Training Assistant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Training Assistant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John has also provided post training assistance, which has allowed me to clarify a couple of points from the training.
He has provided me significant training and assistance whenever needed without hesitation.
John knows how to train others, and was incredibly helpful assisting me in my new duties.
He was respectful, courteous and always there to assist and help train the new guys.
He has also served as an assistant in training of other sellers within the company.
John encouraged me to become an assistant and help with training other groups.
Additionally, he trained new employees to assist in the on and off- boarding responsibilities.
John has assisted our organization with leadership training over the last few years.
He excelled in his self-training with virtually no assistance from me.
His employees are helpful and very well trained to assist him.
He was always there for me and our team whenever we needed assistance or training.
I would like to have the chance again to participate in any of his training sessions and would recommend everyone to assist.
John always goes out of his way to assist and train his subordinates, while having the company's best interests in mind.
John has always been willing to help out anyone needing assistance and he has led countless training sessions.
He seemed to grasp the principles of the training quickly and was always willing to assist his classmates.
In addition, he has taken on additional responsibilities by assisting in training our new hires.
John provided with expert training and was always available to assist me with questions and direction.
Even after training, he continued to always be available to help solve problems and assist when needed.
He is always there to train, answer questions, and assist his employees in any way he is able.
He was flexible with changes to the training schedule and assisted me in any possible way he could.
I can still remember the day when he picked me to assist him in the training sessions.
His passion for training and assisting our partners and colleagues was infectious.
It was a pleasure to assist him when he was teaching the training classes.
He is computer savvy and went out of his way to assist and train others.
He added value in the form of training to assist us in seeing potential capability gaps.
He assisted me with mergers & acquisitions, antitrust and anticorruption training.
John assisted me in putting together extensive training for our departments new hires that allowed us to train our employees remotely.
I would recommend him highly to assist in the analysis of training needs and the delivery of training that impacts results.
He also assisted me, very successfully, in training new team members.
John inserts his personality into the training to make the training fun.
John displayed an ability to identify the needs of our organization and put together an excellent training course to assist with our training efforts.
I always felt confident having him assist clients directly, whether it be training or troubleshooting.
He has helped us set up our hiring matrix and assisted with employee training.
We have also found him typing assistants to be trained to a high standard.
He later assisted in training all of our staff on the new equipment.
Although his crew has specific responsibilities during the show, they are also well trained enough to assist others when the need arises.
I would highly recommend him and his company for your job search training and assistance.
He was always will assist with keeping the team trained and ready for any contingency.
John could be counted on to assist others on the team with mentoring and training.
He is also extremely well organized and assisted me many times in the organisation of the training sessions.
He truly understands the methodology of leadership, as he displayed it daily while assisting and training us.
He trained us to handle email for ourselves, but always stood at the ready to step in and assist when needed.
John has assisted many training seminars and created a warm and cheerful atmosphere.
Him dedication showed in how he assisted me in the hiring and training of my staff.
John has provided training on several occasions, both in the classroom and personalized training.
John sponsored me to assist in the implementation and training for two key accounts.
His team approach to assisting and training new employees was above and beyond what was required.
He would willingly assist other team members and train new hires.
He spoke at an awards ceremony, provided training and also staffing assistance for me.
The above abilities make him one of the best training strategist.
John is keen to deliver training to a high standard and is always willing to assist.
John is a bright, fast-learner that always has time to train and assist others.
I learned from him even though he wasn't training me in this area.
He went out of his way to assist us and train the whole team on how to use the system.
He shared this information with us during our training and also made himself available if we needed more assistance after the class.
This was seen in many of his training and leadership group initiatives.
John was always willing to go the extra mile, train colleagues on the tools he used and assist any department.
He came on to a fairly large job and was able to assist as needed and with limited training.
John effectively assisted in volunteer training and refresher training throughout that period, and continues today in a voluntary capacity.
He went out of his way to assist with training and constantly followed up on any questions and concerns.
John's training and assistance have enabled him to understand it much more clearly.
He also reaches out to other employees to assist with their training and success.
At the same time he is able to train others around him and assist when necessary.
He also assisted with training in another country which shows much flexibility
He is definitely a natural when it comes to training and assisting people.
This training has assisted him in virtually every major decision.
He then went on to help train the new hires that we had and made sure they had the same quality of training.
He would then assist with verifying the solution and training when necessary.
John's training delivery and follow-up assistance were superb.
His ability to facilitate training, assisted in the mass training that needed to be done in both facilities.
If you or someone you know is in need of professional training, please contact him for assistance.
John will go the extra mile to assist any organization in establishing training.
If someone requires assistance or training, he is the individual to seek out.
Pradip assisted us in delivering trainings for our company for various clients.
He is not only willing to help out wherever assistance is needed, he also makes sure that everyone has the help, training and resources they need to be successful.
He is easy to work with and if assistance was needed he had no problems with helping, assisting or training where needed.
He does not just"sell" the training package, but, also assists in post training formalities and follow-up.
He often assisted in strategy calls, trainings, and analysis reviews.
He trained newcomers to our company and assisted them on functional queries.
He has been trained by the best and now he is training others to think and act like a professional.
He knew the materials we would need and assisted in the training meetings.
John as also assisted us in creating our engaging training materials.
He also was quick to volunteer and assist with training or whatever might be needed by the team.
He also assisted him in providing knowledge and examples for training purposes.
The quality of his training was outstanding - it didn't actually feel like training at all.
John is easy to reach, and when he's not available, his staff is well trained and anxious to assist.
He deployed and assisted in training on a new application to various our company groups.
He gives himself selflessly to those in need of assistance in their job transition with his our company training sessions.
In addition to training his coworkers he trains many other professionals worldwide.
He's very thoughtful with other peers, and provides excellent hands on training to those who require assistance.
He's always lending a helping hand and there to assist or train anyone in need.
He is demanding of himself and expects no less of others, but he clarifies those expectations by providing kind training and assistance.
He is always willing to not only assist with the specific problem, but he uses the situation to act as a training opportunity.
He assists others with gaining a better understanding of next steps regarding their certifications and training needs.
John came into a difficult situation and helped us complete the implementation, while assisting with training.
You will find his training background beneficial as he will assist in bringing other employees up to speed.
Most of his current success is due to his willingness and dedication to assist and train him.
He trained the employees on the software and assisted in any questions that arose.
He assisted with finding new leadership and training resources in the region.
As he grew confident with the work procedures, he also trained and assisted new student assistants with the departmental workflow.
He assists in delivering training and uncovering critical insights about the customer.
He also assisted in his training others in his organization so that they could understand and implement the same structure.
John can always be counted on to assist others and takes time to train examiners with less experience.
His presence also assisted in training and enhancing the abilities of the rest of the team.
John also has assisted with the development of training sessions and training manuals as well as performed many training sessions for clients.
He and his team of experts assisted us in delivering our training programs and were our preferred training providers.
John provided an in-depth and invaluable training session, tailored to assisting him with areas of difficulty.
Additionally, he assisted with the internal training from basic agile to advanced classes.
John also has an eye for talent and has assisted him with staffing and training issues.
His training courses have been very influential in assisting him with polishing his branding message.
He always provided organized guidelines and helpful assistance throughout the orientation leader trainings.
He always made himself available to train a co-worker, offer assistance, or take or more responsibilities
He excelled at training junior assistant and at all tasks he performed.
John also went out of his way to assist the training department with the development of classes as well as training materials.
John is an expert in assessing your training needs, he has lots of experiences in the training field.
His passion for training and getting into the minutest of issue assure quality training.
John to all the companies out there who look for quality training.
He is always available to train, support, and assist his team members.
They also worked with his assistant to train him on how to assist him with his social media presence in the future.
Especially, since his clients are being trained by him online.
The training that they provided to us was exceptional and every member of his team benefitted from the training.
John is the consummate professional when it comes to training.