Test Technician Performance Review Phrases Examples

Test Technician Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He expected each of us, not just to test, but to understand why we were testing and how we could improve what we do.
When he first started, his role was that of a test technician.
His approach to testing was thorough and he understands the testing process.
He always asked the right questions when he wasn't sure about something he was testing.
John made things clear about what we were going to do to improve our testing.
Has a lot of experience and very thorough in his testing and test plans.
John sat through most of his test plan and test result walkthroughs.
His code was not just well written, but also thoroughly tested.
He not only took initiative, but also was very thorough in his testing and followed through the completion of the tasks.
He knows when to ask questions and when to test out the waters on his own.
The amount of trading that he used to do while testing was incredible.
John's tests were always thorough, relevant and quickly completed.
He has different test machines, for each of his fixes, he will verify in his own test machine first.
He showed him the power of diversifying testing and exploratory testing, which he has really mastered
John is involved from the conceptual stages, through testing.
All of the his testing outcomes are amazingly good and it is very hard to slip through bugs from his testing.
John understands the value of testing and takes the time to test and retest before delivering his code.
He demonstrated his well rounded knowledge in testing and has successfully passed the test.
He always seemed to know something else to help out the testing process to make it better or easier.
This really helped him to do his job of testing very enjoyable.