Thoughtful Performance Review Phrases Examples

Thoughtful Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He's very thoughtful, and when he tells you something you can be sure that he's really thought about it first.
John always welcomes new thoughts and took the challenge to do practice those new thoughts.
He will often come up with ideas and thoughts that others will not have thought of.
He always thought along with him and thought in opportunities for his business.
John thought about things that the rest of us hadn't thought about.
He is known to deliver well thought-out and thoughtful solutions.
John's thoughts and expression of those thoughts are terrific.
The our company he does is not only thoughtful, but thought provoking.
He is thoughtful and rather thought provoking in his approach.
He is someone who really makes you think about things that you haven't thought about before - but probably should have.
Dependable, if he says he will do something you know that is will be done without a second thought.
He is very thoughtful and always gives his all to be the best he can be for everyone he meets.
John is someone who does what he says he will do and even better than you thought it would be.
He's thoughtful and wants to make sure things are done right and to your satisfaction.
John knows that it is what gets done that matters - not what gets said or thought.
We did things we would have never thought possible because he made us do them.
John is also very thoughtful and was always looking out for others.
He knows where you need to go next, even before you have thought of it.
Having him around definitely makes one to be more thought provoking.
If he hadn't already thought of it, it probably doesn't need to do
He makes you want do more, be better, than you thought you could.
John is thorough and thoughtful in the way he went about his our company.
He is very thorough and thoughtful with everything that he did.
He thought things through and did everything he said he would do.
The thing that impressed him most about him is his thoughtfulness.
He is someone that you never get enough of his food for thought.
Last but not least, he is thoughtful, thorough, and proactive.
John is also very thorough with his thoughts and explanation.
Would definitely our company with him again without a second thought
The candidate thought it was rubbish because it made him appear less than what he thought of himself.
He thought things through carefully and made thoughtful and appropriate design suggestions.
Translating his thoughts and views into extremely well thought through outputs.
He has a thought process that is well thought out in all his projects.
John is a thoughtful, much thought after and sought out a colleague
He is pragmatic, diplomatic, thought-provoking and thoughtful.
He comes up with ideas that you may not have thought of because he can see clearly from the outside of what you are doing.
In his experience with him, he has been very thoughtful and always willing to do what he can for his clients.
Not to make sure the client would like it, or to see if it was on strategy, but just to see what he thought.
We now know that whatever he says he will do, it gets done, and it is thoughtful, clever and accurate.
He can do anything you need him to do, and then he'll think of three other ways you hadn't thought of.
He is somebody who gets things done, often things that other colleagues may not have thought possible.
John is very efficient; everything that he says has been thought through and is clearly articulated.
Through that mix, he's got so many of us to do more than we thought we could, and doing it well.
John's ability to get the best out of you, more than you thought you could do, is second to none.
John is someone who comes up with very futuristic thoughts and follows through on his passion.
John goes out of his way to make himself available for thought throughout the research project.
Before you could ask him to do something he is already ready with well thought through options.
John is always willing to consider different approaches and often thought outside of the box.
He can do it all, makes it look easy, and will help you do the same without a second thought.
Stood up for things when he thought they were right as well as standing up for him people.
If something needs to be done, chances are he thought of it and did it for you yesterday.
John is always thoughtful to consider both the needs of our residents and our businesses.
John in thoughtful in his suggestions and always follows up to see how things are going.
Whatever you thought you had that was great, will be much better after having him in sight
Not only does he know how to get things done, he is calm and thoughtful under pressure.
However, he also thought far ahead, by considering all the possibilities that might occur.
He is always willing to help, and comes up with new ideas that are well thought through.
John always pushes those around him to become more than they ever thought they could.
He always thought about others while doing things and that quality was quite impressive.
John is that one person who you can always look to for guidance and forward thought.