Training Industry Performance Review Phrases Examples

Training Industry Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

I have been trained by him and also assisted him in some of his trainings.
John has definitely done it and you can tell from the way he trains.
The training sessions are truly the best in the industry.
I was uncertain how to get into the training industry.
John specified the training to all our needs so that the training course was relevant to all of us.
He goes above and beyond to ensure that you get everything you can out of him training.
His way of training is very different to that of others and he is very innovative.
His trainings are more than interesting and are basically not just trainings.
He keeps on inspiring all those who are with him and under him training.
I loved everything about him and the way he went about the training.
John always provides the best training possible for his clients.
John is available and willing to help after the training is over.
Thank you once again for more useful one-to-one and team training.
His training provided value that is far beyond our expectations.
He has so much training available to anyone who wants to learn.
John is known for his training content and training delivery.
He was always there to train everyone with his capabilities.
I am looking forward to training with him again in the future.
I am facilitating training with him and was trained by him.
I can recommend him to all of you in need for training.
I'm looking forward to attend more of his trainings.
Wish you all the very best for the future trainings.
I would recommend him to others for this training.
I would definitely recommend any of his trainings.
I certainly would recommend him for any training.
That is the same way he trained his subordinates.
John has always been there for my training needs.
If you get the chance, do some of his training.
John is someone you can count on for training.
Good support during and following the training.
John's training is thorough and comprehensive.
He provides not only training, but leadership.
He really gets into the soul of his training.
And he knows how to train you to do the same.
I look forward to our next training session.
John, thanks for the training you provided.
I would certainly recommend this training.
He is always there to guide and to train.
He certainly added value to our training.
John is very generous with his training.
Thanks for your help John and look forward to more training.
Thank you so much John for all of your training.
I really appreciate the John's training.
John's training materials by far is the best our industry has to offer.
I'd recommend him to any industry and for any training need you have.
He is well versed in the industry of conference and training across the board industry.
The training and industry insights they offer are well known industry wide.
He trained me how to train and develop participants.
He makes sure that when he trains someone they come away from the training with knowledge that is useful to them and that they understand what they have been shown.
He expects the best of his employees, and will help them get to where they need to be through training.
I've sat through his training sessions and he would appreciate all my comments about him trainings.
When we had him over for training, he was the most serious of the group and the most inquisitive.
Individuals walked out of his trainings with very high regards for him and his style of training.
Our staff found his training to be most helpful and has used his training on many occasions.
John has always taken the time to help me and train me and has been nothing but patient.
I would attend one of his trainings any day and would look forward to training with him.
I would recommend him to anyone looking to train their team and leadership training.
It has been my joy just following him for training assignments and co-training with him.
He is excited about what he does and that comes across in his training sessions.
The only thing that is better than that is his ability to train others to do so.
Immediately upon training, he jumped in and immersed himself in the industry and the company
John's love of the esthetic industry comes through in each training that he does.
It has only been his first year in the industry and him trainings helped him grow.
He also trained him in many aspects of the telecommunications industry.
He is fun spirited and passionate about the training industry.
The training programs/applications that he and his organization our company have provided are among the best in the industry.
His training was customized to our industry and our situation.
John has been trained by, and worked alongside some of the best in the industry, he gets results.
John has trained with him twice, and supported him at a recent training.
John also routinely explores whether some of the training rules really do hold up in your particular industry.
John organization that hires him to train their employees is choosing the best in the industry.
John's training is delivered with all the passion & expertise of an industry veteran.
His understanding of the training industry is witnessed by his experience and expertise.
The training given be he proved to be really useful in day to day industry life.
John firmly has his pulse on the training industry and the wants and needs of clients.
In his opinion these are key elements that one needs to have in this ever changing industry, we are in, especially when it comes to training.
He is very knowledgeable in this industry and he has the ability to make training fun.
There is no lacuna in his knowledge and understanding of the training industry.
His training is applicable to everyone with the willingness to make changes in their lives, regardless of their chosen industry.
He knows the industry extremely well, and he always has time for hands on help, training, and direction.
He is also a terrific mentor and has trained some of the best people in the industry.
John's training with him as an early hire for the company and industry was very experimental, yet effective.
Franc has been in the industry for a long time and it certainly shows in the way he delivers his training.
He also has provided great training and guidance to newcomers in the Foodservice industry like himself.
His training and years in the entertainment industry keep him courses alive and very interesting.
John delivered training for us at all levels of the industry and to large and small groups.
John arranged for the best training available in the industry in a very timely fashion.
And he has very good contacts with professionals all around the training industry.
John has been a respected name in the our company training industry for decades.
John came recommended to him from colleagues at our company because he has extensive experience in the training industry.
He is brilliant in his training programs which he conducts for industry.
His understanding of the training industry and the needs of customers have proven to be invaluable.
John is fantastic at training and leads his training's with ease.
Coupled with all this - his deep understanding of the training industry & training domain expertise makes him a great resource.
He also trained and introduced him to the industry and acted as a mentor to him for many years.
Over the years, he proved to be incredibly knowledge of the training industry.
He has been trained by the best there is in the industry, is a our company partner and really knows his stuff inside and out.
John trained and motivated him during his time at our company and directly contributed to his success in the industry.
He is well informed and knows the industry, he's training on in great detail.
His style of training offers the team an all-round experience within the industry, including operational training and statutory training.
His depth of experience, combined with his years teaching and training others, makes him one of the best in our industry.
John not only provides excellent training, but the ongoing support after the training is priceless.
John's has an in-depth knowledge of the automotive industry and training.
John brings an immanence industry experience in the training field
He always keeps lively environment, though out the training session.
John provides an effective training environment consistently.
Look at his training, see his experience, you'll appreciate his involvement as a professional in his industry.
His training fills a gap that has been lacking in our industry fro quite some time.
John is a professional that is an expert in the leadership training industry.
His depth of expertise in the cross-cultural training industry truly amazes him.
V good professional and best training provider in his industry.
His knowledge in the industry makes every training he gives not only fun but very informative.
The training was timely and relevant for his position and the construction industry.
His training curriculum was excellent, and he aligned objectives for the training sessions that were applicable to the industry we were in.
His training is relevant, engaging and customized and that is hard to come by in our industry.
His training program was recognized across the industry as world-class.
He amazes one with his industry insight and creative approach towards training requirements.
His training classes are well received by the audience and everyone walks away better trained and motivated.
He shares his expertise with peers and with neophytes in the speaking and training industry.
The training was really useful for him and his team and we can already see the results.
John provided our team with training that is already having results.
Because of which his team is well trained towards the results.
John and his team were extremely well prepared and versed in our industry prior to training.
John is very knowledgeable and excellent with training in the mortgage industry.
As a participant in his training, he plan out the training so that we will be always engaged in the lesson.
V imparted his vast industry knowledge through training sessions and there just doesn't seem to be anything that he doesn't know.
He is extremely passionate about his work and the industry, and you can tell by the way he conducts training classes.
John's passion, enthusiasm, knowledge, well delivered trainings truly set him apart in the industry.
John writes and delivers multiple training classes that are current and relevant to our industry.
His flair for automobile training and the depth of knowledge about the industry is commendable.
John's ability to tailor his training to be relevant to people in our industry has paid off.
His understanding of training styles and him the industry is broad and deep, but easily related.
He makes training enjoyable and his knowledge of the industry is a true asset.
John is always his first choice for any training related to the affordable housing industry.
John played a greater role in training and teaching him the particular of the demands of the industry.
John is instrumental in a training initiative which ended up winning an industry award.
He spends time grooming his staff to take up challenges in the training industry.
If you want to learn how to use our company to dominate your industry, do yourself a favor and cook out his training.
He has been written about, he has trained millions and there have even been billboards created to advertise his training dates at industry trade shows
He really knows the industry and works to customize his training for his clients.
He provides great value and is there to support you after the training.
Because he knows how to get the most out of his employees and cross train, his knowledge is not just limited to the printing industry, .
His success can be measured by the people he has trained in the industry, most of which still call him a mentor.
He provides excellent sales training and is always on top of the latest in the industry.
He switched the environment of what you are normally used to when going into a new role and training.
John's natural enthusiasm for training made the environment magical.
One of the best days of his life and no doubt excellent training.
He has also updated himself doing training, graduation and masters.