Technology Director Performance Review Phrases Examples

Technology Director Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Yes, he just cannot contain himself when it comes to technology.
John always strived to replace or enhance old technologies with the best of new technologies.
That's why he became the go-to-guy for all things technology or technology-enabled in his role.
Also, he is open to new technologies and trying to be on the top of the technological wave.
John really knows technology and how technology can be applied to make and save money.
Despite of not from the technology side his technology understanding is really good.
John never talked about technology for the sake of talking about technology.
His hold on the technology and adapting to technological changes is noteworthy.
He quickly understands the technology and limitations of technology.
John knows his technology, and is also more than willing to help out others that may not know what he does.
It seems that there is nothing too complicated for him, whatever the technology.
It always amazes him how much he knows about so many different technologies.
He always is ahead of the pack with him ever-new take up of technology.
He makes use of the best technology and always provides the best results
He knows the answer to anything and everything to do with technology.
And like him is another of of those who gets turned on by technology.
John always happens to be where the puck is going next in technology.
He knows technology and how to use it to help everyone he serves.
Needless to say he is really an our company on that technology.
John's love for technology inspires him to put everything he is into everything that he does within the realm of technology.
He did not get caught up in technology for technology's sake and could be relied on to get things done.
He stays on top of technology and constantly looking at how the new technology can be applied.
He's a technology enthusiast, and he's introduced him to many new and cool technologies.
His command over technologies and applying these technologies to daily use, is amazing.
He plays with technology because he loves the empowerment that technology can bring.
He has a solid mastery of many technologies, across many technology stacks.
Our company, as technology becomes more commoditized, John helps him position disruptive technologies.
That's why it makes perfect sense that he should be direct or on emerging technology at our company now.
He's never satisfied with the way things are but is always looking for how, especially with technology, to do things better.
Tun goes out of his way to look at new technologies and to see if there are better ways of doing things.
He will be always there whenever you are in need irrespective of technology or any other concerns.
John also knows what he is talking about as he has kept himself up to date with technology.
Beware, he will make you re-think, and get you to move forward in the age of technology.
John always led by example and made sure that he was up to speed on new technologies.
And even-though he knows so many technologies, he is proficient in each and every one.
He knows his craft well an is especially adaptive when it comes into new technologies.
And now he is going to have the technology to make some very exciting things happen.
He also provided insight as to how one might better use the technology that we had.
People who know him think of him as someone with his pulse on the latest technology.
Given his background, it goes without saying that he has the technology down cold.
That's because he calls immediately whenever something happens to our technology.
Additionally, he has an unquenchable curiosity about new and better technologies.
Projects done by him were very thorough and were about cutting edge of technology.
John's contagious enthusiasm is well known to anyone who follows technology.
John has distinguished himself because he thoroughly understands technology.
He always did more than what was asked for and was open to new technologies.
John can pick up new technologies as though he'd known them all of his life.
You can make sure that he knows whatever new standard, technology or gadget.
In many of his technological courses, there was very little that was new to him.
Almost anything new in technology and he'd be the first to share about it.
Have known him very well about his enthusiasm / obsession over technology.
He tends to be up-to-speed on new technology and always does his homework.
He knows all the players and the technology value that each has to offer.
He understands the technology and knows how and what can be done with it.
That being said, his capacity has never been limited to any one technology.
He uses technology as a mean to an end, rather than as an end in itself.
Would like to thank him for helping him to make technology as his passion.
Working with him will always keep your enthusiasm for technology lively.
John would never shy away from new opportunities, from new technologies.
He especially is good to have around when you have technological issues.
Furthermore, he was pivotal in getting him involved with the technology.
The other thing which struck him about him was his passion for technology.
You could always count on him to help you out of any technology trouble.
First, his passion for technology is probably more than you can imagine.
He is forward looking and is very adept at exploring new technologies.
Besides knowing everything about technology he is also an inspiration.
He knows many technologies very well, and a little about most of them.
He would know every new technology out there, every new gadget or app.
He constantly looks to better things and uses technology to the full.
He makes technology approachable for those who may be overwhelmed.
It is always a pleasure to be around him concerning this technology.
To say that he is passionate about technology is an understatement.
The man knows his technology and almost everybody there is to know.
His use of technology and different techniques is quite impressive.
He doesn't look for the next big thing in technology, he makes it.
Moreover, he keeps himself well updated with the latest technology.
Net is inspirational, as well as his passion for new technologies.
John always keeps up to speed with both regulation and technology.
Really knows his stuff, especially new and upcoming technologies.
He understands the value of technology as well as its challenges.
He's always up to date with what technology can do and cannot do.
When it comes to all things technology he is at the cutting edge.
John kind of technology you might need, he can tell you about it.
He always tries to incorporate new technologies into our stack.
Picking up on new technologies seemed to be effortless for him.
He has an appetite for technology, and he makes it seem simple.
One of the few who thought of his users, rather than technology.
It is not incidental that he is so well versed in technologies.
He knows so much, and well updated with technological updates.
Always ahead of his time, he is an expert in new technologies.
His understanding of the technologies used are second to none.
There were no technology he didn't know or hadn't heard about.
Internally he has introduced and evangelized new technologies.
For many he made the technology enjoyable and understandable.
He has greater capability of adopting very quickly to any technology, even he does not come across that technology in his fast.
His enthusiasm and passion for new technology is infectious and he is always willing to take time to explain these technologies.
John uses the technology effectively and has shown how we can become more efficient when we embrace technology appropriately.
Thinking outside the box, to bring new technology and twists to existing technology, is just one of his attributes.
John knows his stuff when it comes to learning technology and he stays on top of the latest technology.
John knows what technology is current and worthwhile as well as what technologies are a flash in the pan.
He has an excellent grasp of technology, both in use for his assignment and newer potential technologies.
Besides, he is a technology evangelist to the bone and passionate about technology as one can only be.
He used to lap new technologies, check out his blog to see illustrations for passion for technology.
John understands technology well and knows how to effectively apply technology to problem solving.
His grasping of technologies is commendable and has helped him grasp multiple technologies.
John loves technology and technology loves him, he is an outstanding problem solved
He has a true interest in technology so is very up to date on emerging technologies.
Him columns cover the latest in technology and invent one to explore the technology.
John is a guru in collaboration technology and not limited to technology aspect.
Simply put, he is smart and stays on or ahead of our company technology and thrives when he is using this technology.
John's understanding of our company technology and the technology world as a whole is exceptional.
John truly understands the technology landscape and keeps him current with emerging technologies.
Great director and continues his hands on the latest cutting edge technology.
There were so many times when we'd all get thrown by some new technology most of us had never seen before, but he'd just take it in his stride.
Not only does he know technology through and through, he will go out of his way to explain it to you in a way that you understand.
Always aware of new technologies, he knows how things should be done, and if there are any compromises that can be made.
John understands the technology that's for certain and he is always ahead of the curve when it comes to new things.
John will make sure that the latest technologies and trends are used, when they can be used and in the right place.
He always keeps himself updated with recent technology and his understanding about the same is commendable.
He's not only passionate about delivering the best technology but also looks out for the needs of users.
He will recommend what will have an impact, even if the technology is the might not be the most appropriate.
Impressed with his enthusiasm towards new technologies and the way he keeps himself up to date with it.
Because he not only has cutting edge technology that many others don't but he also knows how to use it.
John consistently would go above and beyond what was needed to help with all aspects of technology.
John clearly not only really knows his sector, but is enthused by what technology can do for society.
Don't be afraid to challenge and push him to do things that you think weren't possible with technology.
Especially if you're anything like him and you find yourself at a loss when it comes to technology.
He is always looking ahead in technology - and would continue to do such in any position he takes.
He keeps up with technology and is clever about how best to use it, whatever the platform may be.
John made insightful recommendations about what to avoid and what to do with our new technologies.
John is truly passionate about technology transformation and certainly knows what he is doing.
You could see the twinkle in his eyes with every new technology and could go on and on about it.
Added to this, he is well updated on all new technology advancements and he keeps on updating.
Keep trying to pretend that he knows less about the technology behind the scenes than he does.
We've had technology challenges and he has been on the ball about getting us the help we need.
His insight on new technology will keep you on your toes, but also keep you ahead the curve.
He understands the technologies that he provides and is an expert in everything he undertakes.
He's almost always an early adopter of technology and follows up thoroughly on his commits.
He keeps up with the new technologies and makes well balanced architectural recommendations.
John also understands how to maximize the technology value in many different circumstances.
He seems comfortable with new technologies and very eager to take on new responsibilities.
John always proved dependable and he was always on top of what's new in the technology.
Second, he was an expert in the technology and how to manipulate it to do what we needed.
Plus, within months, he was becoming the expert in the technologies he had never seen before.
He keeps up with technology trends so that he always has something to bring to the table.
Give him any technology and you can be sure that he will gain mastery over it in no time.
We're sure he will continue to be at the forefront of any new technologies as they arise
He's current on just about everything technological and is the guy to go to for answers.
He always had the end user in mind, even when others lost themselves in the technology.
Highly recommend him for those who want to know how to cope with the new age technology.