Technology Analyst Performance Review Phrases Examples

Technology Analyst Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He also understands how to gain good impact from the press and technology analysts in high technology.
John not only understands the technology, but probably more importantly, he understands people and how they use technology.
He knows the technology, but he also knows how to talk about the technology in ways that people understand.
John understands technology and can connect technology to people most masterfully.
He will be an asset to any forward looking technology company.
He finds and focuses on technology that can win over analysts and customers.
John always kept in touch with the technology as well as with his people.
John stands out among those as he clearly gets technology and people.
John uses his genius with technology to get the best out of people.
He knows the technology, and the people behind it, inside and out.
John understands what is necessary for people and technology.
First, he is always responsive and technologically competent.
John's grasp of technology, but more importantly, his grasp on how people use technology is second to none.
John is an incredibly competent technology analyst and writer.
Adopting new technologies and getting new and faster ways to do things, is his style.
Excellent at helping him understand how to navigate this new technology.
One thing that sets him apart is his overriding passion for technology.
He has guided him in a right way and he very strong in technology.
He knows in-depth technology and guides us through with examples.
For any technology company, he can prove himself as an asset.
With his passion for new technologies, he is a valuable asset to any company looking to further their technology platform/architecture.
Smart, articulate and knows his way around technology and the arts.
Curious and passionate, he's really very competent about everything could be defined "technology".
And people around him will always be inspired by his passion about new technologies.
His passion for people and technology are something that shouldn't be overlooked.
When people are caught with new technologies, he's already on the next thing.
The people around him, the technology around him, is nothing short of amazing.
He knows how to balance the needs of various roles, people and technologies.
He encouraged his students to use available technology in their studies.
His competency on the technology makes him stand apart from the rest.
He can then bring in the right people to go deep on each technology.
Although he likes technology, he is even more interested in people.
John can pull people and technologies together to get things done.
Not only is he technologically sharp, he is very good with people.
He knows his technology and more importantly, how to handle people.
Notable too are his passion for technology, people and new ideas.
His enthusiasm for technology and people was always infectious.
His expertise is at the intersection of people and technology.
He's his go to guy for all things internet technology related.
We are now at our company together and he is doing some amazing things with our technology and our people.
He understands the tools and technology and has been a good mentor to new analysts.
He does not shy away from challenging situations, whether they involve the technology or people's aversion to that technology.
John would welcome learning new technologies and worked hard to get to grips with those technologies.
John knows the technology and how to use that technology to create valuable and innovative products.