Thoughtfulness Performance Review Phrases Examples

Thoughtfulness Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is someone who really makes you think about things that you haven't thought about before - but probably should have.
Dependable, if he says he will do something you know that is will be done without a second thought.
Working with him taught me more than just how to think better, but how to be more thoughtful.
John is someone who does what he says he will do and even better than you thought it would be.
John is also very thoughtful, very thorough, and always follows through on his commitments.
We did things we would have never thought possible because he made us do them.
His thoughts and suggestions were clearly thought out and well articulated.
I'll tell you something he did which was really the most thoughtful thing.
I really appreciate his on all of his help and thoughtful arrangements.
He is always there when we need him and is responsive and thoughtful.
Having him around definitely makes one to be more thought provoking.
Besides all the above, he is also very helpful and very thoughtful.
He makes you want do more, be better, than you thought you could.
He is very thoughtful and willing to help you if you ask him.
He is very thoughtful and always make reasonable and thoroughly thought decisions.
He is known to deliver well thought-out and thoughtful solutions.
He presents his thoughts clearly with well thought out rationale.
He comes up with ideas that you may not have thought of because he can see clearly from the outside of what you are doing.
We now know that whatever he says he will do, it gets done, and it is thoughtful, clever and accurate.
He can do anything you need him to do, and then he'll think of three other ways you hadn't thought of.
John is very efficient; everything that he says has been thought through and is clearly articulated.
John is someone who comes up with very futuristic thoughts and follows through on his passion.
John was always willing to consider different approaches and often thought outside of the box.
He can do it all, makes it look easy, and will help you do the same without a second thought.
I have always found him to be friendly, thoughtful and open with his thoughts and ideas.
He is always willing to help, and comes up with new ideas that are well thought through.
John always pushes those around him to become more than they ever thought they could.
Rather, he recognises the value of your thoughts and gives you further suggestions.
Work with him and know that you will see placements you never thought were possible.
I really value any advice he gives me as it's always well thought out and balanced.
He is always willing to help others and is extremely thoughtful in his deliverables.
John has always the idea you never thought about, but that definitely makes sense.
He followed up with me on his own when he had a few more thoughts about the matter.
His ideas are well thought out and he is always trying to do more than is expected.
John is that thoughtful and thought provoking, he inspires as well as challenges.
John isn't just great at what he does, he is also compassionate and thoughtful.
John thought about what was between every song, especially if it was another song.
The thought of having to do that myself overwhelms me, but he did it beautifully.
He was thoughtful and thorough in getting me up to speed on how things were done.
His choices along the way have always been thought through, and very adventurous.
He has always come across as thoughtful, very helpful and is very approachable.
John is someone who is thoughtful, well-connected, and who gets things done.
He consistently goes above and beyond to help others with no thought of reward.
John thought of what we didn't when it came to the ceremony and the reception.
Shoots from the hip, but what he has to say has been carefully thought through.
If you let him, he will get to know you in ways you never thought imaginable.
Everything he says comes across as really thought provoking and considered.
I will have no second thought on collaborating again with him in the future.
Because of him, we did things that we had never previously thought possible.
He wants to know your thoughts, but knows the boundaries of intrusiveness.
Don't make any impression on seeing him, he will pulsate all your thoughts.
After everything else, my thought goes like this guy knows what he's doing.
Most importantly, he is so thoughtful and always available to help others.
I know when he provides an idea, it's been well thought about and vetted.
He always provided thoughtful suggestions and kept things in perspective.
He pushes you to believe you can do more than you ever thought possible.
He's always there keeping his ear to the ground and you in his thoughts.
I thought he was talking directly to me and how did he get into my mind.
Working one-on-one with him, he was amiable, inquisitive and thoughtful.
He articulates his thoughts well and makes appropriate recommendations.