Technology Performance Review Phrases Examples

Technology Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He has always been available for various technological insights on various technologies.
He is focused on what technology could do not, on the technology.
He knows technology and what technology can do for the industry.
John is an all around know it all when it comes to technology.
His choice of technology is not always based on the most known technologies, but on the best technology for what needs to be achieved.
John is one of the few who can truly see the future on not just where technology is going but how technology can be used.
He is always on top of technology and makes sure to get the best out of the technology used in his operations.
John knows his technology, and is also more than willing to help out others that may not know what he does.
He definitely understands the value of technology, but does not just favor technology for technology's sake.
John is always looking for new technology and is willing to help others come along at their own our company.
He is obviously well read and seems to always to know what is going on with new technology.
He is passionate about technology, and always keeps himself up with the growing technology.
He's always looking at new technologies and how they can be used to better the business.
John is a technology enthusiast and he always follows up and tries new technologies.
He is always available to help us fitting our need with the best available technology.
John forced him to get the most out of technology before it was called technology.
John is one of very few people that really know what they are doing with technology.
John keeps up with the newest technology and is inspired by all this new technology.
He knows the technology, and he makes the use of technology easy for his students.
He knows what technology can do, where it's going, and what it can do for business.
It seems that there is nothing too complicated for him, whatever the technology.
He understands technology and always is willing to learn about new technology.
He is very technology focused and has worked on many different technologies.
He is interested in innovative technologies and will use these technologies.
He is always willing to take on new responsibilities and new technologies.
He always is ahead of the pack with him ever-new take up of technology.
John is always the first one in our group to try out new technologies.
He makes use of the best technology and always provides the best results
He knows the answer to anything and everything to do with technology.
John is the go-to-guy when you need to know what is new in technology.
And like him is another of of those who gets turned on by technology.
Integrates all of the above qualities as well as he does technology.
John always happens to be where the puck is going next in technology.
John comes across as someone who is very passionate about technology.
He knows technology and how to use it to help everyone he serves.
In addition, he is always looking at and trying out new technology.
He is forward-looking both in technologies and process/procedures.
John is enthusiastic in technology and technology management.
He's not one to just focus on technology for technology's sake.
He not only knows technology inside and out, he knows business.
John has never let him down in any technology need or otherwise.
John is looking at the next best technologies for his clients.
He seemed to be right on, whether it be people or technology.
He is definitely the go-to guy when it comes to technologies.
If you ever want to know any about any new technology just ask our company.
Needless to say he is really an our company on that technology.
He is always looking for new technologies to learn and for the way to go deeper into the technologies he already knows as well.
He is constantly looking at new technologies and how best to support his organizations through the use of those technologies.
He's never satisfied with the way things are but is always looking for how, especially with technology, to do things better.
He is one of the few who can apply technology to the business issue, rather than using technology for technology's sake.
John loves what he does and is very comfortable with technology and innovating in the use of different technologies.
He looks for the right solutions regardless of the technology and understands the inner-workings of most technologies.
He is up to date with technology and is always on the bleeding edge, always among the first to try new technologies.
He doesn't embrace technology for technology's sake - he knows that technology is very often the problem itself.
He is looking at the technology for what it can bring to the business and not in the technology as such.
He always kept up with new technology and worked to help others understand all aspects of that technology.
He is so much technology oriented that you ask him anything about web technology and he has the answer.
Tun goes out of his way to look at new technologies and to see if there are better ways of doing things.
His training course was really useful for him, because it was updated to the most recent technologies.
He will be always there whenever you are in need irrespective of technology or any other concerns.