Technical Support Specialist Performance Review Phrases Examples

Technical Support Specialist Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He also provided excellent technical support to all users within the company.
I've always found him to be a personable, reliable, and effective technical support specialist.
You can reach out to him for any technical or non technical issues, he would have an answer for everything or will get it for you in no time.
He made me comfortable in the organization and guided me on both technical and non-technical challenges.
His innovative ideas equipped with the technical know how, supported us to resolve complex technical issues.
He's very smart, and able to quickly understand and communicate technical features and benefits in support of both technical and non-technical audiences.
John also has a technical background so he is able to understand technical challenges and can provide technical guidance.
John is technically very strong and was able to translate complex technical solutions to a non-technical audience.
He was very strong technically and used to have immediate solutions for any sort of technical issue.
I would recommend him without reservation for any technical or technical leadership position.
John has always been a helpful and we're versed technical specialist, going over and above.
John is the kind of technical specialist that every company needs and should want to have.
He was extremely responsive and supportive of the whole team that he was supporting.
I enjoyed him support in the team and found him open and supportive.
John is a good technical specialist and works hard on solving technical problems.
Inquisitive, he is always trying to further his knowledge in the most technical and specialist areas.
He demonstrates deep understanding of technical concepts and is at ease when presenting them with both technical and non-technical audience.
He helped me for troubleshooting technical problems with his technical expertise.
John would be a great technical asset to any technical endeavor.
He is always willing to help, he is technically very competent.
He always applied specialist and detailed technical expertise.
He was also able to muster timely support from the technical specialists on the project.
He also has the ability to break down and explain technical issues in non-technical terms which is important and helpful for someone who is non-technical such as myself.
He always tries to support other team members for technical problems.
He supports technically and morally to his teammates which boosts up their overall performance.
He is very sharp technically, so it is very pleasant to talk to him on technical details.
When out of his depth (technically) he is happy to refer to technical support and learn in the process.
John could always be counted on to deliver exceptional technical support and guidance to our partners/clients.
Him editing has significantly reduced the need and cost of technical support.
There is none of the technical arrogance that is common amongst gurus of his supreme technical competence.
He is also pragmatic; being able to balance competing technical and non technical considerations.
He can amend his message to technical or non technical individuals depending on his audience.
He often took the time to explain technical concepts to a non-technical audience.
I consider his fascinating and again, the best of the best when in comes to solving about anything technical.
John had been always eager to do better and better with him selling technics.
John is very technical himself and he is also extremely collaborative.
John has always been technically proficient and very responsive.
John was the go-to guy when it came to any technical problems.
Not only is he technically excellent, he knows what will sell.
John provides technical leadership in and around our company.
Beyond technical knowledge, he is someone you can trust and rely on to support his teammates.
Excellent technical specialist in the domain of his expertise, very thorough with his solutions and approach.
In this position he has always been very cooperative to the vessels he has been responsible for as well as given excellent technical support.
John clearly articulates and demonstrates difficult concepts to technical and non-technical audiences.
He was always appreciated for finding technical solution for complex (technical) situations.
Great presenter for all levels of technical (and not so technical) audiences.
He has always been very strong technically and is extremely detailed and timely in his support.
He was very supportive and guided me technically as well as professionally to take various decisions.
I could always depend on his technical and professional support whenever the need arose.
He provided me with technical input (zoom settings and functionality), technical and presentation rehearsals, as well as the life support.
He also often had to apply difficult technical judgement when responding to and prioritizing support requests.
John is a great evangelist and technical wireless specialist.
John has the uncanny ability to break down technical problems to make them understandable to nontechnical audiences.
He was very in depth technically which helped us to weed out the technical problems that the suppliers had.
John's technical capabilities are extremely strong and he is an expert in multiple technical disciplines.
His understanding of cross border issues on technical and non-technical matters are without question.
He participates actively in all of the activities conducted (technical or non technical).
His subject matter expertise spans numerous technical and non-technical disciplines.
John is technical, innovative and always willing to take on new challenges.
He has a sound knowledge of technical and escalation support.