Technology Industry Performance Review Phrases Examples

Technology Industry Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

John has an extensive and thorough knowledge of the industry, and many of its technologies.

He has excellent knowledge of technology industry specially the telecommunication/wireless industry.

John is the expert when it comes to disruptive technologies at the airport and airline industry.

He knows the technology and telecom industries well, and if he didn't know something, he'd find out.

John has the courage to try new things-especially when it comes to technology.

John is well-aware of up-to-date technologies and industry trends to have intelligent and thoughtful discussions on technology.

He will not just look at technology for technology's sake - rather how it can be put to use to drive value.

He is an expert with virtualization technologies and fluent with technologies throughout the datacenter.

His knowledge of various platforms and technology within our industry is second to none.

I am very impressed by his knowledge of the industry, the technology, and the players.

He has excellent knowledge and understanding about the industry and the technology.

He is very knowledgeable in multiple technologies across diverse industries.

John is an exceptional technology leader and has great vision when leveraging new technology trends in the industry.

John has a passion for technology and has become an industry-leading figure in the payments industry.

John is well versed in entertainment and technology trends and has great passion for this industry.

John's approach can be very useful across almost all technologies and disciplines.

His command of mobile technology, and passion for the industry is infectious.

His passion for technology is beyond the brand/vendor and make him virtually capable on multiple technologies.

John is not only technologically savvy, but is genuinely interested in driving new technology forward.

He is not only well versed in the theoretical side of technology, but also the application of technology.

In evaluating technology he knows what he's doing and he does it well- he has a great knowledge of the industry.

He's very knowledgeable about the industry and very in tune with upcoming technologies and trends.

He is extremely knowledgeable and has an excellent understanding of the technology industry.

Him preparedness in knowledge of the technology industry was gratefully appreciated.

He has a knack for understanding technology, and overall knowledge of the industry.

He has excellent vision, knows the technology industry, and is very personable.

His understanding of technology allowed him to understand technology needs and find solutions.

John's understanding of both technology and the travel industry are not only impressive, they are inspiring.

He's always more than happy to share his insight into travel industry technology.

John is very organized, and well connected within the consumer technology, and mobile industries.

He has mastered many our company technologies and keeps abreast of the latest trends in technology.

He's always getting the news when it's hot and is on top of the new technologies, trends, and changes in the film industry.

His passion for technology and innovation along with his industry knowledge are unmatched.

His contacts and knowledge of both satellite technology and the industry are exceptional.

He has vast experience in the technology, commerce and entertainment industries.

He is comfortable with all technologies and systems in the payment industry.

John has an excellent understanding of technology, particularly in the wireless and internet industries.

John also has a strong telecom background and knows the technology as well as the industry players.

He is very efficient, technologically savvy and knows what needs to be done and does it to completion.

He is passionate about what he does from both an entrepreneurial and technological standpoint.

Him love for technology only enhances his already exceptional grasp of the print industry.

He stays up to date with current technologies and always makes sure he understands the technology before writing about it.

John's interest and knowledge in technology was so ahead of the curve that even today, they are the standards of the industry.

His domain knowledge is exemplary and he is always looking to update himself with the latest technologies in the industry.

He is always looking into new technologies and renewing his knowledge (which is an excellent trait in this industry).

John's extensive knowledge of not just the technology, but also the industry makes him an asset for any organization.

John's knowledge base and expertise in him industry as well as him understanding of technology is flawless.

He also catches many unwary colleagues out with the depth of his knowledge of both industry and technology.

In addition to that, he also commands extensive knowledge of technology and multiple industries.

His enthusiasm and knowledge of latest industry trends and technologies were well appreciated.

John earns his respect from his broad knowledge of industry trends and technology.

He started in the industry with minimal technology knowledge and has proven himself.

His in-depth knowledge of technology and industry brings endless value to the table.

He possesses a strong knowledge of the entertainment and technology industries.

John has a rare depth and breadth of knowledge within the technology industry.

Extremely adept with different technologies used in the banking industry, he stays up-to-date on new technologies and can explain complex concepts very clearly.

John continually went above and beyond his role to help us get the best technologies in place.

I have always been and continue to be impressed with his passion for technology.

Through the use of technology, he has guided and facilitated us with our needs.

John was an early adopter of what we would now consider essential technology.