Technical Trainer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Technical Trainer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

I would like to thank him for the learning he gave me (both technical and non technical).
He is the technical trainer who surpasses most, and is an excellent addition to any team/organization.
And he can explain complex technical topics with ease to technical and non-technical co-workers.
His sessions were very well received by both non-technical and very technical attendees.
John excels at making the technically difficult easy for those of us who are not technically savvy.
With his technical expertise, he comes up with innovative technical solutions whenever required.
He loves to read and write on both technical as well as non-technical topics.
His ability to learn new challenges (technical or non-technical) is unquestionable.
Also, as a technical trainer, he carries the class well, no matter the topic.
His technical expertise is unsurpassed and he was always willing to share the reasons for his technical decisions.
He understands how to talk to both the technical and non-technical groups within an organization.
He could take something technical and boil it down to concepts, in plain non-technical language.
I continue to be impressed with his ability to span technical and non-technical disciplines.
He also keen-witted when it comes to technical discussions and technical implementations.
John is not only an excellent trainer but an excellent technical reference as well.
He is also an effective technical trainer that makes learning easier to understand.
John recognizes that not every technical problem requires a technical solution.
John is technically very sound and he goes into detail of every technical problem he faces.
His ability to break down technical issues for a lay person makes him an excellent trainer for technical and non-technical issues alike.
John has been more than a mentor to me, he has guided me from a technical and non-technical perspective.
He is always open to suggestions and is a great listener to any technical or non-technical stuff.
John is a wonderful colleague and adept at navigating the technical and non technical worlds.
He is also a very good technical troubleshooter when there's a technical problem on the site.
John is an outstanding technical leader with an incredible technical acumen.
John has always been technically competent, always willing to and striving to find the best technical solution for any given situation.
He was always first to try and help and always had the solution to our technical problems.
He has the ability to grasp complex low level technical concepts very quickly, seamlessly switching between very technical and non-technical colleagues.
I was particularly impressed with his technical breadth - he always had feedback or questions in meetings regardless of the technical complexity.
Then he has the ability to take those concepts and translate them to the written word for the non-technical and technical alike.
Him delightful charisma allows him to engage technical and non-technical individuals and collaborate in synergy.
John is someone to go to if you have technical issues that are hard to solve.
He is experienced with technical systems and can explain them in non-technical terms.
Apart from being good technically professional, he is an excellent speaker and trainer.
John has an ability to explain the most complicated technical solution or a problem to anyone, whatever their technical understanding.
John's technical know-how was a big help to me when facing technical (deployment and runtime) problems.
He's excellent with customers, no matter how technical or non-technical the audience.
John also quickly understood our companies difficult requirements, both technical and non-technical, and ensured that these needs were met.
John is a cool guy, solves almost any kind of problem be it technical or non technical without much difficulty.
Now consider that you're probably considering hiring him to do some technical writing for you.
Not only is he strong technically, but he is self-motivated and gets things done.
John someone you can depend on for both his leadership and his technical know-how.
He is self motivated and is always looking to increase his technical expertise.
John has always made himself accessible to answering any and all questions regarding anything technical.
He is very detailed oriented and definitely has the technical background to bring up technical issues/scenarios that may have been overlooked.
His strength is diving into the technical details and being able to explain the situation to those who were less technical.
His quick and detailed response to any technical and non-technical inquiries made, catches much attention.
He has a knack for clearly explaining technical details to colleagues who are not so technically minded.
His breadth of technical expertise allows him to engage in any technical problem, and add meaningful value immediately.
He is extremely motivated individual who has a perfect combination of technical and non-technical background.
He is able to effectively facilitate technical and non-technical stakeholders to achieve positive outcomes.
John is an extraordinary trainer able to inform, engage and motivate any type of audience - technical and non-technical.
John is technically competent as well and certainly adds value in all his engagements.
He has been very responsive to my needs and to overcome any technical problems, especially when someone like me is not very techy.
He's always very responsive to our companies needs, and brings more than just technical expertise.
He is also extremely technical and was seen as the go-to-guy for the most difficult of problems.
John is the man you want in your corner if you are under pressure and need technical leadership.
John provided leadership and technical excellence which was valued by colleagues.
John has a thorough understanding of technical environments and responsibilities.
John's strengths were in his leadership abilities and his technical expertise.
He has been a great colleague always willing to help others with technical problems.
He also provided one of the best technical trainers we have ever worked with.
What is sometimes overlooked is that he is also a master technical trainer.
These traits all bode well for his ability as a technical trainer.
John always proved to be an outstanding technical resource and trainer.
Our company technical trainers are hard to find; John is one of the best.
John is highly energetic, friendly and a great technical trainer.
He is missed by many in our company, as he is one of the best technical trainers in the business.
John is a superb technical trainer who engages and excites his audience.
John is an excellent technical trainer and provided great support to new employees.
John is a very solid trainer and expert in technical education.
John is a high-energy, highly technical, and very effective trainer.
He is also a very experienced professional presenter and technical trainer.
John is an excellent courseware developer and technical trainer.
And often when the customer is not a technical person, he has the ability to translate technical jargon into non-technical terms.
The way he takes complicated technical topics and makes them easy and simple to understand, truly makes him an outstanding trainer.
John is a first class technical trainer who consistently got good results from the classes he taught.