Training Associate Performance Review Phrases Examples

Training Associate Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

His passion for training was always evident and he shared his training expertise with all departments and all levels of associates.
He is and has been inspirational to numerous associates and trainees he trained.
John conducted monthly meetings to help train these associates.
He knows how to adapt his training to the different types of people he trains.
His associates are professional and well trained and get us results.
His training is very effective & he doesn't rush things up to complete the training module.
He even went as far as to provide him with some one-on-one training.
He is so capable and reliable that he really became his go-to associate and would often be involved in training many of his peers.
John's ability to engage associates in his training sessions is truly inspiring.
It was a pleasure to work with him in training our associates.
John encouraged him to focus on completing the our company associate training.
His connectivity with people while training them is very high, hence they get trained by him very quickly.
Him the ability to train and get people pumped up about training is amazing.
As part of the initiative, he also looks to elevate his associates through training and mentorship.
Knowledgeable in the subject matters, he trains associates on and quick to answer questions.
He trained associates of all levels, from senior leadership, to front line associates.
John put together a clear and concise training program that we used in our first phase of associate training.
John's training style often gains him praise and all his course attendees always look forward to the next training session.
John always provided in depth and knowledgeable training on whatever subject we asked him to provide training.
John's trainings are not just trainings, but can be assessed as cruelly touching to the desired objectives.
He trained other colleges and cross-trained in other positions to make himself more valuable to the firm.
He understands all elements of the training cycle from training needs analysis through to evaluation.
He will smartly follow up for the post training changes to measure effectiveness of the training.
His training, strength is in his ability to attract and hold an audience throughout the training.
He trains in such a way that even a complete beginner can be an expert after his training.
His passion for training and closing are keys to his successful training tactics.
Each of the participants let him know they could not wait until the following training.
He trained us to be tough and not to think that things will always to easy.
After completing his training, he is still always available for questions.
He trained him and provided some of his first facilitation opportunities.
He trained him, looked out for him and was always available for guidance.
Working with him was one of the best training experiences of his life.
John is amazing when it comes to the training that he provides.
He always has the attention of everyone in the room when training.
John recently trained himself and his colleagues across two days.
Would recommend him and the training course without question.
John came to him with more than just a background in training.
He is always able to help him with his training classes by coaching new associates.
He didn't train him on assertiveness, he made him assertive by the end of his training program.
The training program and his training were evaluated very high.
He trained and mentored various associates at all levels and brought the needed awareness.
John hire, fire, and train your associates and possibly the owner(s).
John's training is hands on and he tailors the training to match your needs- very enjoyable and worthwhile.
His training style always had favorable response and he was requested quite often for private training.
He always says, without the right people and training, you're just not going to get there.
In his training he knows what he is doing and you can be sure you are in good hands.
It is hard to imagine how we got along without him before he took over the training.
We also used him telephone training course and found that very helpful.
John's training was always engaging and never less than inspirational.
John is insightful and his students were obviously well trained.
John truly understands the needs of the people he is training.
This comes across and he clearly inspires the people he trains.
He handles the training very well and makes it very interactive.
He makes sure that students get certified after the training.
Always updated and involved, he has introduced new training concepts that are still now considered the most advanced in the association.
He has such a desire to help our training associates, you could tell he appreciated and enjoyed them, as they adored him.
He also stepped up to co-facilitate training sessions with front line associates.
Not only for the folks who get to learn from him, but for those of us who help him train.
He does everything he can to make sure they have the training and the tools to be successful.
He makes sure we are all well versed in what we learned by the end of the training.
John also conducted training for new associates and was an all around 'go-to' person.
He made the training fun and the associates always wanted to attend his classes.
Additionally, if there were any questions after the training, he always made sure to follow-up and clarify.
We have facilitated training together and he has always been attentive to the needs of the learners.
He goes above and beyond in his training's to make sure any and all questions are answered fully.
He let us know exactly how we were doing and was very good about providing adequate training.
He is not afraid of new challenges and he always wants to improve himself through training.
He also trained him on some tasks, and was very thorough and always encouraged questions.
Not everyone will follow what they have been trained on but he, has successfully done so.
He trained him to think ahead in anticipation of many possible questions and scenarios.
He is also always a concern on the follow up after each training that he has conducted.
John came across as being very honest and sincere in his training and facilitation.
He is very thorough with any training, he provided and answered questions promptly.
John provided him with his initial training and was always available for follow-up.
But for him training and guidance we would not have reached where we are today.
John provides excitement and vitality into the trainings he has provided.
We were so impressed that we brought him back to do another half day training.
This is of great help to someone like him providing training and facilitation.
All you have to do is follow the training and the steps that he gives you.
He would provide training to them when needed and went above and beyond.
When he does training, he makes it both enjoyable and easy to comprehend.
John can train any salesperson out there, as long as they are trainable.
He made himself available after training hours for answering questions.
His training is very thorough, but pitched so it is easy to understand.
He seeks to improve himself by taking all available training classes.
The training was one-to-one via webcast in the comfort of his own home.
John supervised and trained him since the beginning of his internship.
After he created the platform, he then had to train us all to use it.
In his judgment, the training was very effective for all participants.
The training the he facilitated was both challenging and rewarding.
There is no question that went unanswered while training under him.
Always very helpful, and eager to train himself and other graduates.
Thorough doesn't come close to describing his approach to training.
During our training, he was consistent, compassionate and reliable.
John appreciated our training needs and fulfilled them completely.
He provided excellent assessments and training for his employees.
He offers one on one training from the comfort of your own home.
He is kind, considerate and always willing to train and guide.
John held one of his training days recently, and he is amazing.
And he knows how to train and encourage subordinate to improve.
John's training style was thorough, comprehensive and in-depth.
Can't wait to see where his insights and training takes him next.
John's training style and expertise had been just what was needed.
He can be an asset for any organization if he properly trained.
Him trainings had been rated very positively by all attendees.
He makes the participants involve in his training completely.
He is completely trained and is an asset to any organisation.
Back in his training days, him commitment was second to none.
We will be looking forward to your next our company training day soon.
He is his mentor/tutor during his training days in our company.
We have completed the our company training which is the first phase.
Join one of him our company or our company trainings and you will be convinced.
Thank you so much for the four days in class our company training.
We have found his training to be longer lasting than many other training programs we have run.
John one who is serious about training should really looking into his program.
He made sure that we had the resources and training necessary.
His experience and expertise were key to ensuring our associates received the training they needed.
His patience in training and explaining systems to fellow associates was always appreciated.
His training style leaves you wanting more of him and people keep coming back to his training sessions.
He looked at what people needed to be trained on, created the training and then taught the class.
There was so much value in what he taught and everyone was so engaged throughout the entire training.
John certainly knows his stuff and comes across as very passionate and engaging in his training.
The people that he sent to him for training were always the brightest and best of the classes.
He knows what he's doing and he delivers tangible value with every training engagement.
He also has helped and trained others as he interacts with them in his various roles.
His enthusiasm was infectious and definitely kept everyone engaged with the training.
It was also what he demonstrated through various methods he applied in his training.
The training was very engaging and tailored to his needs and those of the audience.
He doesn't just train for leadership, he demonstrates it in everything he does.
John motivated and knew exactly how to get the best out of his training sessions.
He also knows how to engage the audience and keep him trainings interesting.
So if you or someone are need of a some motivation, training he is the man.
Him blogs and the training he provides is very helpful and motivational.
His approach to training is that you shouldn't shortchange your students.
He knows how to arouse the interest and interaction during the training.
Don't engage him if you are looking for off-the-shelf training outcomes.
Him training is not only comprehensive but also inventive and engaging.
John's training was bespoke to our needs and to the people in the room.
He also empowers people, after he knows they have been fully trained.
During his training sessions he engaged very well with the employee.
John keeps things simple and makes the training fun and interactive.
His training sessions are always very interactive and inspirational.
He admitted that some suggestions would be used in future training.
He consistently demonstrates the value of training to stakeholders.
His students liked and respected him for the training he provided.
He knows how to inspire, train and take people to the next level.
John is able to train and to help people to make things happen.
He made the whole training interesting by engaging the audience.
John helped him in the initial stages as well as after training.
His motivating and training techniques are truly second to none.