Training Instructor Performance Review Phrases Examples

Training Instructor Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John's training scored higher than any of the other instructors and we were very happy with the results.
As an instructor, he provided top-notch training that was entertaining and thorough.
Furthermore, he is featured our internal training classes as the instructor.
He provided guidance, instructor led and webinar training as needed.
John, was his instructor for several professional training classes.
John one of the best instructors in his field of training and coaching.
He makes sure that when he trains someone they come away from the training with knowledge that is useful to them and that they understand what they have been shown.
He always follows up after the training is completed to make sure the courses met our needs and the instructors were qualified and up to expectations.
His approach breaks new ground and makes training fun and useful for both the participants and the instructors.
John is an excellent instructor because he cares about everyone in his training classes.
He creates professional and effective instructor-led training and online training materials.
He provides guidance and mentoring to the instructors raised the level of the training being delivered.
John is a great instructor for all kinds of computer training.
Him knowledge of training methodologies so that "telling ain't training" is really great.
His knowledge about training topics is well enough to deliver effective trainings.
He provided training to him and was always thorough and patient.
Him training documentation contains very detailed material which allows instructors to provide excellent training.
He always has the learner in mind and is very professional in any instructor-led training.
John ran a great group of instructors which gave training to the whole company.
John joined him for a two-day training with a room full of instructors.
John led the training program for his internship and was an excellent instructor.
John's vision and leadership have made him a better person through the training to become an instructor.
Outstanding instructor with a great "bedside manner" with the team he was training.
He worked with him instructors to make sure they were providing the needed level of training to new employees.
He is a wonderful instructor who was exceptionally patient and accessible during his training.
It is no surprise to him that he has become a training executive and college instructor.
In this capacity, he has trained new instructors and has gone above and beyond in helping them become successful members of the our company's faculty.
John made sure to get training to be knowledgeable about what he had to accomplish.
His training was very thorough and he was very knowledgeable in his subject.
He also came to the training with far more knowledge than he realised.
He trained up his competency and more importantly, his confidence.
John can train anyone who is willing to expand their knowledge.
John is very knowledgeable and passionate about his trainings.
He eagerly takes on new faculty for online instructor training and is always willing to problem solve.
John also served as his career mentor and was his instructor at many our company national trainings.
In addition to providing an excellent training experience, he was always willing to help other instructors to prepare to deliver our classes.
John did an excellent job identifying our training needs and delivering results with the training provided.
When he is conducting trainings, he makes sure everyone received help and guidance.
John trained him and his sales force through the last couple of years.
He also conducted trainings for users on various applications.
He has trained all the new personnel received in his section.
He worked with us and the instructor to customize the training to meet our needs.
We would and plan on using him again for this type of training in the future.
His training always has good planning and is really well organised.