Technology Teacher Performance Review Phrases Examples

Technology Teacher Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

A great teacher who can teach you in simplest words the complete technology, he is technology in himself.
He is not only a teacher, but he is a commander the technology used by him is awesome.
He possesses years of experience in technology and is always looking to keep up with the latest technology.
He helped teachers, students and parents/families with all of their technology needs.
He also keeps up with the latest technologies and provided him with resources to evaluate some of these technologies.
He understands technology and knows the market for that technology.
John has a solid understanding of technology, and he is a great teacher.
He is a very good teacher, and he has a keen sense of technology.
His changes have made technology easily accessible and catered to the needs of the students and teachers.
John is passionate about what he does, and very knowledgeable about how technology, specifically our company technology, can be better used in the classroom of any teacher.
John is much, much more than an internet and technology expert.
John is great with personnel and even better with technology.
John knows more about all the latest technology out there that can make our lives easier, and he is a great technology coach and teacher.
He stays abreast of new technology and has the experience to figure out whatever new technology comes his way.
The first is his use of technology, he embraces technology and uses it to improve fiscal performance.
He looks for the right solutions regardless of the technology and understands the inner-workings of most technologies.
He is an expert's expert, a teacher's teacher, and he has resolved his technological challenges that stumped other professionals.
John really knows his way around technology, especially when it comes to computers.
John is very astute with technology and its many applications.
A passionate technology advocate, he's all about getting technology into the hands of people who will use that technology to create something new.
His dedication in looking at new technologies or better application of existing technologies stands out.
In addition to being very bright and talented with technology, he is an excellent teacher and speaker.
He invests in technology to help his teachers to improve their ability to help each child.
John's history as a technology teacher translates directly to his team dynamics.
John is also very driven, he has enough experience to know the best way technology should be done.
One can trust in him irrespective of the technology and he will not disappoint.
He provides insight and experience around the use of technology in this space.
He understands technology and has always come up with excellent resumes.
He uses technology in a way that truly leverages the experience.
He always was looking to improve technology and our performance.
The scope of his experience extends across so many technologies.
His experience is well rounded with best of breed technologies.
John is never judgmental and understands technological terms.
His technological foresight is in his experience unparalleled
The technology and know-how that our company derives is impressive.
Blue and himself worked for the same division in our company technologies.
He ramps up with new technologies like our company very smoothly.
He not only has a deep understanding of the technology being used, but also how that technology affects user experience.
John's insight and experience in advanced technologies and technology transfer soon became central to our efforts.
His breadth of technology expertise and willingness to quickly ramp up on new technologies is very valuable.
Equally importantly from his perspective, he has also been a dedicated teacher for practitioners of this often misunderstood technology.
He knows everything there is to know about digital experience and what's next in the world of technology, and so is a proven teacher.
He's not afraid to tackle new technologies and is a patient and effective teacher.
He must be quick learner and also a good teacher and information technologies is probably one of his hobbies.
He often would learn the technology and become the go-to for other departments.
John is not intimidated by technology and is very resourceful.
He consistently keeps up on the newest technologies, making him an asset to any technology team.
He's a natural teacher and makes learning the latest technology fun and straightforward.
He is a great teacher; clearly explains the practical application of technology.
John always proved himself to be ahead the game when it came to technology.
Those have been some of his best technology conversations over his career.
He always follows up on issues and drives innovation and technology.
John is the gold standard for everything related to technology.
He stays up to date with current technologies and always makes sure he understands the technology before writing about it.
John inspired him, as both a teacher and innovator, to seek new spaces and opportunities that use technology to enhance student and teacher learning.
Continually keeps himself up to date with computer technologies.
John knows his stuff and is an excellent teacher and strategize
He's able to adapt quickly to the technologies that the company is going to use and also a willing teacher to help colleagues get up to speed.
John deeply understands his subject matter, is passionate about technology, and most importantly is an excellent teacher.
He's a terrific teacher and makes excellent use of a wide variety of technologies in class.
His affable nature and passion for technology made him a capable teacher from early on.
A natural teacher, he guided him through several complex technology challenges in his time as a our company.
He's forgotten more about technology and its applications than most of us remember.
Keeps learning and getting himself at the forefront of innovation and technology.
In the whole duration with him, he guided him to learn new technologies.
And he understands sensible and relevant applications of technology.
He can and does learn new innovations and technologies with ease.
He comes up to speed quickly on technology and its application.
He keeps learning and discovering new technologies and concepts.
Our company one understands where technology has been - and where its applications are going - like John.
He understands the technology and also understand the application context under which a technology needs to be adapted.
A technology geek, he keeps us updated with all the updated technology trends and iPhone applications.
He is very smart in his use of networking, and of technology.
John's broad range of technology and application domains allowed him to quickly grasp new technology and envision where and how the technology could be leveraged.
His extensive knowledge of technology has been instrumental in helping our technology department as well as the teachers at our school.
John knows technology and how best to use it in education, because he knows, and teaches his students, that technology is just another tool in a teacher's toolkit.