Thinking Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Thinking Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

John thinks of others before he thinks of himself.
Strategic thinking will be his best skill.
If you ask him, he'll tell you exactly what he thinks.
John will always let you know what he thinks.
He will tell you what he thinks and not what you want to hear and what he thinks is very valuable.
John has always said exactly what he thinks and, what he thinks is pretty sensitive stuff.
John is a man who thinks what he says and says what he thinks.
Greatness, is seeing what everyone else has seen and the thinking what no-one else has thought.
He is always thinking about how things can be done or how things can be done better.
John thinks things through thoroughly and provides the best possible service.
He is always thinking about how he can help, instead of how he can be helped.
He thinks of things you will need before you even know you might need them.
Always thinking of others, he is someone everyone knows or at least should.
He thinks nothing of going above and beyond to make something successful.
Everyone isn't the same even though everyone thinks they can make it big.
He does what he says he'll do and is never afraid to say what he thinks.
He's always trying something new and thinking through the implications.
He will tell you what he thinks and you will know where he stands.
John is forward thinking and always looking out for his clients.
He knows what to do and when doing it, he thinks outside the box.
He is also the one who will be there for you, thinking about you.
You could depend on him to tell you exactly what he was thinking.
Friendly and always thinking about how you can do something better.
You always know where he's coming from and what he's thinking.
John is someone that is very forward thinking and positive.
John is very thorough and is always thinking outside the box.
First, he's going to be direct and tell you what he thinks.
He knows how to ask the right question to make you think.
He thinks clearly under the most trying of circumstances.
He thinks of others first and always does the right thing.
Love the way he thinks and wish him the very best always.
If you call him you will get exactly what he is thinking.
John has always been positive and forward thinking.
John is one of those truly forward thinking individuals.
He is very strategic, and therefore, forward-thinking.
If he thinks he needs something, he just goes for it.
John is professional, thorough, and forward thinking.
He is also honest and will tell you what he thinks.
He always thinks for the best for his subordinates.
He truly gives more than he even thinks to receive.
Progress is made without me even thinking about it.
We need more employers with this forward thinking.
He is forward thinking and knows how to get there.
John is very knowledgeable and forward thinking.
John says what he thinks, and does what he says.
John is always thinking about how helping others.
And then of course he thinks about the business.
John is really into the whole thinking progress.
And you don't have to guess what he's thinking.
Very thorough, insightful and forward-thinking.
He is also very creative and forward-thinking.
John is always forward thinking and optimistic.
John is someone who thinks outside the square.
Creative, collaborative and forward thinking.
John often thinks of things that others miss.
John is very responsive and forward thinking.
John is forward-thinking and well organized.
It challenges you in the way that you think.
I was always very analytical in my thinking.
John is always thinking about the customer.