Technology Trainer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Technology Trainer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

He is an excellent trainer on sourcing techniques and technologies.
John is passionate about technology and teaching people how to use technology.
John is an excellent trainer, who knows his technology inside out and back to front.
John is an amazing trainer, and a great advocate for technology.
He was always willing to help me, and he was especially good at advising technology.
Almost anything new in technology and he'd be the first to share about it.
I also want to emphasize here his dedication towards technology.
He is always ahead of the curve with respect to the technology.
He is also a technology guru - he will always share and discuss about new technological advances and the likes.
His passion for technology and respect for others is an example to all.
When it comes to technological depth and curiosity, he has no bottom.
John knows technology and shared many new ideas to all the attendees.
John's natural curiosity keeps him ahead of the technology curve.
John is the gold standard against all other trainers should be measured.
He is an inspirational trainer whose enthusiasm is infectious.
John is an insightful and intuitive consult/coach and trainer.
John is a great trainer: he knows the technology, the challenges and more importantly the possible solutions.
His drive and enthusiasm for the technology is always admirable.
John is truly one the very best trainers for speakers, authors and entrepreneurs.
John is one of the best trainers, very creative and charismatic.
He is never afraid of taking on new technologies and new ways of doing things, but never does so without analyzing the consequences.
He is passionate about using technology where it makes sense and using it efficiently and effectively.
He was enthusiastic about new technologies, but also very deliberate and thoughtful in his efforts.
He is very dedicated and always keeps up to date with the latest technologies and advancements.
John is one of the best advisers on the grassroots use of technology in the nonprofit sector.
He knows how to share that vision of technology in a way that everyone can understand.
He is also keen on new technologies and always share his ideas about these issues.
John's passion for technology is easy to pick up on from the first conversation.
What's more, he never loses patience with my technologically neanderthal brain.
He shares a passion for new technologies and for doing things the right way.
Our website and microsite technology are well advanced thanks to his efforts.
I have seen him grow in technology and maturity during our tenure together.
He is extremely passionate and has an innate curiosity about technologies.
He articulates technology in a way that is very clear and just makes sense.
He is on the cutting edge of technology and shares what he knows openly.
He is well connected and highly respected in the technology marketplace.
He gets excited about technology and shares that excitement with others.
His curiosity and velocity to grasp new technology are also remarkable.
He can explain technology to laymen as well as converse with experts.
Only his dedication to perfection rivals his love of the technology.
He is great at analyzing things and understands technology at ease.
John loves technology and is always wanting to try something new.
Owing to his background, he has a good sense of the use of technology.
John is highly respected for his domain and technology expertise.
He can simplify the most complex technology into clear messaging.
I enjoyed sharing ideas with him and discussing new technologies.
I have observed him to stay on top of the latest technologies.
John can really articulate his thoughts and this makes him a fantabulous trainer.
J was my trainer for almost a month and he has taught me many things.
The main thing that sets him apart is that he is a trainer by heart.
John is a fantastic trainer, and his style is to be emulated.
John is extremely well versed in all technological architectures.
John never let's technology get in the way of the client's goals.
His forays into technology have been truly remarkable; he has many successful technology startups to his credit.