Training Consultant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Training Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John also mentored the junior consultants and trained them to become great consultants themselves.
He delivers only the best in his training and consulting to all his clients.
John and his consultants provided us with training and consulting to help us building an effective problem solving company.
His will to engage & train younger consultants was very much appreciated.
John's trainings have been informative and consultative in nature.
He has displayed this to him over the past several years in how he has trained and consulted with him in group and one-on-one sessions.
Anyone who does not take advantage of his commentary, consulting and training is shortchanging their company.
Since then, he has moved on to form his own company, which is focused on consulting and training.
His openness to new approaches in training and consultancy are refreshing and inspiring.
His training and consulting sessions have been always successful and very highly secured
John took the newly created role of training consultants and made it his own.
Him forward thinking is a useful asset in consultations and training.
When we delivered this training together, he simultaneously upskilled him whilst we trained the participants.
John trains with passion and enthusiasm and gives far more than expected during the training sessions.
He trains with passion and is capable to capture your attention throughout the whole training.
He understands that not every request for training is really a training issue.
We just need him (and the training participants) for a successful training.
He would always be there to help out and to train you if there was anything that you did not know.
He goes above and beyond to ensure that you get everything you can out of him training.
He made it possible for him to get training that would not have been available for him.
His way of training is very different to that of others and he is very innovative.
He keeps on inspiring all those who are with him and under him training.
Companies always want to have him come back to conduct more training.
His way of training is so different and by far the most successful.
John knows what he's doing and how to train you to get results.
We would like to thank him very much for these training sessions.
His training provided value that is far beyond our expectations.
He knows the things in and out for the training that he accepts.
Recommend his training to those looking for this certification.
John, thanks for all the training and help you have given him.
John would definitely be one of his first choices in training.
John is thorough in his training and always available to help.
Failing that, they should go on one of his training sessions.
John amount of consultancy fees is not enough for the knowledge anybody can get out of his training.
John's experience and his success records are the highest amongst training consultants.
Him consulting, mentoring and training has all been delivered with great effect.
John set up appropriate training and consulting materials and procedures.
John is very intense in the training he presents and expects all who train under him to be successful.
John also did some training in our department and provided excellent training and reference books.
He is an expert in the areas he trains on and he makes his training classes fun.
His training is accessible and effective and him training style really engages.
He does not train, but cultivates the training as a habit for the trainee.
He not only trains your body to work its best, but he trains your mind.
His learning curve was steeper than the other consultants and he usually led the training of other consultants in the software.
You will always learn something new whether in his training, consultation or over a couple of drinks.
The combination of consulting, classroom training and sales makes him a much sought out asset in the training consulting space.
John provided some training to us earlier this year which gained very positive feedback from our consultants.
He took the time to understand the complexities of the consultations and tailored him training accordingly.
He always had a positive attitude and tried to give the most adapted training at the new consultants.
His responsibilities have included hiring, training, and supervising consultants across the nation.
John conducted two separate training workshops for our consultants on both sides of the country.
His experiential style of training and consulting is tailor made to get outstanding results.
His genuine concern for your success shows in every aspect of his training and consulting.
He trained and consulted our entire organization up several notches to a whole new level.
John provided consulting and training on our company's move toward structured authoring.
John's approach allays concerns and instills confidence in those he consults and trains.
He moved on to other training positions and even opened up his own consulting practice.
John is a highly experienced leadership consultant and training facilitator.
He exhibits the traits that a trained consultant needs to deliver value.
John carries a rich experience of training outsourcing & consulting.
Delivered training in conjunction with our company's other consulting services.
John went out of his way to identify the training we required and followed through to ensure that the training provided to meet our expectations.
John and trained as mediators together and have also recently been involved in some training about the role of solicitors in mediation.
The examples that he had given during training was funny, but totally relevant to the concepts and it made training even more interesting.
Always very passionate about his training and ensuring that you were trained to the fullest before recommending that you were ready.
His training was concise and specific to our requirements so we were able to get as much out of the training as possible.
One never feels bored to get trained under him, because one does not feel that he/he is being trained for something.
John also was using several training techniques to avoid us from feeling bored during the training classes.
At a recent leadership training the reviews of his training came back that he is great at this position.
John prepared the training very carefully and could cover all questions coming up during the training.
John provides training that "sticks" with the participants and the training has long lasting results.
His ability to train and answer questions using examples, set him apart from other trainings.
You realize this quickly when he is training your class or involved in your training class.
The future success of anyone comes from the initial training and his training is top notch.
He provided excellent input into the training classes as well as trained numerous classes.
In this role, he led new hire training and several different types of leadership training.
His training style and his innovations in training techniques sets him apart from the rest.
John made him love training and he was the reason for him to choose training as a profession.
John used his previous training experience in delivering short training sessions.
He practices very assertive yet friendly training style in all his trainings.
John also excelled in training and was responsible for rolling out training initiatives across the whole of the our company.
He expects the best of his employees, and will help them get to where they need to be through training.
People look forward to training with him because he has been in their shoes and made all the mistakes.
John went above and beyond in training him on his new territory, even though it was not his formerly.
When we had him over for training, he was the most serious of the group and the most inquisitive.
John is always willing to help and train himself and his colleagues whenever he had the chance.
His training is interesting and useful, and he is always there to help out where he can.
His trainings are always enjoyable and you know you will come away with your needs met.
You really don't know what you are missing if you don't go on one him training courses.
John can help you hire the best and will train them to make sure that they are the best.
John's training was exactly what himself and others in our organisation needed.
John always tried to ensure that everyone was well trained and on the same page.
He also made sure we are trained well, so that we can handle any changes in the future
He is very thorough and methodical in all he does and it shows in his trainings.
He directly trained him to take on many responsibilities and did so with patience.
He knows his stuff and knows how to make sure you know it after his training too.
In addition, he was always willing to help train and make those around him better.
He is excited about what he does and that comes across in his training sessions.
The only thing that is better than that is his ability to train others to do so.
John's method of training is something that makes you think about your actions.
He also is one of the few who truly understands the value of employee training.
Everyone that we sent through his training came out a much better spokesperson.
He took the time to train him and was always available for him to ask questions.
He did his best to make sure that the employees got the training they needed.
You can definitely count him in for any other training, he will do in the future.
Feedback from him training was positive and he was well liked by the attendees
Seriously, we're crushing it, because of the training he's provided for us.
Post training, he went on to become one of our most successful counsellors.
He does whatever he can to help him coworkers get the training they need.
He walked into his first training as if he had been doing it for years.
John's expertise throughout our training and after has been exceptional.
John trains with much passion for his cause, and is very inspirational.
His training took us to another level and we're already seeing results.
We found great results amongst all those who went through his training.
He always seemed to have time for one-on-one training and explanation.
He also took the time and trained him how to make changes to it himself.
He also followed up many times after training to see how we were doing.
He is extremely enthusiastic and gets the best out of those he trains.
You will leave his training with much more than you may have expected.
We indeed enjoyed every training with him and looking forward to more.
He wouldn't have it, and gave him the training one-on-one for an hour.
Highly recommend and look forward to his next training course with him.
He went out of his way to make each training effective and enjoyable.
Subsequently, he helped in his onboarding as well as on-going training.
Sign up for one of his training workshops, you won't be disappointed.
He makes sure all of them are ok to move to the next step of training.
John went above and beyond in his dedication to training employees.
Aside for the training he's also very friendly and non-intimidating.
John accomplished all of this efficiently with very little training.
His training classes are also those which you wouldn't want to miss.
John uses workbooks, but he also trains from his past experiences.
When on training him input went above and beyond what was required.
Liked him so much we brought him in for a second round of training.
John, however, has taken that previous training to another level.
The trainings provided by him were to the point and comprehensive.
John be looking forward to more such training in the years ahead.
John not only provides inspirational training, but makes it fun.
Most of all, he makes sure that continuous training isn't boring.
The training he's given our lads is beyond what we ever imagined.
Presentations and training from him are always fun and memorable.
He trains well, does his homework and makes himself the expert.
His training can be uncomfortable, but you will be better for it.
Along with that, he was always open to new ideas and trainings.
At the end of the training, he covered what was needed/intended.
He thrives and goes above and beyond when he is in a training.
This has made several of his training sessions quite enriching.
John, thank you so much for the valuable insight and training.
Those trained by him achieve and those around him are inspired.
He is also very flexible about when he will deliver the training
John has something that cannot be bought or trained, passion.