Time Management Performance Review Phrases Examples

Time Management Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Always on target and on time with assigned tasks and is a master of time management.
Generates more work than expected, even when working under pressure and tight deadlines.
Customers leave positive feedback on turnaround time no matter the urgency.
Meets all deadlines and makes the best use of time.
Keeps projects on schedule, tracks them carefully, and delivers results on time.
Makes commitments to meet deadlines and makes productive use of the available time.
Makes commitments to estimate the time required to complete a project.
Balances the speed of delivering work with quality and shows commitment to make improvements in both aspects.
Rarely completes assigned work on time and devotes a lot of time on non-priorities.
Spends a lot of time crafting excuses due the lack sense of urgency.
When it comes to dealing with quality, he was very meticulous, had very good time management skills and professional attitude.
The strongest management skills he is the scope and time management.
He's very polite and respectful - always taking care of things on time.
It was an absolute pleasure to have worked with him on a variety of projects that called for creativity, diligence and tight time management.
John is a self-motivated individual who has the ability to follow-through a project and have the project completed in due time.
His time management skills are excellent and I have never seen him miss a deadline.
He is always on the ball and he has great time management, juggling all the different things that he does.
John is a very competitive professional with very good time management skills.
John has a great capacity to manage themes in an efficient way, prioritizing tasks, which has allowed him to reach his goals.
He always delivered on time, had great ideas and fantastic communication throughout.
I want to say that he is a dedicated and reliable person who provides grounded feedback and expected results on time.
John is a polished, professional who gets the job done right and on time.
John is committed, on time and diligent about his tasks.
He is detailed, organized, and willing to help in any way that is necessary to get you the results you want on time and on budget.
John is a goal-oriented person that delivers on time the best results.
He works and manages his time extremely well under stress and tight schedules.
He takes up any task assigned to him and delivers really high quality work.
I remember very clearly the very first time I spoke to John.
I would commend John to any organisation who wants to get it right first time and all the time.
I look forward to seeing what you create next time.
I was in the middle of two major life changes at that time.
John has delivered on time and on budget every time.
And, I will stay in touch with you of course.
Both times he spoke so clearly from the heart that it touched myself and others in the crowd.
I have several times collaborated with John.
I have known John for quite some time.
John took only one third of his lifetime to be all of these.
I have had the honor to remain in touch with John.
I would highly recommend him anytime.
I have known Staci for quite some time now.
I was surprised that he actually took the time to help.
I look forward to helping him when the time arises.
Both times, he was timely and courteous in providing these introductions.
I hope he's like that even today.
First time in contact with him - a bit loud and seem serious all the time.
For this reason, I unconditionally recommend him.
For these reasons, I highly recommend you get to know John.
I wouldn't have been able to do this without him as time is of the essence.
After the interview, he even checked if I found the interviews were fair and reasonable.
If you're fortunate enough like us to get his time.
Thankfully, he said yes both times.
A Renaissance man if ever there was one.
The time taken will be time well invested.
I would recommend him time and time again for such assignments.
I saw this time and time again as he interacted with others throughout the organization.
There isn't a time I haven't felt a thousand times better after reading his posts.
There comes a time in life when this is just the correct thing to do.
Thanks John for your time, your mentorship and your time.
During that time, I really enjoyed our time together.
I have seen him do this many times.
During that time, he was his direct manager for about half of that time.
He knows how to manage his own time and tasks as well as effectively managing other employees.
He manages our time and he's like a hawk and we could not manage much without him.
He has managed all the things very well and the best is, he is always available whenever you need him, irrespective of time.
His management of time is exceptional as he has always completed his tasks on time, if not ahead of time.
And somehow he always manages to get it done on time, every time, even under the tightest deadlines.
He managed all deliverables properly and provided timely help to get the things done on time.
John, however, always managed to come up with something different and fresh each time.
Yet he manages his time well enough for you to never have to ask him for something twice.
John always makes the most of the time you have, and manages to get the best from you.
He manages to do so much in so little time, and he still does everything amazingly.
He somehow, then still manages to make time for anyone and everyone when needed.
John managed to get all the right interlocutors available in little time.
Most importantly, he manages to get things done, done well and done on time.
Furthermore, he somehow manages to do this and have fun at the same time.
He manages his time well and he always welcomes any new ideas/suggestions.
He is one of the few managers who can take you three years ahead of time.
Twice alongside him on assignments and the third time as his manager.
John knows his stuff and manages to be everywhere at the same time.
John is one of those who can manage different things at a time.
Under his management, everything goes smoothly most of the time.
John, manage every time, to get the best out of his colleagues.
Over our company he was everything you would want from a manager.
He can manage to do many things at the same time efficiently.
He knows what needs to be done at any time and he has all done in time.
He makes everyone want to do their very best, every time, all the time.
He does what he says he is going to do, on time or ahead of time.
At the same time, he managed to make the best of times and get along with people when it came to fun.
During our company, we had many management changes and changes of direction.
He managed his time well, and could always be counted on to get the job done right the first time.
He always manages to have the right solution, at just our company.
At a time when traditional management styles were mainly in practice, his way of management was quite ahead of time.
When our managers are gone for periods of time, he is always our acting manager and it is always smooth sailing.
John delivers on-time and lets his manager know when issues arise that need management attention.
In spite of heavy pressures, he manages to keep himself managed and focussed all the time.
He managed the largest group in his division and, at times, the most challenging to manage.
John's task management was impeccable, while him time management was very structured.
He is also very good at managing his time and also managing customer expectations.
The ease with which he manages to make so much out of his time, without compromising on time for himself is commendable.
What's also amazing to him is, he seems to be always energetic and can manage all different things at the same time
He manages his time so well that he seems to always have time to beat his quotas and still help his colleagues.
He manages himself and his time effectively and is always there to help others out when they have questions.
His insistence on getting things done right are second to none, yet always manages to deliver on time.
And despite the many demands on his time, he always manages to find time to help others if asked.
And even though he does many things at the same time, he manages to deliver without any problems.
The second was his ability to always have time for those he managed - regardless of his workload.
John manages to have many "tasks" in the air at the same time, while always delivering on time.
A micromanager he is not, though he makes himself accessible and available at all times.
John is prompt; he always manages to leave enough time to arrive everywhere on time.
Our group went through several transformations and management changes during our company.
He knows how to get things done efficiently and still manages time to make you smile.
He can manage many things at a time and is always willing to do more to help others.
At the same time he manages to include all relevant stakeholders at the right times.
As his manager, he would always take time out of his day to help him anyway he could.
He is an all-rounder who manages his time well to finish all deadlines on time.
He manages him time very well and does not let anything slip through the cracks.
He gives his best at all times, often managing in very challenging circumstances.
One of his former managers told him recently that he was his all-time best hire.
He manages his time excellently and always gives his all in everything he does.
John often had to prioritize and manage his time on many different tasks.
He manages time so well it seems like he has more of it than the rest of us.
During that time he provided immense value to him as his manager and colleague.
For many managers, being effective during our company can be very challenging.
He manages to keep everyone appraised with timely and appropriate feedback.
John saw his potential and has nurtured him during his time as his manager.
He very values time management, and will not allow any delay on everything.
John manages so many priorities, but always has time to get him an answer.
Thanks for the time as his manager, wishing you all the best in the future.
He manages to make the seemingly impossible possible almost all the time.
During his time there, he went above and beyond in his duty as a manager.
He manages issues ahead of time before they can become something larger.
At that time, he proved to be one of those managers, we all wish we had.
John's timing and technique were immaculate when it came to management.
Over the next three years, he became his "favorite manager of all time".
Both times the managers have nothing but great things to say about him.
He effectively manages his time and follows through on all commitments.
He has the ability to be your friend and your manager at the same time.
Working remotely he manages his time well and is available as required.
At times he tries to over, manage, that is just keep competition at bay.
John is an awesome manager, he was on top of everything at all times.
He always inspires us by the way he manages so many tasks at one time.
Fantastic manager - always had time and guidance for him when required.
Noteworthy, given that he was not even his line manager at our company.
His time management is exceptional and he does all things with heart.
He manages to amaze us every time as it is beyond every expectation.
Projects managed by him have been successfully accomplished on time.
It's no wonder that he remains one of his all-time favorite managers.
John impressed him from the start of his time as his two up manager.
Throughout our company he has been his vendor, manager and colleague.
The management trusted him at all times and he never let them down.