Technical Support Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Technical Support Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is technically brilliant and is a good manager of his solution consultants and technical supports.
John is one of the few great managers who is technically supportive and he is a people oriented as well as task oriented.
John is a great manager, he does not micromanage, and support you when you need him, and then get out of the way to allow you to do your best job.
He started at one of the lowest positions within the technical support structure and has progressed his way up into management.
He consistently provided strong technical support as well as sound management leadership and counsel.
John manages to keep everyone on task while being motivated and very supportive.
He really does what we don't want to do ourselves because of all the technicalities, but to him everything seems so simple.
John is the kind of manager who allows you the freedom to be your best, and is supportive along the way.
John is an approachable manager, always ready to help and support myself and other colleagues.
A manager as supportive as he is, and willing to fight alongside you is hard to come by.
He is very easy to get on with and always supportive to management and colleagues alike.
John was always approachable and supportive in my dealings with him as a manager.
John is supportive of his coworkers and managers and is well respected by both.
John was an excellent manager, who let us take chances and supported our efforts.
He has always been a very supportive manager, who is always very open and honest.
As a manager he has been an example of support, leadership and organization.
John balances this with unwavering support and respect for those he manages.
John is one of the very few true technical managers in the best sense of the word.
He supported our growth efforts and always managed to give us visibility to upper management.
John is a supportive manager with a delegative and developmental management style.
John knows his way around a database, and is adept at managing both technical and non-technical personnel.
He was supportive of individual goals and did all he could to ensure support of upper management for big deals.
He had outstanding technical skills and was always very supportive as a manager.
It also amazed me how he would be able to enter into a bug or technical support meetings and know what questions to ask and items to bring up considering he wasn't technical.
I would love to be associated with him again and am positive he will do well in any role expected of him technical or non-technical.
John possesses both of these traits, and applies them with passion to both technical and non-technical endeavors.
He can prototype something very quick and articulate his ideas to both technical and non technical individuals.
I am constantly amazed by his ability to digest technical issues very well, even though he is not technical.
He is very technical, but has that rare ability to explain the technical complexities to any audience.
Since he has a technical background, he is always ready to weigh in on technical issues.
He excels at explaining complex technical issues to non-technical audiences.
Above all, he is one of the best managers, when it comes to supporting the juniors.
John is an extraordinary individual who manages through influence and support.
John has both the technical depth and architectural technical breadth where necessary.
John is always available to provide technical support and does so with a great attitude.
And he goes out of his way to be available to people when they need support.
He knows how to support you and yet stand back and let you do your job, which is the best kind of manager.
John manages by goals very successfully and is supportive of your needs or requests.
As my manager he was always there to support your goals and guide you on the way.
John is a real professional and supporting manager, you can trust that he will be your support and stand by your side.
John is a consummate professional and an expert at managing franchisee technical support.
As a manager, he encourages innovation and provides the support to need to make sound technical decisions.
John is a very knowledgeable and effective manager of technical support teams.
John was always there to answer a technical question or back you up when you needed management support to drive an issue to resolution.
He is supportive and collaborative, understanding and resolving technical issues, and delegating objectives without micro-management.
John has been very supportive and is one of my most reliable managers in my career.
He provided both project management support to his team and also supported the technical aspects of the delivery.
He was always willing to go outside his bounds to help with even the most technical of challenges.
Even when some get very technical, if he would try to find the way to make things happen.
He was one of the only ones to believe in us, before we were even technically a startup.
He really knows what he's doing technically, but more importantly, he's got taste.
He is technically very strong and is always willing to take up new challenges.
His management and leadership style is very straightforward while also being supportive to those around him to grow.
In addition, he is one of those rare managers who is both supportive and collaborative without being suffocating.
His commitment to excellence is unparalleled as is his commitment to those he supports and manages.
There are several strengths he possesses, which made him a valued and supportive manager.
As a manager, he never micromanages us, always trust and support us to be successful.
His management style is supportive and kind, but nothing escapes his attention.
He is a supportive manager and ensures that you are successful in your role.
Him honest and supportive approach makes him an ideal colleague and manager.