Technology Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Technology Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is one of the few who can apply technology to the business issue, rather than using technology for technology's sake.
I value the insight he has into the management of technology and have often turned to him to further my understanding.
He has the ability to manage the deliverables without getting caught up with the technology.
He has been an amazing mentor & manager to me who knows so much about the technology.
What sets him apart from most technology managers is his entrepreneurial spirit.
He is a very effective manager who keeps himself abreast of new technologies.
John has a strong background in both project/client management and technology.
I have been impressed with his insight into technology, technology development, management of technology development, and innovation.
He is pretty hands on unlike most of the managers, and also up-to-date on the technology.
John is an excellent manager who understands technology and how to get the most from his people.
Many of his hires went on to be successful managers themselves at some of the most well known technology companies on the planet.
Being interested in the technology allows him to see things from a different perspective and manage accordingly.
Everyone knows he's extremely articulate about technology, but few may realize he's an excellent manager.
Definitely someone you want on your side - he's enthusiastic about technology, and manages to portray it.
Be it a new thing in technology or management, if he has to go that extra mile he most definitely will.
John is a well-balanced manager with passion for technology and getting things done right.
I have always tried to emulate his technology leadership style in all of my management roles.
John is an amazing manager who never missed an opportunity to introduce me to new technology.
John has proved, how easy to go beyond the technology boundary and manage it to the core.
His ability to balance management and technological advancement is quite impressive.
Not only was he a great manager, but he was abreast of all the latest technologies.
John managed to always be on the cutting edge, pushing the technology envelope.
John is very a very effective technology manager and individual contributor.
Somehow he manages to stay on top of new technologies in the midst of it all.
He taught me to look technology/ obstacles from a different prospective and was an excellent manager when he managed me.
John's experience in management, leadership and technology is second to none.
Always interested in new technologies, he somehow also managed to become something of a resident expert in lean management.
He's one of those managers that really knows and understands the technology well and passes down his knowledge.
John is an outstanding manager of technology - both strategically and pragmatically.
John has been a manager who well rounded in his knowledge of many technologies.
John is one of the few people who have the best mix of technology acumen and management finesse.
The most important aspect of having him as a manager dwells outside of technology.
John has exceptional capabilities of balancing technology with people management.
John is an enthusiastic manager, he very good at 'people management' and also has a very solid understanding of the technology.
John is one of those rare breeds, both an exceptional manager & someone who "actually get's" the technology.
Net technology stack is unsurpassed and he somehow always manages to stay on the very cutting edge.
He clearly believes in self upgradation, he pursued a management course in technology concurrently.
John consistently seeks out new technologies, management techniques and leadership methodologies.
John is an aggressive technology manager who has vision and does not accept the status quo.
John is an enthusiastic manager with a great deal of curiosity about new technologies.
He has the ability to manage, mentor and grasp new technologies simultaneously.
In addition, he has a grasp of technology far beyond the average dev manager.
The John lasting impression of him is that of a technology manager par excellence.
John is every well qualified to undertake any job in the area of technology management.
John has a wide range of talents from people management to technology management.
John is always looking at the whole technology picture and keeps up with what's going on in business with respect to technology.
He is looking at the technology for what it can bring to the business and not for the technology as such.
He always wants to do what's good for the business, not technology for the sake of technology.
His experience, judgment, and temperament make him the ideal technology manager.
He is the best technology guy, best manager and above all, he is best human being.
He is diligent about using technology to gain an advantage and the value of diligent time management.
I have had the pleasure of helping him manage the risk at various technology ventures.
He understands the technology well, and he is able to manage risk very effectively.
I know that his management style and his knowledge of technology will allow him to adapt to the situation.
He is easy to get along with, understands how to manage and leverage technology and relationships.
He can manage to work with any technology and available, flexible in aligning with the priorities.
I had the great pleasure of managing his work and introducing him to new technologies.
He was technical enough to understand how different technologies tied together and what technologies were needed.
John has an equally strong passion for both technology and the people that he manages and he is truly someone who makes those around him better.
John to put it bluntly gets things done, managing people and technology with equal dexterity.
John made useful innovations in technology and classroom management.
He looks forward with a clear vision of new technologies and management trends, which makes him an outstanding manager.
Furthermore, his passion for technology and management is one of his defining characteristics.
John will be a great value to any organization both in technology and management.
He is open to new technology and well aware of the needs of the company he manages.
John is at home in dealing with both technologies as well as management issues.
He always manages to keep the company on the cutting edge of technology.
He has his strong recommendation in all technology management positions.
John is an innovative and insightful manager and technology enthusiast.
John is a manager who is very closely connected to the technology.
John would manage and troubleshoot technology concerns effectively.
Iam totally amazed by his grasp of technology and its management.
His management and technology skill sets are broad and complete.
John is a boss who understands well the technology he manages.
His ability to understand technology and programmatic issues, along with the management of technology personnel has been just amazing.
His in depth understanding of all the technologies we dealt with made it very easy for him as a technology manager at the time.
He manages to demystify technology while promoting the security and sensible use of technology.
He manages people well, uses technology to his advantage, and follows through on his commitments.
More amazingly, he knows how to manage people who know about technology, which is never easy.
He is knowledgeable in both technology and business/financial management.
His experience in technology and managing people is just excellent.
John uses technology to further enhance the management of his work.
He can manage change whilst delivering the underlying technology.
John manages both people and technology with high proficiency.
He is a terrific manager who gets both technology and people.
He is equally adept at managing people as well as technology.
He's managed projects using many different technologies and can pick up new technologies very easily and very quickly.
In spite of being a leader and manager, he is has always kept him abreast with technology.
He manages different technologies and he has the ability to learn fast.
He anticipated his needs in managing the portfolio of technology assets.
He epitomizes the our company way of management and focus on technology.
Additionally, he is proficient in network management technologies.
Although he is a great manager, one of the things that has always impressed him most about him is his insight on new technologies.
John also managed to continually amaze him as to how he always kept up with the latest innovations and technologies.
His management style allows one to truly explore the edges of technology as well as their own limitations.
John would consistently look for new and innovative ways to improve the technology he was managing.
And he understands the technology he is managing and is always willing to dive into the details
He is well organized and always strives to stay current both in technology and management.
His management and leadership ability is tremendous, as well as his technology expertise.
His overall technology management chops were an incredible asset to the organization.
John translated the difficult technological concepts for management most effectively.
John is well rounded in all aspects of voice technology and is an excellent manager.
He bonds well with hiring managers and picks up on technology needs very quickly.
Like most managers, he has a strong grasp of his marketplace and technology.
John is passionate about technology, management and social responsibility
He manages many tasks and always stays on top of up and coming technology.
He stays current with technology and he is good at managing tasks.
John is a cerebral, thoughtful and insightful technology manager.
He keeps well up to date with current technology to guide him in his management role, without becoming too engrossed in the technology to miss the big picture.
His strength is customer management and technology understanding.
He possesses an insight into the developmental and motivational side of management that few technology managers share.
He always keeps himself updated and his team with the latest in technology and management.
John managed many of our teams most challenging technology problems.
His ability to understand the technology along with managing a team that would ultimately use the technology was admirable.
He possesses both an understanding of the technologies as well as the people management and knows how to get things done.
His connections with both people management and technology made him very valuable to him and to the company.
He's very intelligent and knowledgeable about so many things, especially about management and technology.
He knows technology and the way they help to improve city management and citizen connections.
John blends technology and management with an entrepreneurial drive that is envious.
His framework for managing technological change is something that has stayed with him.
John understands and is very adept with managing technology, people and vendors.
John's expertise with technology compliments his ability to manage people.
John represents the best in what's possible for technology managers today.
John is a top-notch technology manager specializing in enterprise technologies and partner readiness.
John balances technology capabilities with economic considerations as few information technology managers can.
He got the technologies completely and definitely understood the people part of technology.
His technology background has made him very successful in managing high-energy technology teams.
He manages his team well, and makes sure everybody is on the same page; essential for information technology management.
He is not only truly passionate for online and technology, but he is also a great manager.
He can really manage and multi-task different priorities and technology solutions.
He has great enthusiasm to learn new things in terms of technology & management.
Johns breadth of technology management experience combined with his ability to manage up, sideways and down makes him extremely effective.
He managed many technology changes over the years and is always an advocate for the customer.
John's insight on change management and technology was extremely valuable as we evaluated our technology risks and opportunities.
John effectively manages many different responsibilities by efficiently organizing his time and through the use of technology.
He is always up to date with the newest trends in management and technology and he is always trying to improve himself.
He understands the rules of the technology he manages yet he can step aside and think outside the box when appropriate.
John would be an asset for positions requiring technology and management and comes with his heartfelt recommendation.
His understanding of the wealth management space and the associated technology offering therein is truly commendable.
He leverages his rich experience in technology and management to take whatever is on his plate to the next level.
At the same time, his intellectual curiosity keeps him on the edge of new technology and management techniques.
Be it the technology or the task management, he was found to be the ideal contact and the issues mitigator.
Him ability to manage the technology needs for several employees and sites makes him an asset to any company.
John is the tech guru that he is, managed to bridge the distance through his expertise of technology.
In the mist of his gross responsibility, he managed to keep abreast the ever evolving of technologies.
He is the sort of technology manager any technology/service organization would be fortunate to hire.
That role was made all the stronger by his wealth of experience in managing enterprise technology.
John is a manager that likes to get the most out of the technology he recommends for a company.
He understands technology and is able to get to the root of what hiring managers are looking for.
He can also interface on multiple management levels and at multiple technology levels.