Technology Project Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Technology Project Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John provides great follow-up an attention to detail on all projects, he is always readily available and provides excellence in all technology projects.
Understanding proper technology and ensuring project quality are some his ace features as a technology manager.
He is very humble in attitude and thoroughly professional in managing technology projects.
I would recommend him and his team for any technology projects.
John is an exceptional technology manager, with an innate ability to manage teams through challenging projects and situations.
Great knowledge our company technology and experience in project management.
John was a very effective project manager who knew how to handle various projects that were being worked on across the technology team.
I am sure he has the right credentials for areas related to technology projects and management.
He met his project deadlines on time and kept himself updated with project related technology.
John is a project management expert who understands how to use tools to implement project management principles and he stays abreast of current technology.
John is always willing to take on a project, whether it's using the current platform or newer technology.
Those projects would have failed without his leadership, initiative and passion for the new technologies.
He was always well versed in the latest technologies and helped introduce many of them to the project.
Thrown into a project with technology new to him, he has ramped up quickly and made it his own.
His enthusiasm for technology is inspiring and he makes every project exciting and rewarding.
John is excellent at understanding the big picture when it comes to technology projects.
John has the ability to quickly understand new technology and put it to use in projects.
John is a self starter and he gets up to speed very quickly on new technologies and projects.
John also spearheads many projects and technological advancements for the entire company.
He is very proficient in coming up to speed on new projects and technologies very quickly.
He knows many technologies very well, and puts in a tremendous effort to complete projects.
As a boss, he was always open to new ideas, projects and especially new technologies.
He is passionate about technology and is infectious when he discusses a project.
He is very flexible and able to adapt to new technologies and types of projects.
He is up to date with technology and gets actively involved in projects.
His expertise in different technology and his dedication always gained the respect of both his colleagues and project managers alike.
John is truly a "trusted adviser" when it comes to technology and project management, and is still a go-to guy for me.
John has been a wonderful mentor to me and countless others in the project management and technology worlds.
John has an extraordinary knack for managing multiple stakeholders in large complex technology projects.
John has a great combination of strong technology acumen and project management discipline.
John has unique and assertive leadership style, particularly when it comes to change management, technology adoption/ transformation and project management.
Of all project managers, leaders, technology creators, and divisional managers, he has maintained the status of being the best in all facets.
Because of these traits, he is able to keep abreast of new technologies while skillfully managing technology projects - a rare combination in my experience.
John is a very competent manager of resources, technology and projects.
His knowledge, expertise and management style helped drive the technology of the company along with managing several projects.
John forced me to get the most out of technology before it was called technology.
John is an exceptional project manager who understands both people and technology very well.
He is well versed in technology and project management and always working on self improvement.
He has been innovative in bringing new technology to the group and in mentoring others on the project and the technologies being used.
John will embrace new technology, especially when he sees how it will benefit himself and his projects.
He always tries to bring the best technology to the project and focus on the objectives.
John had been a string project manager, always clear on the aims and objectives of a project.
John is always willing to help out anyone he possibly, can even if it does not directly impact him or a project he is managing.
He always excelled in his projects, was always willing to take on new challenges and was always appreciated by the managers.
John is capable of managing any and all projects he has either taken upon himself to accomplish or has been assigned.
John is an excellent project manager that always seems to know what to do even when the situation doesn't look good.
I'd recommend him for any project management assignment where you need to get things done and make an impact.
He was very effective in the manner in which he managed and followed through on all aspects of the project.
He is the example of the outstanding project manager who knows what to do and how to achieve the targets.
John was my manager for more than three years in various enhancements and upgrade/maintenance projects.
He is always looking for best and most efficient output from all phases of the projects he is managing.
He has many projects, yet always manages to stay on top of everything while still being proactive.
We managed many projects together that needed the best of both worlds, and he always came through.
He has always been very proactive and extremely beneficial in him management of these projects.
He is thorough in all that he does and is capable of managing complex projects simultaneously.
He always saw every project through to the end and still managed to have a smile on his face.
John is quite adept at project management, and he has the ability to do just about anything.
His tips on how to be an effective project manager by doing less were very useful indeed.
He has anticipated my needs as a manager and provided useful suggestions for my projects.
His approach to managing projects is all about figuring out what to do and then doing it.