Training Coordinator Performance Review Phrases Examples

Training Coordinator Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

John has got great passion for training and improving training.

He coordinated all the organizational aspects of the training from start to end.

John led and coordinated training sessions that were enjoyable, efficient, and effective.

John was, and is, the consummate professional when it comes to coordinating and delivering training.

Even though he coordinated numerous training sessions he also facilitated many sessions himself.

John was also responsible for directing training our new co-op and coordinators when they joined our team.

John truly understands the needs of the people he is training.

This comes across and he clearly inspires the people he trains.

He very focus when it comes to his training as it is his passion.

I would like to believe that he can be good in training people.

He understands all elements of the training cycle from training needs analysis through to evaluation.

He coordinated our efforts for several years and brought great leadership insight to our training.

He was always available to ensure the success of these training initiatives.

His leadership and training have helped many of us to achieve our success.

The training that he provided set me up for success in the position.

He coordinated training delivery & training resources by subject matter experts.

John extremely professional, efficient in coordination of training sessions.

I've seen him several times delivering training and observed the positive effect he has on the training participants.

He's got the top training and knows the tactics to get you results.

John has this ability in both authoring and conducting training.

The people that he sent to me for training were always the brightest and best of the classes.

John is a man that knows his training and how to get the most from people.

I really admire the way he connects to people whenever we have trainings.

John makes training enjoyable and brings the best out in people.

Indeed the people whom he has trained have praised him highly.

His approach to training was innovative and quite ahead of time.

John came in to our location to become familiar with the company and train for his position.

I can honestly say that his training sets the foundation for me to have success.

His aim is always to correct and train rather than blame or become upset.

He provided excellent training and was instrumental to my growth.