Training Coordinator Performance Review Phrases Examples

Training Coordinator Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John has got great passion for training and improving training.
He coordinated all the organizational aspects of the training from start to end.
John led and coordinated training sessions that were enjoyable, efficient, and effective.
John was, and is, the consummate professional when it comes to coordinating and delivering training.
Even though he coordinated numerous training sessions he also facilitated many sessions himself.
John was also responsible for directing training our new co-op and coordinators when they joined our team.
John truly understands the needs of the people he is training.
This comes across and he clearly inspires the people he trains.
He very focus when it comes to his training as it is his passion.
I would like to believe that he can be good in training people.
He understands all elements of the training cycle from training needs analysis through to evaluation.
He coordinated our efforts for several years and brought great leadership insight to our training.
He was always available to ensure the success of these training initiatives.
His leadership and training have helped many of us to achieve our success.
The training that he provided set me up for success in the position.
He coordinated training delivery & training resources by subject matter experts.
John extremely professional, efficient in coordination of training sessions.
I've seen him several times delivering training and observed the positive effect he has on the training participants.
He's got the top training and knows the tactics to get you results.
John has this ability in both authoring and conducting training.
The people that he sent to me for training were always the brightest and best of the classes.
John is a man that knows his training and how to get the most from people.
I really admire the way he connects to people whenever we have trainings.
John makes training enjoyable and brings the best out in people.
Indeed the people whom he has trained have praised him highly.
His approach to training was innovative and quite ahead of time.
John came in to our location to become familiar with the company and train for his position.
I can honestly say that his training sets the foundation for me to have success.
His aim is always to correct and train rather than blame or become upset.
He provided excellent training and was instrumental to my growth.
He did well as a training coordinator, training hours were achieved, he had a good training plan and implementation.
His passion for training cannot be described in words, one has to have the privilege to watch him train.
His training is the most practical and useful prospecting training available anywhere.
John led the training superbly, making training seem so easy.
He coordinated and led managerial training sessions at his company.
He coordinates everything on-site for our trainings, and does a superb job.
John's training was personalised to his needs and especially his company.
John is well trained and he would be an asset to any company.
He enjoys training new coordinators and is willing to share best practices accordingly.
He also coordinated employee training weeks, which is always a large undertaking.
He trained his coworkers and created training documentation often even without being asked.
His training abilities and documentation is superb and useful to any end user training.
He coordinated sales training as well as internal requests for training and presentations.
Working with him required close cooperation and coordination of training materials.
John took the time to address all attendee questions during training as well as after training follow-up sessions.
Pole our company training is a company that provides excellent training and has you returning for more.
Furthermore, he really knows how to train others to become better public speakers.
Communication within our organization has improved immensely since his training.
John always trusted him with his strengths, and trained him through his weaknesses.
He is highly respected throughout our company and by all those he trains.
John first came to him with a training requirement for his company.
It is no surprise to see him advance so well in his training company.
We found his trainings interesting and entertaining at the same time.
Prior to his training it was really entered the waters at our company.
John will be an asset to any company's training cycle/calendar.
John provided some training for our company earlier this month.
He is an asset to his company and made the training enjoyable.
He coordinated on-going training classes for our department and made the whole experience fun and engaging.
He, along with him training and techniques were well received by the students and coordinator and each found value in what he was teaching.
The way he coordinated the training programs to bring us up to speed was commendable.
He provided them training, documentation and anything else in between.
Tarny's training is on par with other our company training centers, if not a step above.
He and his partner provided thorough training and we're always looking to improve their methods.
He makes sure everyone under him has the environment, training and direction to succeed.
He partners with him to make sure the training goes off without a hitch.
Recruiter, and trained him on our company's policies and procedures.
Cause it's easier to train someone than to change his character.
John's training was comprehensive and at the same time engaging.
He conducts our training meetings which are very well organized.
John provided critical training documentation, coordination of complex training schedules and facilitated training on an enterprise project.
He consistently had stellar reviews from the students and was frequently requested by name from the training coordinators.
He also coordinated all of our provider trainings and interacted with providers on a daily basis.
He not only customized training to our specifics, but he arranged private training for his employees.
He is focusing on keeping himself current with on-going training.
The training was another focus that he raised above the norm.
During the training the focus was on his our company profile.
John's coordination of all new hires, training, setup and onboarding process was exemplary.
John's training has been the cornerstone of his sales training approach and methodology.
John gives so much of himself, whether in his presentations, him training or when he engages with you directly.
This is in addition to the training and mentoring that he provides to his peers.
He arrives at his training sessions very well prepared not only on the subject matter, but also in the set up of the training room/location.
Many, many years he gave incompany trainings after he studied and know the culture of the company the training has to be given for.
Last but not least, he is the one to talk if you are looking for local training providers for yourself or for your company.
John is always willing to help out, train, demo, and do more than he ever needs to help the company as a whole.
He provided our company with comprehensive training and was always available for questions and troubleshooting.
John is able to train others to do the same and this makes him invaluable to the companies he serves.
John and his company definitely gave him something valuable to take away from his training session.
Following the completion of his training, he helped him make the best of his rental experience.
Previous trainings that our company didn't have the strong effect after the fact.
John's training ingrains best practices into your makeup, so they become second nature.
Also, because he has the training and experience that is needed in so many companies today.
The effectiveness of his trainings and leadership amongst the company is second to none.
He would take time to explain concepts easily and this also went to his training.
He will not only provide excellent training, but he will add value to your company.
John did training at our company with the new guys, him included in that group.
You won't be disappointed if you hire him for your company's training needs.
He made sure you were comfortable and practiced in the training topics.
His training is thorough and can be put to practical use immediately.
His guidance, advice, and training have been invaluable to his company.
He always takes the time to make sure his reps are properly trained.
His training is straightforward and practical in the workplace.
His group was the largest consumer of training within the company.
Highly recommend him for conferences and inter-company training.
Games have delivered many training courses for his company, our company.
John's our company training was inspiring and very practical.
John's training on using our company is very accessible and practical.