Technical Training Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Technical Training Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is technically very proficient and well trained to do his job in the best possible way.
John is a great training manager, he has rich experience in training.
He is my go-to-guy when it comes to a special technical training requirement that would require training intervention.
The subjects of the training modules were very technical, but that didn't affect him.
He has provided technical training for myself and my staff over many years.
His background in technical training was extremely helpful at that point.
John has an extremely sharp, technical, scientifically trained mind.
John is highly qualified the technical training far as the staff and management results.
There is no better training than that of the military when it comes to officers (who are indeed managers).
He always manages to motivate and get everyone in his training participating.
He conducts the technical as well as behavioral training with the same expertise.
John is a well trained, results driven, motivating people and technical manager.
Professionally, he is well trained in management, government, operations, and training.
John has made significant contributions to our company's technical and well as training areas.
He has "enter-trained" technical audiences at our conferences several times.
I have no hesitation in recommending him for any leadership or management training.
John imparted so much training to me that he made me a complete manager.
He takes great pride in the training he provides for those he manages.
As my manager, he provided me with excellent training and mentoring.
John was often identified to be a mentor for new managers or for those managers that required further training.
John is unusual in the technical management world in that he is technically savvy, but commercially aware.
Furthermore, his technical abilities made him especially valuable in setting up and using the infrastructure needed to deliver highly technical training.
He has successfully helped me hire and train managers and district managers for my company.
John also was great at training people and worked well with technical as well as non-technical staff.
His many years of technical management have provided him with an absolute wealth of expertise and knowledge, in both the technical arena as well as in people management.
Individuals walked out of his trainings with very high regards for him and his style of training.
I have been enlightened by him in several kinds of trainings, subjects ranging from technical to interpersonal.
John has a great ability to sell and train in technical situations.
John is a master at his craft when it comes to technical training.
I highly recommend him for any training / training & education management position.
A manager who placed his employee training and well being at the top of his list.
John's manager was caught most of the time with another training session.
He manages to keep every training session upbeat and lively.
I was in a technical training course and he was there too because he authored the material.
He is particularly adept at putting technical processes in place and managing other technical colleagues.
Him technical savvy comes from him rich and diverse training sources.
John is very experienced as a training manager and has demonstrated the ability to conduct effective training.
I really admire his style of managing, training, and teaching.
He is the manager with a good mix of technical knowledge and people's management.
After the training completion also he is very helpful for any type of technical help in the respective area.
I was always so impressed with his abilities to create technical manuals for training classes.
John has been delivering technical training sessions online for our members.
Add on to the fact that he is a selling training manager, and he is even more impressive.
He has also helped refine our management training, making it more streamlined and efficient.
John has always managed his training centre with great enthusiasm and dedication.
His trainings are highly recommended to managers in all kinds of domains.
John managed one of the largest and most technical initiatives of my career.
All my expectations were blown off by his technical knowledge and his keep training itself for better.
He can converse with the most technical individuals as well as non-technical executives.
John makes sure that his team is well trained and he himself provides required technical writing trainings on a regular basis.
He would go out of his way to organise training sessions for my team on any technical topic.
He always pushes to get good training for the technical team and makes sure it happens.
He has brought good technical tips and training for the team.
His years of experience in managing and training others are priceless.
John is expertise and years of experience as a manager made him really well placed for some recent training that he delivered for new managers.
John was instrumental in mentoring me in the technical training selling space.
I would recommend him in a similar role or a technical training role.
His management training was very motivational and his enthusiasm and success was infectious.
I value his positive and innovative input during the manager training sessions.
He would always give us training in time management, which helped me enormously.