Technology Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Technology Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Always looking for the new technologies.
He is knowledgeable about technology and technology practices.
He is always available and ready to help on any new or old technology.
He makes use of the best technology and always provides the best results.
He knows the answer to anything and everything to do with technology.
New technology and he have been there, always willing to try new things.
When it comes to technology he is the best and the most reliable.
John always attempts to make the best possible technologically.
John has always been ahead of the curve with technology.
He was always very keen to know about new technologies.
He really knows his stuff when it comes to technology.
He keeps up with all the new trends and technologies.
John is always willing to learn new technologies.
Extremely knowledgeable when it comes to technology.
He is especially bright when it comes to technology.
When it comes to technology, he is truly an expert.
John is very much aware of the new technologies.
Dedicated, knows technology, and gets things done.
He is always in the forefront of new technologies.
John makes everything happen with the technology.
John is one of the best presenters of technology.
John was new to the technology and the product.
He is very knowledgeable about new technology.
Excellent communication and use of technology.
He was always abreast of all new technologies.
Good in implementation of new technologies.
Also, he is always good in new technologies.
John is one who embraces new technologies.
John is an evangelist of technology.
John really knows his mobile technology.
He keeps up with the technology trends.
John was the pioneer in this technology.
John is one of my heroes in technology.
John always strived to replace or enhance old technologies with the best of new technologies.
That's why he became the go-to-guy for all things technology or technology-enabled in his role.
Also, he is open to new technologies and trying to be on the top of the technological wave.
He likes technology and websites and is always willing to explore new technologies.
He is technology agnostic, can adapt to any new technology since that's his passion.
He keeps ahead of the technology and invents new technology to solve any problem.
John understands technology, but more importantly, where technology is going.
He is an expert at technology, risk and security associated with technology.
John understands technology and how technology fits into an organization.
The technological stack was mostly based on proprietary technologies.
He quickly understands the technology and limitations of technology.
John is very skilled at synthesizing education with technology.
He is very skilled in computer and visualization technologies.
Has very good technical skills across different technologies.
Him technology and course development skills are outstanding.
John's leadership and technology skills are second to none.
He has very developed technological and analytical skills.
He is skilled in areas of technology and leadership.
Him technology and communication skills are stellar.
His technology skills and knowledge were advanced.
He learns new skills and technologies quickly.
I look to John for technology and consulting skills.
John is enthusiastic in technology and technology management.
He's never satisfied with the way things are but is always looking for how, especially with technology, to do things better.
He would always look for the new technological developments and he himself is very creative.
He is always willing to take on new challenges and he keeps up with the latest technologies.
John also knows what he is talking about as he has kept himself up to date with technology.
John can always be relied upon to make the right technology decision, but it's his other skills that make him exceptional.
This is probably due to the fact that he is always up on new technology, and he keeps this skill sharpened.
His skills and experience in technology allows him to contribute at many different levels.
His enthusiasm is infectious and he is particularly skilled at adopting new technologies.
He has very deep technological skill and he tries to be innovative in every situation.
Him as the skills and the technology that far out-paces even the nearest competitor.
John's technology expertise and leadership skills would be of value to any company.
Whatever the brief, technology, or skill-set he will find you the right candidate.
He is not only highly skilled in the technologies he uses, he is also a thinker.
John's technology skills are phenomenal as was his humour, he used throughout.
John has proven very quickly that he can absorb new skills and technologies.
His skill level goes well beyond understanding technology and its advantages.
John has exceptional skills and is meticulous in his approach to technology.
John's skills in technology or methodology are simply extraordinary.
Also apparent was his enthusiasm, and skill with, newer technologies.
He has the unique skill of putting his money on the right technology.
His technology was advanced and technical skills were exceptional.
These skills allowed him to adapt very quickly to any technology.
He is with excellent skills in technology and logical analysis.
His expertise, skills in the our company technologies are incredible.
John's skills as an our company are balanced with an understanding of available technology.
The John skill set is wide ranging and is particularly skilled at articulating the value of technology and how to best position this with an organization.
John is a solid individual with excellent technology observation skills and managerial skills.
His communication skills are first rate and the breadth of his technology skills is superb.
He also understood the business implications of technology and not just "technology for technology sake".
Besides having all of the managerial skills, he also has a sound understanding of various technologies.
He is adept and skillful with all technology and understands exactly what he is doing in this area.
Not only does he know his technology, but his presentation skills are nothing short of outstanding.
As a mentor, he uses these skills as well to help not only in technology, but also in life.
He is great in the soft-skills department as well as getting the best out of technology
John continues to expand his skills and keep up with ever changing technology.
He knows his skill areas very well, and can quickly adapt to new technologies.
His technological skills are an asset, as demonstrated by his accomplishments
His presentation skills are well appreciated among the technology group.
His skills in technology will drive any organization's growth.
John is very skilled at learning new technologies, and becoming an expert on that subject.
John skills in technology and leadership make him see solutions instead of problems.
Him language and technology skills would also be plus for any newsroom in America
He is not afraid to learn new skills even if they are not popular technologies.
His skills in providing solutions with technology are outstanding.
He truly loves technology and is constantly improving his skills - not because he has to but because he wants to.
His skills in technology are matched only by his ability drop whatever he's doing to help out in any situation.
John's skills are second to none and he's constantly learning about new technologies and best practice.
Coupled with his good technology skills, all these abilities make him an asset for any organization.
To do this requires an excellent technology foundation, as well as confidence in his own skills.
John's leadership capabilities go way beyond his outstanding current technology skills.
John combines the ability to use his skills with technology to enhance companies
John has superior problem solving skills regardless of the technology involved.
These skills make him apt for the leadership roles in the technology companies.
He is constantly improving his skills and moving ahead of the technology curve.
He will be an asset to any organization requiring technology leadership skills.
He has embraced technology and strives to keep current to enhance his skills.
He understands technology and can map skills to needs with high accuracy.
John has a diverse skill set across several platforms and technologies.
Workwise, he has a good imagination and strong technological skills.
John's skills across a broad range of technologies are exceptional.
John possesses the unique skill of turning technology into profits.
His skill set is truly full stack across multiple technologies.
His technological exposure and skill never ceased to amaze him.
His creative capability and skills within technology are very strong.
The John technology company would benefit from his skills and effort.
He's all heart, backed up by skill, creativity, and technology.
One - his technology solution skills are exceptional, way above his peers.
He is also focused and extremely skilled; who gets technology very well.
John's skills in selling technology is proven and documented.
Besides for his his standard of technological skills, he is willing to go beyond the extra mile for other members.
His technology skills are paramount to his peers and remarkable to say the least.
His knowledge of both the law and technology was an unusual and useful skill.
His skills are top notch and he is versed in many areas of technology.
John has both sound leadership skills and deep technology background.
He tirelessly works to understand the technology skills needed and more importantly, how the new role will be using the technology.
John has great leadership skills, he has great technological skills and overall him experience, knowledge, would back it up.
His output is enabled by his deep skills in several technology areas along with a broad understanding of a large number of technological skills.
John possesses extreme competence in hard technology skills as well as the soft skills that are needed during technology projects.
He is an analytical powerhouse both mentally and with his technology skills.
With a little more practice, those skills should come up to the levels of his skills as a technology leader.
He is skilled, open minded and he is always looking for new and technologically advanced solutions.
He is very deliberate in keeping his skills up to date and learning new technology.
He is constantly reading about the latest technology and acquiring new skills.
If it's a new skill or technology, he'll search out answers and solutions.
He also always displayed an intellectual curiosity which drove him to not only learn new technologies and skills, but to volunteer to use these skills whenever needed.
His knowledge with technology and his people skills was invaluable.
He has great skills of exploring new technology and very confident, even on any new task which he never had experienced
This makes his skills, particularly pertinent to technology arenas where these other disciplines are often left behind.
John made sure to keep his skills up to date, and often explored other technologies to broaden his thinking.
John clearly possesses the skills, qualifications, and experience necessary to excel in the technology space.
Yousuf achieved exceptional skills in various technological platforms through his hard work and dedication.
His experience and skills across the technology value chain are very suitable for any leadership role.
John is adept at many technologies and has the ability to quickly pick up new skills and capabilities.
He is always keeping abreast of current technologies and maintaining his certifications and skills.