Test Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Test Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He has a great depth of experience in testing, test management, vendor management, and transformation.
He's done everything from testing and test automation of offshore management and even project management.
With him help there were filled several really difficult positions in testing and management.
If you are looking for a terrific test manager, you've found him right here.
John is a dedicated professional who is very experienced in testing and test management.
He was able to teach us about tools for test reporting, test management, and test automation.
He was encouraging and happy when we found bugs, and incorporated our tests into his own test suites.
Give him a tried and tested way of doing things that everyone uses, and he will come up with something new - and better.
He completed the deliverables for the test manager assignment in the best possible way.
He also staffed and managed the our company shopper testing site, where upstream testing is conducted.
John is a competent manager with a methodical outlook and approach to test management.
John is exception of determining all scenarios for a testing, especially in regards to the limits and exception testing.
He wants to know the why and how, and will test your resolve to make sure you do have the courage of your convictions.
John new projects/proposals in testing, we can always go to him to get the enough input/feedback from him.
John's testing was always very thorough and he swiftly came up to speed with any new systems/processes.
He was one to always think outside the box and would always bring new ideas to be tried and tested.
If he can't challenge your testing paradigms, then you must not want them challenged.
The only reason why one out two didn't pass was that he didn't sit in for the test.
I would recommend him to any organization looking for testing professional/experts.
John is the one you want when you need efficiency, clarity, and tested capabilities.
Furthermore, he tested the organization's understanding of what was truly needed.
He put his know how to the test and his workmanship was nothing but perfection.
I subsequently came to him to test out my ideas and especially my messaging.
I have tried, tested and recommended him to other friends of mine too as he always managed to deliver great results.
His better understanding of different test methodologies and testing techniques makes him one of the best managers in the market.
Most of the testing work that he did, he was the only test engineer assigned to the task and had to manage all the testing by himself.
John has an exciting vision for exploratory testing and test management, and it has been a pleasure to work with him.
From my experiences of various test managers, he stands out because, he never goes with anything 'set and standard'.
John specializes in analysis and test management at which he consistently delivers beyond expectations.
John also on-boarded other competitor apps, tested and provided expert analysis to management.
John was always there to handle the testing, manage the defects and hold triage meetings.
Other test managers and test team leaders frequently sought his advice.
I think the biggest test of a manager is asking those under him if they'd work for him again.
He quickly picks up the propositions and makes good suggestions about what aspects to test and how to test them.
I have seen him rise from tester to test lead, then test manager during that time.
John has an excellent can-do approach when it comes to setting up and managing test plans.
He can manage very difficult projects from testing point of you, and provide test judgment.
He managed his staff's expectations and managed their time to meet testing deadlines.
John has an extensive experience in manual testing, some automated testing and is a strong manager.
Back then we didn't do tests (which we do now), but we still got the impression that he would be the right guy.
John goes beyond what is expected from him in testing, and do not hesitate to jump and help when needed.
He was always on top of things and you knew that you could always rely on him to do the testing properly.
He was very thorough and meticulous when testing those features and very prompt with him feedback.
He has always been very helpful to me, provided the right input relative for our test approaches.
He asks all the right questions, and he never puts up anything that isn't approved and tested.
This characteristic also allows him to constantly test and encourage others to do their best.
I followed his advice on how to take the test to the letter and succeeded in all respects.
It is one thing to get tested on the subject matter, but he took it one step further.
I can safely say that he's been tested and has come out on top every step of the way.
Always ensuring that he understood components thoroughly, his testing had been matchless.
He oversaw every aspect of it, from feature requests all the way through to testing.
He encourages both tried and true methods as well as test new ideas/hypotheses.
I've seen him tested during wartime, and he has the ability to survive and thrive.
His leadership has been tested and he has consistently responded with excellence.
I interrupted his testing on many occasions, and he was always happy to help.
He was here in about fifteen minutes and had it replaced, tested and running.
I look to his expertise in testing when faced with issues or new approaches.
John can not only manage and see the big picture, but has the flexibility to roll up his sleeves and test when necessary.
John is a capable and diligent test manager, and always looks for ways to collaborate with others.
I would highly recommend him for test management roles at companies large and small.
Though being in management, he does not shy away from doing testing himself.
John is the kind of guy you want to have as your test manager.
He really understands testing and how to manage test teams, both onshore and offshore
If you need a test manager to manage your testing and provide solid, reliable data and metrics, he is your man.
John proved very reliable as test manager proving competent within all aspects of testing.
John since he has redefined the value of a test manager to an organisation.
His management abilities were tested during the economic downturn.
John is a very experimented test manager in various environments.
During this period he proved himself to be a good test manager.
John initially hired him into our company as the testing manager.
The way he manages our company and test assurance is admirable.
He managed his team well, balancing management responsibility with testing needs.
He checked out his scalp and tested his hair and it's so fascinating what he can see through these tests.
He recommended test script changes that reduced the regression testing time and improved test efficiency.
He does user acceptance testing, workflow testing, as well as write python automation tests.
He always tried to manage and balance his best during the time of real testing in the organisation.
John managed to make use of his potential and gave an opportunity to become a testing specialist
John found innovative ways to test, and very efficiently managed our stakeholders.
John managed this test phase and all involved through to successful completion.
It is amazing how he manages the testing moments with a smile.
John managed and provided leadership to the test practice in our company.
John brought with him an extensive background in our company management and testing.
John managed our company, our company's factory testing when we first met.
Some of his kids were even doing it before tests because they liked the results.
He has always done to the best he can guarantee the results of his tests.
He set up the test program and successfully managed the testing of the application of functional testing through user acceptance.
John is our interface with the test environment team, which he managed.
Pothiraj managed the team that did the regression testing for our company.
He is smart in managing his team and testing the requirement.
He tests, adjusts, tests again, and then continually questions whether he is on the right track.
He frequently participated in the testing of requirements/execution of test cases and was a hands on manager.
He also managed the testing for all printer aspects and did so very efficiently and effectively.
He always provided comprehensive test results and was always willing to re-run tests to double check his results or test a fix.
Certainly he is an expert in handling test management for comprehensive deliveries.
He understands the complexity of use cases and how to manage the testing cycle.
Also, he is very thorough which he showed when writing thorough test specifications and performing the tests.
He learns all he can about the system and how it needs to be tested before it's time for him to actually do his testing.
He tests everything he teaches, over and over, from every angle.
His ability to not only manage testing, but also defects and their timely resolution is second to none.
John's role was as test manager, which he performed extremely effectively.
He wrote and managed all the disaster tests and required power downs.
John's impressive management mettle was tested during his tenure at our company.
John gives enough space to the team members and has an enormous understanding of test methodologies and test management.
If roadblocks were found, he tried to solve them and continue with the testing.
He always found time to do some testing along with his managerial duties.
He is not afraid of testing and analyzing until he gets the best results.
What's more, he continues to tweak and test to get even better results.
The best part was he actually would get it done on time and well tested.
He made sure that deliverables are tested well and delivered on time.
He took the time to actually use and test examples and approaches.
The result was him testing was always precisely what was needed.
He looks for opportunities, and then tests and analyzes results.
At the same time he taught him more thorough testing procedures.
Many of the things he taught him have endured the test of time.
He has both the talent to do technical testing and delegate testing to people he manages.
With him and his team's effort, the testing was managed more effectively and efficiently.
John always provides a first class result when managing test teams.
He can define test strategies, test plans, estimation, defect management and management reporting.
He performed the manual testing and provided graphical representations of testing results for upper management.
He managed our test systems and worked with us to create a test framework.
He always managed to lift others spirits, no matter how testing and stressful the situation.
John also skillfully created and managed hundreds of integration tests.
John managed to do a thorough job of successfully testing every release - both regression testing as well as new functionality.
He successfully managed test schedules and on-time deliverables.
He managed both keyword management and landing page tests, and was always pushing to help us spend our budget more efficiently.
He tests everything thoroughly and him code is always clean, without errors.
He demonstrates excellent thoroughness with all of his testing.
His ability to manage and monitor several test environments for issues while triage, cataloging and testing fixes is astonishing.
He effectively managed the large testing effort that was required to drive the test to a successful conclusion.
He would be an asset in any company that needs someone to manage and evaluate any test process.
Impressed by his independence in handling all the test management process.
He combines the best of hands-on testing, automation and people management.
He also worked with mentoring the test people in the program, especially test managers.
His management of the testing task from strategy to defect resolution was excellent.
He inspires teams, peer management with his dedication to thorough testing.
He understands risk-based testing and has influenced our company test approach.
John doesn't just talk the talk, everything he teaches is tried and tested.
This makes him, especially desirable for an automated testing environment.
John provides excellent solutions that are well written and well tested.