Technology Specialist Performance Review Phrases Examples

Technology Specialist Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He knows technology, and technology companies in the pacific northwest.
He tends to keep up to date on technology, and identifies the advantages of those new technologies within an organization.
He not only helped him grooming as a technology specialist, but also as an individual.
He knew when to bring in specialists in everything from linguistics to technology.
John is a true technology specialist, he is always ahead of the curve with regards to the latest technologies on the market.
He is so much more than a specialist in spatial data and technology.
Our company to see his Big data specialist in the technology domain
John took it upon himself to come up to speed on our company's technology.
And that's simply because he knows our company and our technology.
He is well-organized and innovative with different technologies.
John understands technology and its value to an organization.
He is always many steps ahead of him on the technology front.
His need to be on the cusp of technology makes him a cutting-edge placement specialist.
As a technology specialist with years of experience, he is a valuable asset.
Because of different technologies, his interaction with him was less, but not the impact.
Knowledgeable not only in his trade, but has an understanding of other technologies.
He knows the players, the technologies and how they all interact.
Like him, he does not believe in technology, as it is a commodity.
Open-minded and resourceful, he's the epitome of a technology specialist.
John knows technology well and how to utilize technology to drive his company forward.
John worked for him in a specialist role on advanced technologies.
John's passion for technology, and particularly mobile technology and solutions, is unsurpassed.
He not only knows the technology, but he also knows how to help organizations make good use of it.
He also has the ability to match these new technologies with the needs of the organization.
John and his company can really help if you have technology issues within your company.
He always tries to discover new technology that would be beneficial to the company.
Not only is he extremely organized, but he is also excellent with technology.
He will know end-to-end and back-to-front any task and technology assigned.
John will always find himself with the hottest companies and technology.
He uses technology very well, and adapts very quickly to new environments
John, with strong leaderships, is always in front of new technologies.
This versatility allows him to make technology an enabler for the company.
The John company would be lucky to have him at the helm of their technology.
John identified the best technology for his organization's situation.
He explained very well what the company does in quantum technology.
John would be a welcome addition to any technology organization.
He's well organized and uses technology to maximize his efficiency.
John is the technology evangelist/guru every company must have.
He adapts to changes in technology and environment very quickly.
He's always on the front edge of technology, always passionate.
John would compliment any organization with technology needs.
John is the guy you want pitching technology for your company.
He handled nearly all the technological issues in our company.
His company is up to the minute with technology and coverage.
John is an extraordinary systems specialist, but above and beyond that, he is a technology aficionado
John also has an uncanny ability to recognize hot technologies and hot technology companies.
John has an excellent understanding of the technology he uses and is innovative enough to use that technology in new and creative ways.
He easily starts with new technologies and quickly becomes a recognized specialist among his colleagues.
John is a high-value professional and specialist in the technology arena.
He has a knack of technology and open to new technologies and research.
Not only is he an excellent technology specialist, his first priority always lies with the client's needs.
In addition, he uses some of the best technology out there to help dealers succeed.
And he has forgotten more about exchange technology than many will ever know.
John certainly demonstrated his leadership and passion for the technology.
He pursues new technology directions and is often a "first adopter" of nascent technologies.
As such, he had to ramp up on all this technology to see where it would fit.
John is an exceptional, resourceful and multi-talented technology specialist.
He also has the right contacts and is well know technology expert in his region.
John believes in technology and he knows how to use technology for the development of the society.