Trainer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Trainer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

I am grateful to have a trainer like John and we need more compassionate trainers like him.
John is one of those trainers that, once you have seen him in action, you never forget.
John is very passionate about what he does and that is what makes him an awesome trainer.
I definitely believe him to be one of the best behavioral trainers in the organization.
Though unlike every other trainer out there, John is so much more than that.
John and I got to know each other during a course where he was the trainer.
I have had several different trainers in the past, but John is exceptional.
John is one of the best trainers I have seen ever - both inside and outside our company.
He is an amazing trainer and looks out for the needs of the organization.
John is a world class trainer, but best of all knows how helping others become insanely great as a trainer.
In a world filled with trainers, John is proof that not all trainers are the same.
It is a delight to recommend John if you are looking for corporate trainer.
He knows his audience and knows how to get the best from them, this is invaluable from a trainer.
In fact, among the many trainers that we've had, he is one that is the most sought after.
Here's wishing one of the best trainers - all the very best in his future endeavors.
John an exceptional trainer and wish him all the best in his future endeavours.
I would recommend him to anyone that wants an excellent trainer in their midst.
John is an excellent trainer, and can inspire others to always do their best.
He was a great trainer and always willing to help in any way that he could.
He's a trainer that pushes you to do your best without actually being pushy.
I would consider him as one of the best trainers that thought and aspired me.
John by far is one of the best wireless evangelists and trainers out there.
He was always available in a pinch when other trainers were not available.
John is a very experienced trainer and the course was really enjoyable.
John is probably the most charismatic trainer that I have ever come across.
John was far and away the best trainer for any course I have every taken.
I have known John for several years now and he is an excellent trainer.
John knows about our company more than most of experts and trainers do.
I have wondered more than once how much better I could have been if John had been my first trainer.
John was one of my trainers at our company and it would not have been the same without him.
John is well known as one of the best leadership delivery trainers at our company.
He is one of those speakers and trainers who truly loves his audience and gives them more than they expect.
He is an excellent trainer who is always willing to step up to the plate and take on new challenges.
As a trainer, he was always up to date with any new ideas and the way to get the best out of them.
I have never come across another individual who is as passionate and an amazing trainer as he.
He is an accomplished trainer and always strives to deliver above and beyond expectations.
He is not only a great trainer, but also someone that you would want to be friends with.
He is well acquainted with his subject and that makes him a very efficient trainer.
He is an exceptional trainer, who is vibrant and passionate about what he does.
John is unconditionally one of those trainers who knows a bit about everything.
John was my trainer on my induction course and a few more courses there after.
The best thing about him as a trainer is that, his class is not just a class.
He is a very good trainer and can stand as an example in whatever he does.
He was an excellent trainer and was very good at coming up with new offers.
John was an excellent choice of trainer who definitely fulfilled the brief.
I'm fully satisfied and recommend would be trainers to look for him session.
John is one of the most dynamic and inspired trainers in the world today.
As a trainer, he is remarkable - he is both eloquent and understandable.
He is such a great trainer going above and beyond what we have asked for.
His passion for helping trainers shines through everything that he does.
I have hired him as a speaker and trainer and will certainly do so again.
I find him not only an outstanding trainer, but also an honorable friend.
Patient, calm and always smiling is what makes him a wonderful trainer.
I would give him the highest recommendation as an accomplished trainer.
Naturally, everyone was pleased with the outcome and said that John was one of the best trainers they've ever had.
I have been very fortunate to have seen many trainers, but John definitely stands out from the crowd.
From one trainer to another, the ultimate compliment, thank you John you were superb.
He is truly one of the most impressive trainers I've had the pleasure to encounter.
Not only is John and excellent trainer, he is also an excellent "entertainer".
I would love to hire him again and I recommend him as one of the best trainers.