Territory Sales Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Territory Sales Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John was a highly effective sales manager and deal closer, successfully managing the sales team for a strategic sales territory.
As a sales manager, he kick-started sales growth in his state, a territory that was hibernating before he on-boarded.
He is able to manage his territories and resources to maximize the companies sales opportunities.
Based upon this success he was moved into a direct sales role with his own sales territory.
John provided a strong sales orientation and managed his territory very well.
His ability with the territory and time management make him a weapon in the sales world.
He was brought in to manage an undeveloped territory and an immature sales team.
John has succeeded in one of the most difficult roles for a sales manager-opening up a new territory.
He managed a tricky territory and always came up with the numbers.
John is an excellent territory manager, and an even better mentor.
He possesses a wealth of knowledge in sales and understands how to effectively manage a large sales territory.
John managed his territory in an extremely proactive manner resulting in shorter sales cycles.
He was a very good sales rep, and made a solid transition to managing the territory.
He has a thorough understanding of the sales process and is a valued mentor to his sales reps and sales managers.
John is an excellent sales associate and demonstrated good sales territory management and organization.
The talent that he has brought together to work in inside sales, sales enablement, and management have been phenomenal.
This was first evident when he joined the company as my partner in our sales territory.
The positive sales manager always achieving the highest goal and pushing himself to help grow the company and the territory.
He excels equally in both building a sales territory and managing one.
John has been my sales coach and has provided excellent guidance on sales/prospecting and territory management.
John has transitioned from a successful sales manager to a strong sales trainer.
He established himself as an excellent prospector and territory manager with a strong commitment to the profession of sales.
John has always been successful in achieving his goals and managing his territory.
John is a detail oriented, goal driven territory sales manager.
His role was shared with me, in managing all of the stakeholders across multiple territories.
He was always a pleasure to collaborate with and was very successful managing his territory.
He has the ability to manage others & also perfectionist in terms of his assigned territory.
He was quite simply, in banking sales management, before his time.
John is a thorough sales professional who has excellent sales management, territory management, partner management and negotiation skills.
John is a highly effective sales executive capable of leading sales personnel and managing broad sales territories.
In addition to these duties, he always managed a territory as well during this time.
He has successfully managed his territory in the ups and downs of the cycle.
He consistently achieved or exceeded his sales goals and grew his territory.
John is also adaptable, he was given a larger territory to manage when a shift in the sales force occurred.
John is always ready to offer ideas to efficiently manage a territory and build sales.
John effectively manages a multi-state sales territory, with numerous sales people reporting to him.
He ticks all the boxes from organisation to man management, sales and financial management.
He performed very well as service manager, but also as pre-sales manager.
John's role within the company was to exceed sales within his territory, hitting his targets more often than not.
John was responsible for redirecting the sales targets to make inroads into territory held by our competitor.
As a manager, his sales reps love working for him, but now he will expect them to excel in their territories.
Even when he was in unknown territory, he always managed to get the job done no matter what.
John understands the sales process as well as the challenges of geographic and channel diverse sales territories.
John managed a global sales effort, but found enough time to work directly with each sales rep to help make them create a successful territory.