Technical Writer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Technical Writer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

If you are looking for technical writers, he'll be an excellent resource.
John worked directly with many technical writers and contributors.
Besides that, he is an excellent technical writer, and last but not least is a good friend.
His contributions went well beyond his named responsibilities of being a technical writer.
John is outstanding technical writer and who definitely thinks outside of the box.
John embodies the very best attributes of a great technical writer.
John takes the meaning of technical writer to a whole different level.
His ability as a technical writer is impressive for many reasons.
John is a great technical writer who is always looking at what he can do to help the customer.
Slava was a very talented technical writer while at our company.
John's work with us as a technical writer has been invaluable.
John worked for him for about four years as a technical writer.
But it's not just technical for technical sake, he knew how to apply it practically.
His writing has matured, his technical knowledge has grown and he has become an excellent, valuable technical writer.
He is a great technical writer, he's written a more technical story for us as well as two historical based stories.
Consequently, he's a great technical writer and manager of of writers.
Although not technically trained, he is not phased by technical jargon.
As a writer, he is very descriptive in the technical descriptions and emotions that are to be conveyed.
In fact, it would be fair to say he could be a good technical writer himself, if he wants to.
As well as being an indispensable colleague, he's also a fine technical writer and blogger.
As a technical writer, he was very efficient, very thorough, and very detail oriented.
Apart from his technical expertise, he is a quick, witty and insightful writer.
In his role as technical writer, he was always professional and thorough.
He is a friend to all technical writers; for him, that's a rare find.
John is thorough in his technical work and yet he also has the ability to get his message across to non-technical audiences.
John has been more than a mentor to him, he has guided him from a technical and non-technical perspective.
That, along with his creativity and his way with words makes him a very good technical writer.
He's an accomplished technician and consumer writer; and blogger as well.
John is an outstanding technical writer, he is very responsive and his work is excellent.
John totally refreshed people's stereotype of a technical writer.
He worked well in environments with people from both technical and non-technical backgrounds.
John is a creative, engaging writer yet he is very technical at the same time.
During that time he also was the technical writer on our team producing excellent technical manuals.
He participates actively in all of the activities conducted (technical or non technical).
He also has the ability to relate very technical information to non-technical individuals.
His ability to massage complex technical information into easily digestible language for both technical and non-technical audiences are astounding (particularly to a decidedly non-technical writer like himself).
He's a very technically proficient writer who was quick to understand his application.
John took him under his wing in his first staff position as a technical writer.
John is hired as our technical writer for product Datasheets
He also guides you through the technicalities of getting it on-line.
His work and graphics were second to none and he interfaced well between technical and non-technical colleagues.
This made it possible that we (the technical people) could focus on just the technical parts.
He would be an awesome asset to any organization looking for an experienced technical writer who understands what needs to get conveyed.
John is a professional technical writer that takes pride in what he does, does it well and is very much result oriented.
His help was invaluable and also gave him perspective on his capability and sure-handedness as a technical writer.
He exhibited an eye for detail that was, in his experience, unique amongst technical writers.
His kindness, dedication and professionalism make of him an excellent technical writer.
As a writer, he was able to decipher technical talks into everyday storytelling.
Not only does he have the technical chops, but he's also quite creative.
When doing technical work, or having technical conversations, his excitement is visible and infectious.
John is a talented technical writer - any company would be lucky to have him.
He understands people and especially the unique attributes of the technical writer animal.
He mentored the new hires and always there to guide them technically.
He makes the most technical processes seem easy to understand for all levels of technical proficiency.
John is a very talented and professional technical writer with extensive technical knowledge.
He has a broad technical background and is a solid writer of technical proposal material.
You either get better writers or technical people, he combines both with ease and to an exceptional standard.
He truly understands technical writing as a discipline and he knows what makes tech writers tick.
John is invaluable to our group when he came to our company to work as a technical writer.
His technical knowledge seems to outweigh those of the other peer technical writers at the company, which in turn made his job easier.
Furthermore, he's always been on the lookout on his behalf (as well as for other technical writers) for the next project.
He knows when to be creative, yet also can be technical in his writing.
He works well with both technical and non-technical people, often acting as the 'bridge' between the two.
He is always open to share his big knowledge about any technical or non-technical areas.
He works very well with technical people, and explains technical concepts clearly.
His patience in explaining the technical process helped him to become a better writer.
His technical abilities empower him to play an active role in any technical decisions.
During his time with us, he did an amazing job getting up to speed and became a valued technical writer.
John's job title says technical communications/tech writer, but the truth is he can do anything.
His well-rounded technical background allows him to creatively adapt to any complex, technical problem.
While he is technical and can get into any depth, he emphasizes on being practical.
He is always pro-active and willing to help and he is technically very strong.
He provides technical expertise with best practices and accelerators.
He is very practical, technically savvy, and very accessible.
Best, he often takes them to that next level - from a talented writer, to working writers
John is both technically savvy and an excellent writer and speaker and has shown enthusiasm and passion in everything he does.
He's a capable technical writer and problem solver, and his sense of humor is underrated.
As a writer, he took hyper-technical subjects and turned them into fresh, persuasive ads.
You can tell he has given training to non-technical audiences.
He made sure we were always prepared and technically trained.
His technical background gives him the necessary insight to delve deeply into technical compliance standards.
John also seems to quickly get what it is we are trying to achieve creatively and technically.
He always comes up with photographs that are fabulous both creatively and technically.
John gets this space and has ideas of where it's going, technically and creatively.
While he is obviously technical, he is also uncommonly creative in his approach.
We would definitely use him again when facing creative and technical challenges.
He knows each client technical needs as well as their cultural environment.
This counts not only for his technical- but also for his creative spirit
His technical expertise is second to none and his creative is excellent.
Also, he is creative in trying to address various technical challenges.
In addition to his technical talents, he's quite the photographer.
We have been benefited by his technical acumen in many occasions
John provided both technical talent and leadership with passion.
John's capacity to think technically and creatively is immense.
Smart, technical and creative - he's been an awesome colleague.
John has an innate talent to understand all things technical.
At our company, we are always looking to attract new technical talent.