in his field and gets results.

He trained me up as a technical interviewer.

The training has been very professional and helpful.

He is very technically savvy and will explain technical terms to me until I understand it.

He is a real professional engineer.

I am always amazed at his language skills as well.

This is a result of his professionalism and follow through.

John has outstanding technical skills.