Thinking Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Thinking Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John thinks of others before he thinks of himself.
Strategic thinking will be his best skill.
If you ask him, he'll tell you exactly what he thinks.
John will always let you know what he thinks.
He will tell you what he thinks and not what you want to hear and what he thinks is very valuable.
John has always said exactly what he thinks and, what he thinks is pretty sensitive stuff.
John is a man who thinks what he says and says what he thinks.
Greatness, is seeing what everyone else has seen and the thinking what no-one else has thought.
He is always thinking about how things can be done or how things can be done better.
John thinks things through thoroughly and provides the best possible service.
He is always thinking about how he can help, instead of how he can be helped.
He thinks of things you will need before you even know you might need them.
Always thinking of others, he is someone everyone knows or at least should.
He thinks nothing of going above and beyond to make something successful.
Everyone isn't the same even though everyone thinks they can make it big.
He does what he says he'll do and is never afraid to say what he thinks.
He's always trying something new and thinking through the implications.
He will tell you what he thinks and you will know where he stands.
John is forward thinking and always looking out for his clients.
He knows what to do and when doing it, he thinks outside the box.
He is also the one who will be there for you, thinking about you.
You could depend on him to tell you exactly what he was thinking.
Friendly and always thinking about how you can do something better.
You always know where he's coming from and what he's thinking.
John is someone that is very forward thinking and positive.
John is very thorough and is always thinking outside the box.
First, he's going to be direct and tell you what he thinks.
He knows how to ask the right question to make you think.
He thinks clearly under the most trying of circumstances.
He thinks of others first and always does the right thing.
Love the way he thinks and wish him the very best always.
If you call him you will get exactly what he is thinking.
John has always been positive and forward thinking.
John is one of those truly forward thinking individuals.
He is very strategic, and therefore, forward-thinking.
If he thinks he needs something, he just goes for it.
John is professional, thorough, and forward thinking.
He is also honest and will tell you what he thinks.
He always thinks for the best for his subordinates.
He truly gives more than he even thinks to receive.
Progress is made without me even thinking about it.
We need more employers with this forward thinking.
He is forward thinking and knows how to get there.
John is very knowledgeable and forward thinking.
John says what he thinks, and does what he says.
John is always thinking about how helping others.
And then of course he thinks about the business.
John is really into the whole thinking progress.
And you don't have to guess what he's thinking.
Very thorough, insightful and forward-thinking.
He is also very creative and forward-thinking.
John is always forward thinking and optimistic.
John is someone who thinks outside the square.
Creative, collaborative and forward thinking.
John often thinks of things that others miss.
John is very responsive and forward thinking.
John is forward-thinking and well organized.
It challenges you in the way that you think.
I was always very analytical in my thinking.
John is always thinking about the customer.
What's really wonderful about him, though, is that while he has well-honed skills, he also can think.
If you're thinking of hiring him, do it, there aren't many with his all round skill set.
He can get you thinking differently about your skills and how you can use them.
Practical thinking is his forte, and makes up for any skill he may lack.
One of his particular skills is perception and lateral thinking.
John helped him with his thinking, his habits and his skills.
Whoever is thinking of engaging his skills, you will not be disappointed.
Him out of the box thinking and critical thinking skills truly set him apart from his peers.
His critical thinking skills are nicely matched with excellent people skills.
He'll always tell you want he thinks, and just as important, he wants to know what you think.
Proactive thinking rather than reactive thinking is his trademark.
He is capable of quick thinking, deep thinking and lateral thinking.
John has always been willing to take up challenges, demonstrating skills and out of the box thinking.
His forward-thinking, dedication, and capable skills makes him well-rounded.
But his most impressive skill is his quick thinking and intelligence
In addition, his critical thinking skills go far beyond the norm.
In addition, he is thinking and reasoning skills are very superior.
His critical thinking and collaborative skills are exceptional.
Smart, fast and sharp thinking skills were some of his assets
He always challenges traditional thinking and he taught him strategic thinking skills.
This is made by possible by him drive, innovative thinking and leadership skills.
His writing skills are excellent as well has him thinking power.
Johns success is due to his broad experience, critical thinking skills and people skills.
He has excellent speaking and critical thinking skills and all of the top skills you want in a leader/manager.
John always thinks and wants the best for others and does whatever he can to help make everyone successful.
He's always thinking about what could be better, what should come next, and how we can make money.
He is always thinking ahead, and what he can do to help, never asking for anything in return.
It seems sometimes that he listens not only to what you say, but as well to what you think.
He is always thinking of others and willing to help anyone when they need it.
John has never thought about himself, but others and how he can help them.
He does not do anything for himself, he is always thinking of others first.
You will never wonder what he is thinking about, he will always tell you.
Ask him almost anything and he will surely know what do, say or think.
There is no way that what he says will not influence your thinking.
And still, even then, he was thinking about what it could become.
Furthermore, he could help him distill what others were thinking.
He is and continues to be far ahead of others in his thinking.
He will challenge you, but really changes your way of thinking.
He can do anything he wants to do with his positive thinking.
He definitely kept his thinking from being compartmentalized.
He tells it like it is and thinks about what is best for the organization before he thinks of himself
He is very good at thinking outside the box, and never thinks something can't be done.
He isn't thinking of himself in this, he thinks of his family and his money.
If you are thinking of hiring him, stop thinking and take him on.
John thinks well in both the concrete and the abstract, as demonstrated by his linguistic skills and diverse organizational skills.
He uses his critical thinking skills and always finds another way to look at situations to make the best decision.
John's critical thinking skills are excellent and it seems he always has an incredibly useful to your questions.
Over and over again, he has succeeded to amaze him with his skills of comprehension and visionary thinking.
John's dependability and critical thinking skills would be value to any company or organization.
He also has excellent interpersonal skills and is very flexible and fluent in his thinking.
It was another forum in which to observe his deep thinking and organizational skills.
One of his most valuable contributions has been him strategic thinking skills.
His decision making skills and out of the box thinking have always been amazing.
Him skills, strategic thinking and would be an asset to any organization.
He is articulate and exhibits critical thinking skills in our company.
He possesses outstanding critical thinking and interpersonal skills.
His skills with getting customers to commit to his way of thinking is second to none.
What especially impressed him was his coaching skills and forward-thinking.
Put whatever in his hands and he'll take it further than you could ever think.
He always thinks about what students can take away and how his class can help them improve the way they think.
His out of the box thinking skills have always been the key difference between him and his peers.
John is self motivated, determined, forward-thinking along with good leadership skills.
Not only because of his strategic thinking and leadership, but also his people skills.
He has great presentation skills and knows how to inspire new thinking with others.
He distinguishes himself with his fresh thinking and excellent presentation skills.
He thinks out of the box, his initiative and presentation skills make him to be heard.
He does have real people skills and besides, thinks strategically.
John has the left / right brained thinking, the 'art' of thinking and he also has great people skills.
His critical thinking skills are very helpful when he is looking for solutions to your problems.
His forward thinking and willingness to learn new skills were greatly appreciated.
John thinks strategically and helps others to learn this skill.
What particularly stands out is both the quality of his thinking and questioning skills.
His thinking is original and accompanied by an excellent negotiating skill.
He not only gives you what you ask for, but comes up with something even better or shows you how you should have been thinking all along.
He sometimes thinks his own way which may be slightly different from others, but that is what makes him differentiated.
He'll also tell you if he thinks someone else might be able to do what you need better and make the recommendation.
He went above and beyond all that he was expected to do with always trying his best and thinking outside of the norm.
You know that he is always thinking about doing the right thing and that is something that is not easy to find.
You may not always like what he says, but be assured it is what he really thinks and it's usually correct.
He always thinks ahead about the next steps to be taken and that's what makes him different from the league.
He is so forward thinking and insightful, he can't help but make you better - just being his company.
John is forward-thinking, collaboration and truly goes above-and-beyond in everything he does.
He will challenge you and in return you'll get something that was better than you were thinking.
John does what he says he's going to do and is proactive in thinking about how he can help.
John is always thinking of others, even when he himself is having problems at the same time.
When it comes to getting things done and thinking outside the box, he should be your go-to.
John has really gotten him to think outside the box and use his entrepreneurial thinking.
John creates an atmosphere where it is ok to be who you are and say what you're thinking.
He thinks at the next level and knows where he needs to go to get what needs done, done.
He not only does what you ask him to do, he thinks with you and makes any idea stronger.