Technical Support Representative Performance Review Phrases Examples

Technical Support Representative Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John supported me during that time, just as he supported everyone else on his team.
John is a very pleasant and competent technical support staffer.
His recommendations were scrutinized by technical experts and were found to be technically sound.
He is technically sound and he has the ability of understanding the technical requirements.
He is an accessible and vocal supporter of the people he represents.
I appreciated his support whenever we ran into technical or licensing issues.
He also has a wide technical background supporting him in his job.
John presents well, and is an excellent technical representative of a company.
John came from headquarters to provide us with technical support over highly technical process problems.
If we need him support, he will make himself available and gives the team the support and air cover that is needed.
John was extremely insightful, supportive and was always there to support the team.
John was our main technical contact for things that could not be solved by phone support.
He offers technical support that typically hinders an entrepreneurial growth.
He has a very supportive nature and can get the best out of technical staff.
He was highly regarded by the technical staff to whom he provided support.
Further, he has the ability to bridge the gap between those who are technically advanced and those who are technical novices.
He is able to have technical conversations with candidates, even though he does not have a technical background.
John is technically very strong, his verbal & articulation of technical stuff is excellent.
John is one of those technical gurus that goes a level beyond just being technically savvy.
He is technically excellent and able to explain complex concepts to those less technical.
John is able to explain deep technical concepts to non-technical audience.
He has a sharp and open mind about technical and non technical subjects.
John is a passionate and committed individual who authentically represents what he supports.
John is very supportive of his team and represents them well.
John not only supports his own team members to be the best they can be, he supports everyone around him.
Plus, he has the endurance and wide range of technical expertise to support that drive.
He always got us the technical support that we needed in a timely fashion.
He is an inspiration to lots of us in many ways, be it technical or non-technical aspects.
John represents the best in us: taking the time to support, nurture and encourage one another.
He also did an outstanding job of providing us with technical support when needed.
He is always available for others and knows exactly where to point me to for all my technical questions.
People from throughout the company would come to him to get help with various technical issues.
There never seemed to be any requirement he couldn't deliver on technically.
Back then he was the guy to go to if you had any technical questions.
I would recommend him to anyone to help with technical searches.
He was very thorough and accurate in his technical assessments.
He's also technical enough for the demo, but can still close.
John always makes sure he listened to the representatives of the partner organisation and is always ready to support them.
He is somebody who is very supportive of the team and goes an extra mile to support others.
I enjoyed supporting his team and would welcome supporting him in any future endeavors.
Johns technical understanding which ensured that we, as his direct reports always had support when technical briefings were required.
He has supported me technically as well and always finds time to follow through on unexpected demands.
John always provided exceptional leadership and technical support during our client meetings.
John statement of technical ability is representative of the time the review was written.
He always allowed me freedom to solve various technical problems, but also provided plenty of support when necessary.
He can have a very technical discussion and then talk to that conversation so that everyone who doesn't have his technical expertise can understand.
John is extremely technical, but has the ability to converse with others who may not be as technically savvy, therefore putting them at ease.
Although self proclaimed "non technical, " he has the ability of being able to hold his own in any technical conversation.
John also has the unusual ability to command respect with both those from a technical and non-technical background.
John also does great with the technical audience, being able to dive deep into their technical needs and environments.
He has a great way of explaining complex technical concepts or issues to others that may not be quite so technical.
John is also able to jump in when necessary at the lowest technical levels and be the technical expert.
In addition, his technical background also enables him to participate in complex technical discussions.
He has an easy-going, trustworthy manner that bridges technical and non-technical audiences alike.
His honest and open feedback was highly appreciated - in technical and non-technical regards.
I thank him again for being supportive and motivating colleague.
He is technically very sound and is always up to getting what it needs to keep him at the top.
John is known to me for a long time and he is technically very sound.
John is very strong technically, very thorough and organized.
He provided knowledge, support and guidance supported by well delivered briefings, supporting materials and one to one sessions.