Technology Architect Performance Review Phrases Examples

Technology Architect Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Furthermore, he will go above and beyond to make sure he understands the latest technology and will architect and deploy it successfully.
John is an excellent architect with deep understanding of underlying technologies.
He was an experienced architect who could grasp new technology concepts with ease.
John is brilliant architect and always current with cutting-edge technology.
John is one of the best enterprise/business-solution-technology architects in the country today.
He's one of the few architects who is also able to drill down very deeply into the technology to solve problems.
He is also probably the most intuitive and creative technology architect you will ever meet.
He knows technology probably better than the average team of enterprise architects.
John learns new tools, architects and technologies very quickly.
As you would expect, he knows the technology like the back of his hand, but there is more to a better architect than that.
I endorse him in all technologically demanding engagements as solution architect.
He also keeps up with the latest technologies and provided me with resources to evaluate some of these technologies.
John is a capable and innovative technology architect and facilitator.
John was also self motivated to make sure that he was up to date with the available technology.
John is an outstanding technology architect, valued mentor, and trusted friend.
He is very knowledgeable in many technologies and also learned new technologies quickly.
He has the ability to visualize and architect complex technology solutions.
He doesn't just teach you how to use the technology he uses it daily.
John is a tremendous enterprise architect who has unsurpassed depth in applied technologies.
John understands technology and how technology can be used to create new products.
He knows him technology and how best to use it for the job at hand.
As an architect, he demonstrated the ability to see the wider picture whilst making appropriate technology choices.
He is a hands-on architect with a passion for learning new technologies.
John is always willing to try something new to push the envelope, especially in the area of technology.
He is very interested in what makes things tick, especially if they are powered by technology.
John continues to push himself to be the best in the technology journalism.
He's self-motivated and always willing to adapt to new technology to serve.
John also has powerful backgrounds in technology and entrepreneurship.
He likes to try and use all the latest technologies in his area.
He was very passionate about technology and highly motivated.
He is quick to pick up technology, getting almost bug free code, even on technology new to him.
John has deep knowledge of technology and is a talented architect.
He is one of the most capable developers and architect of block chain technology.
He was introducing new technologies to us and helping in their deployment.
John was excellent at providing the right technology for my needs.
I have witnessed him teach himself one technology after another.
His expertise on various technologies makes him the ideal fit as client architect.
John is an extremely talented architect who can take a technology vision and turn it into reality.
I would recommend him to anyone looking to take the technology of their company to the next level.
He knows how to make the most of a small budget and get the most out of technology.
John is very well connected across music, entertainment and technology.
Besides, he also has good problem solving abilities which is easily one of the most important elements for technology architects.
John taught him that an architect's job spans well beyond the technology.
His broad background in technology makes him a very strong architect.
He always evaluated new technology and came up with ideas to improve our solutions using the new technologies.
During our company he demonstrated that he is an outstanding technology and application architect.
He is a smart architect who is really knowledgeable about the our company technologies.
He is a great architect, always has the latest technology information.
This very quality has graduated him to a well rounded technology architect.
He quickly adapted to the new larger company and the many diverse technologies he was asked to architect.
He grasps the technology with the kind of dedication that any architect hope to achieve one day.
So instead of just reading about them, he will go out and use whatever the technology is.
His command over technology and expertise as an architect has won us several accolades with our customers.
Finally, he not only knows the details of the technology, but he can, and does, function as a solutions architect.
He sees things in technology that others can't - and knows how to architect a solution to take full advantage of the opportunity.
He has great insight of today's technology and can architect complex solution with ease.
The technology, our company has really enabled people to work with the right architect for them, even if they aren't local.
The technologies being researched, architected and deployed from his portfolio would be valuable to the organization which views technology as an asset.
He not only has experience but he is always learning and growing with technology.