Training Developer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Training Developer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Not only did he develop the training, he was charged to train our staff as well.
When developing and delivering training he goes above and beyond to achieve best results for the client, the participants and his own development.
He not only understands training design and development, but he is also an innovator of training.
He constantly kept abreast with the latest developments in training & development and shared it with the team.
Therefore, he is aware that everyone has different training and development needs and is motivated in different ways.
We were peers, but he trained him in the beginning and he was always concerned about his development.
John took the material we sent him, organized it, and developed it for our training.
During his interaction with him, training modules developed by him were awesome.
This same approach is given in his development of training materials.
John's training was specifically developed to meet our needs.
John did an excellent job for our company in developing the training and development function for us.
John understood the training requirement in terms of both content development as well as imparting training.
He helped his development in the role and always had his back for development opportunities and the likes of seeking external training.
He provides and receives feedback and is truly dedicated to training and development.
Throughout our company, his focus was to train and develop him as an employee.
Him training and development was very relevant and applicable to him.
John also helped develop interview training with him in the company.
He believes in people development and constantly work on training and development of his colleagues.
He made an immediate impact on the quality of training that was developed.
He developed an interactive training manual that is outstanding.
John trained him and another developer on the application which was being transitioned from a third party to in-house developers.
John developed a captivating approach for professional development training.
Without his help, the training would have taken significantly longer to develop and not been as organized and thorough.
He often has an advanced understanding of development methodologies before he has completed training.
John's discussion on how to train our strengths while developing around our weaknesses was excellent.
John would be an outstanding addition to any training or leadership development organization.
He's displayed great leadership and took him under his wing with training and development.
He always went the extra mile to complete training and provided guidance to other developers.
In recent years, he's rounded out his experience in leadership training and development.
During our company he was involved in the training & development arm of the organisation.
His enthusiasm for the effective training and development of individuals is infectious.
John's patience is second to none as he takes time to train and develop his teammates.
He develops new methods in training so as to keep it jovial, lively and interesting.
He did this through the army of faithful followers he hired, trained and developed.
From the beginning, his passion for training and development was readily apparent.
John brings good value to the table for the training initiatives he must develop.
John impressed him with his objective oriented approach to training development.
His ability to train and develop others on improving their craft is outstanding.
John excels in hiring, developing, training and mapping them for the right roles.
Him level of expertise as it pertains to training and development is exemplary.
John brings new ideas and innovations to training and personnel development.
John ensured that his training addressed our concerns and development needs.
John also helped him develop a session that was included in that training.
John quickly developed and delivered the most urgently required training.
John hits new hire, development and ongoing training very effectively.
John's training puts him on the right track to develop his performance.
John's greatest strength is his ability to train and develop others.
John provided detailed insight into the training needs of developers in our company.
He not only developed the training programs, but again, was the facilitator.
John provided training for us in our leadership development programs.
He customized training to adapt to the environment and developed training to fill gaps as needed.
We hired him to develop and deliver some training for our customers.
John trained him on the finer points of proposal development.
He develops sound assessments and appropriate training strategies.
He carefully assigned training development according to his team's strengths and then tracked development without being over-bearing.
John also led a training team responsible for new hire training as well as advanced development.
John possesses characteristics that anyone in training and development would want on their team.
John's commitment to this training, his own development and to the team were outstanding.
He brought in wonderful outside resources and trainings to further our development.
John and his coaching, developing and training is second to none.
In so doing, he hired, trained and developed an excellent team.
He provides our company training to develop both individuals and teams.
He is incredible at what he does in agent development and training.
He developed a training plan and training material which he then took to the field sites to provide the necessary training.
Not only was he responsible for training and support, he developed much of the training material himself.
John developed training and communication materials for new development releases.
He creates training schemes that balance technical training with leadership development.
He not only provides transparent feedback for you to develop in your role, but also encourages growth and development in your own career development.
John provided all kinds of trainings for our teams from team development training to diversity training and he did a great job.
He also developed several training programs that were beneficial to our team's ongoing development.
He enhanced many of the training and development programs which allowed us to take the department to another level and maximize employee development.
John clearly has the experience in developing organizations and he jumped right in to help our company with one of its biggest challenges, training and developing people.
John developed the relevant training package and then train staff across the organisation.
John is passionate about training, cares about the people he trains and their professional development.
John went above and beyond to make sure he could continue providing leadership training and development to his members.
As new materials are developed, these are made available at no extra charge to those who have taken his training.
He's great at developing the training and is really above-the-bar when it comes to delivering the cirricula.
He also developed a facilitation course for us and provided training in making the best use of meetings.
The training and development that he put in was extremely impressive to both him and other peers.
John came in to do the initial training in agile development concepts and techniques.
He meticulously hires, trains and develops his partners to be the best they can be.
His training was right on point and helped him to identify his areas of development.
His understanding and ability to train and develop people is amazing.
He runs a well-organized training and development department.
John developed multiple types of training for him/his people.
Not only he trained, but he helped him to develop his own projects.
John's expertise in training development was critical in meeting the client's deadlines and training outcomes.
John then does everything in his power to train, motivate and develop that talent.
He helped us either identify training suited to our needs, or in some cases, develop and deliver the required training himself.
John did a great job on metadata training requirements and development of a training course for our associates
He oversaw our training and development and always made sure that we had the necessary tools needed to succeed.
John's leadership and on the job training has been invaluable to his growth and development.
This is coupled with his extensive experience in both training development and delivery.
Among his many successes, he developed two posts-training evaluation instruments.
He would always align the development of training and tools to the "big picture".
He developed numerous new developments as well as people on other teams.
John's knowledge of the training cycle is exemplary, and is used when developing training programmes.
John helped train and develop his business development skills to take him to the next level.
His duties were to develop training materials for the end users, train the end users and monitor their progress.
Many of which he has helped develop in mentoring and training to go on to better their careers.
He can always be counted on to help train, develop and support those around him.
Appreciate all support which you gave to his training and career development.
He unselfishly motivates, trains and develops people to make our company.
Having sought to understand the needs and requirements together with the further developments in the pipeline he has delivered truly valued training to some very sceptic 'reluctant acceptors' who have now become full converts following their training and development.
During that time he trained new developer, set up development environments and perform troubleshooting tasks.
He makes accurate assessments of training needs and uses a wide variety of training methods to effectively develop employees.
He can deliver training across a range of leadership development and train the trainer topics.
John took the time to train us right from the very beginning, and then continued with regular feedback and development.
But more importantly, he develops and share better and more scalable training methodologies within the organization.
John's expertise in training and development and his positive attitude make him an asset for any organization.
John provides first class training and development at all levels and individually tailored to your needs.
John is responsible for delivering workshops on training, development and rewards for the organisation.
He's been great as well at keeping in touch over the years with training and development opportunities.
He always takes the initiative needed to develop and train individuals to get them to the next level.
John believes in continuous employee development and always made training opportunities available.
He immediately made a great impression on him, and was very helpful with his training and development.
His assessment, recommendations, training and development activities were right on and excellent.
He is open to feedback and embraces the training and development opportunities he's been given.
His ability to recognize the opportunities for training and develop such training was inspiring.
He created the development and training plan so that it was able to come off like clockwork.
His internal training sessions were always well developed and delivered with enthusiasm.
His leadership development training, and subject matter expertise have been invaluable.
He developed effective training that was critical in our lean transformation journey.
His training developed from real world experience was very beneficial to the company.
Aside from that, he brings a refreshing candor to employee development and training.
Him training and development techniques are fresh, thought provoking and effective.
John developed the training and taught the course in the most professional manner.
John is highly committed to the professional development of those that he trains.
He pushed us all to grow and develop to become better trained professionals.
John also pushed the envelope to develop a training environment via internet.
It was great opportunity having a leadership development training with him.
He created internal training to help employees develop and progress.
John's training sessions have been very insightful, helpful and have guided him during his development in our company.
John's our company is that he makes training and development fun, interesting and above all worth while.
He developed trainings that were very successful in producing results.
He developed a training program for all new hires and took a leadership role in their development.
John adds value in everything from development of training curriculum to fundraising and resource development.
He developed the necessary training materials and trained the fingerprinting vendors in the clearance process.
John also contributed to the competence development in the area by developing and personally delivering training.
He works with you to develop the best possible training package.
He goes beyond presentation training and helps develop leaders.
He also helped in every aspect of maintaining and developing employees - morale, benefits, training, development, etc.
Several ex clients of mine have undertaken training and development with him, and the feedback was excellent.
He's also super experienced at what he does in educational and training development.
He envisions, develops, and delivers state-of-the-art training.
He builds training and development courses for longevity, the greatest value you can get from development investment.
Those meetings had the specific goal of training and developing his abilities.
His training, personally, really helped him develop further in his role.
He develops his staff through recommended training and mentoring.
Him classroom, online, and training experience make him uniquely qualified to develop online training.