Tough Performance Review Phrases Examples

Tough Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He's one of those few who you will want around you when things are getting tough.
John is someone you want next to you when the going gets tough.
John never gives up, even when things are getting very tough.
There is no one better to ask for help when the going gets tough and he is one who goes out of his way to help someone.
He has always been adamant about both doing the right things and doing things right, even when the going gets tough.
He is tough with you where he needs to be, and will make you see things whether you like to or not.
He clearly knows when it's appropriate to praise just as much as when he needs to be tough.
He would motivate you to see it all the way through even though it could be tough.
He is always someone you could get on with - even when we had tough discussions.
He's the one who's always there, never disappearing when it gets really tough.
He can be tough when the tough gets going, yet again, with poise and fairness.
John is always willing to help and does not back away from tough projects.
When the going gets tough he is the one who you want to be on your side.
Working with him is always enjoyable, even if the going gets tough.
He can be tough, but it's only because he wants you to have success.
He is always doing the best he can, when even situation is tough.
Those who know him will know he has been through some tough times.
He is always available and willing to take on the tough projects.
When the going got tough, he was right beside him in the trenches.
He never got down on himself and more importantly, he got tough.
And is the our company to take the easy way out, when things get tough.
He is someone that always knows what to do in tough situations.
He can be quite tough, but he'll get the best out of his team.
John is someone people look up to and want on their team because they know he will be there for them even when the going gets tough.
He's one of these individuals that you know if the going gets tough he'll be there next to you to deliver.
He knows exactly what he wants to achieve and why and therefore never gives in to tough circumstances.
He gets along with ease with anyone and everyone, and never disappoints even when the going gets tough.
John is always there to help and make everyone in the team unwind when the going was getting tough.
He is thorough in his approach and is willing to ask the right and sometimes tough questions.
He is tough on him reps because he wants nothing but the best for them and the organization.
Yes, he may be tough, yes, he may be hard on you sometimes, but it's only to make you better.
He's tough with you, but he gets the best out of you and he will not settle for anything less.
He will always pick you up when you are down and get inspired even when the going gets tough.
When the going gets tough he is not afraid to do what he can to try to get things moving.
He knows when to get tough as well to make sure the job gets done the way it needs to be.
John is tough where and when he needs to be, yet willing to consider differing viewpoints.
John knows how to make things happen, and he doesn't give up when the going gets tough.
He is also tough, so that he gets the results that he wants out of you as an attendee.
At the same our company he is tough and follows thru to make sure you are doing your home our company.
He is always one who is willing to help anyone, as well as tackle the toughest challenges.
He got us through several really tough years, and we couldn't have done it without him.
Firm and tough when needed he nevertheless knows when he has to back off and listen.
He's very approachable and everything seemed so easy with him even things get tough.
And to do that, he's willing to get into the details and have the tough conversation.
Always asking the tough questions in the right way and always willing to do his part.
John is tough when he needs to be tough, but can also make him team mates laugh.
Always cheerful, he was an inspiration to those around him when the going got tough.
But he can be tough when it comes to delivery and getting things done or changed.
It seems to him that he is most comfortable when given the tough responsibilities.
He has his tough days as all of us do, but he never let it get under his skin.
He's no pushover, he won't just let you off the hook when things get tough.
To back that up, he always has our back when that tough conversation happens.
John is the go-to person when things get tough and others can't get it done.
He is also always willing to pitch in and contribute when things got tough.
John will ask the tough questions and keep asking until he gets an answer.
In his first quarter, it would have been tough to believe any of that
He is very tough, but also fair, and he looks out for his own employees.
John is always ready to help when you need him in really tough situations.
That is not to say that he isn't tough and demanding if he needs to be.
John always got along very well with clients, even in tough environments.