Training Director Performance Review Phrases Examples

Training Director Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Therefore, whoever attended his training will always ask him when will be the next training.
John took the time to prepare and tailor the training for the directors of our company.
The training he gave us was one of the best trainings we have ever attended.
His training and training material were always well thought out and prepared.
He would be a great addition to any team looking for a training director.
He ensures in every training, each one of the participants will benefit from the training to the maximum.
He is detailed and very thorough in his gifting and training to the clients he trains.
John company that hires him for training will benefit from his training expertise.
John always provides the best training possible for his clients.
John attended some of his training and helped him deliver other training.
Our company hesitation at all recommending John, his training and as area director of Linkedin
His training techniques are excellent, he makes the training fun as well as being informative.
Always takes time to get the job done and train others in different directorates when his expertise is needed.
He worked with our director to customize the training to our department.
In trainings since then he has been very responsive to the needs of his clients.
John really knows how to tailor the training he provides to his clients.
Companies can most definitely benefit from his exceptional training.
He trained us all to look at how anything we did helped clients.
John has facilitated training for several of his best clients.
John also restructured the department, taking on the training of three new employees all while excelling at the duties of a director.
John's leadership was also seen through his efforts to improve the knowledge and training of our board of directors.
He saw that all his training needs were met along with any other needs of the implementation.
He makes sure that the training is right and, is implemented effectively.
His training on this topic has followed him throughout his career.
This training also helps him to be more effective in his career.
He is thorough with the information he provides to us in any training exercise
When he provides information or trains it is always to completeness.
Our company John's training to be very useful and informative.
These were extremely beneficial qualities in him role as a training director.
Our directors in both sessions felt that the training was very good value for money, and we would highly recommend him.
John is very detailed in his training, he makes it very easy for anyone to comprehend.
John's training was insightful, intelligent and above all, fun.