Training Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Training Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Professionally, he is well trained in management, government, operations, and training.
There is no better training than that of the military when it comes to officers (who are indeed managers).
John is very effective in both training and managing others in his department.
He always manages to motivate and get everyone in his training participating.
As his manager, he provided him with excellent training and mentoring.
John is expertise and years of experience as a manager made him really well placed for some recent training that he delivered for new managers.
John ran management training for twelve managers of varying levels of experience.
He's devoted to our company and the cause and is an expert in training and management.
We would fly in managers from across the country to go through his training classes.
John also trained and managers subordinates who seemed to genuinely appreciate him.
A manager who placed his employee training and well being at the top of his list.
The training and how to manage situations has really helped him the last few weeks.
For eight years, he was the training and organizational manager for the company.
He also has a flair for management (which he is will be one soon) and training.
For those who are looking for a great training manager, he is definitely one of it.
John's ability to manage and train puts him above and beyond most others.
He also managed to upgrade the whole group, even after the training course.
John imparted so much training to him that he made him a complete manager.
John's manager was caught most of the time with another training session.
We appreciated his time and efforts with the training of our managers.
He takes great pride in the training he provides for those he manages.
He did this brilliantly and also led the management training himself.
John delivered an on-site training session for several of our managers.
His years of experience in managing and training others are priceless.
He managed all of the new hires, providing orientation and training.
His ideas on management training are up-to-the-minute and effective.
He somehow manages to make training fun, interesting and memorable.
John managed to put in place the most perfect possible training.
He manages with confidence and train new employees' effectively.
Com into our our company and train them in managing larger opportunities.
The training academy manages in our company has was very helpful.
He later created and managed the training group at our company.
John trained him in the field following his in home training.
John managed the training program at our company from the organization of the actual training.
After several months of training, his dog came to be more manageable.
The way he manages and trains his team is really commendable.
He helped us manage to train ourselves through his direction and mentorship.
He also is trained and accredited in organisational change management.
His success has been built on the people he's trained and managed.
He managed our training department seamlessly and successfully.
He believed in training and motivating his subordinate managers.
John directly managed the training team, training budget and reporting.
As a manager, he was instrumental in training the employees he managed and setting them up for success.
He would be best utilized managing a training department, but can deliver training as well as anyone.
His tools are his managers, whom he not only trains, but gives them vision and confidence and sharpens them through marathon training sessions.
Apart from initial systems training, he demanded very little in terms of training and management time.
Our company the most skeptical manager agreed that John's training was the best external training the company has ever had.
He trained them, managed them and, most important, instilled in them the right attitude.
John also trained managers in screening and interviewing techniques.
He taught him how to be a manager and trained him to take over his job.
He manages to maintain a great balance of managing, training and helping others.
His years of management training experience shines through in the sessions, and the stories/anecdotes used to always bring the training life.
He has come down to provide training for managers and whenever is needed will always help and if he can't will always ensure we have the right contact.
John manages to get clarity and understanding around your training needs and then delivers superbly.
His first trainings with him we're quite amazing because we managed to stay focused for the whole days.
John, along with his colleagues, provided an excellent day's training on turnaround management.
Add on to the fact that he is a selling training manager, and he is even more impressive.
He also shared his wisdom regarding management styles, both through training and example.
The managers he trained have been in high demand and have been extremely successful.
John trained new personnel frequently and has been an outstanding manager overall.
Photoshop is so complex but he managed to break it down for us in a day's training.
As a result, it's typical for new managers to be sent to his location for training.
He managed the grouping well, so that everybody had a positive training experience.
John organized specialized leadership training for all manager's in the division.
He would always give us training in time management, which helped him enormously.
He always manages to attract his audience with innovative methods of training.
He taught him several invaluable lessons about training and managing others.
John has a great rapport with the franchisees that he managed and trained.
His trainings are highly recommended to managers in all kinds of domains.
He manages to capture every individual style and train them accordingly.
He managed by example and was always happy to spend the time to train him.
He's the type of manager who is not afraid to cross train his employees.
Always happy to help during his management training, he taught him a lot.
He understands training, facilitation and management at an expert level.
John does not require extended training and/or excessive management.
Him mentorship, training style and management style are amazing.
John also hires, trains, manages, and retains great employees.
His training to improve management of our company is simply sensational.
John's legacy lives on at our company in those that he managed and trained, but he is missed.
His ability as an area manager & now as a regional training manager is excellent.
He not only managed, but he coached employees and delivered training to managers and employees.
As a manager, he is able to delegate, manage and train his team as and when needed.
John accomplished this through training and his management of relationships throughout the organization.
He manages a group of customer very well and they always have great things to say about him trainings.
John provided our team with some training in self organisation and time management.
John provided the best training for a team that any manager could ask for.
He would be the perfect training and management resource to have with you.
He coached and trained us on how to better manage our employees.
Also the induction training was led by him and another manager.
He also trained our management team and now use our company throughout the company.
He's also the kind of manager that spend time preparing training materials and train his subordinates.
His training style manages to get the best out of people, whether they are willing participants or not.
He then mentored him to take over his position as he filled the training manager need in the company.
John also provided training for some of our management classes in the area of employee issues.
John manages all his time training and making people the best they can be, and he succeeds.
His management training was very motivational and his enthusiasm and success was infectious.
John has the ability to motivate, train and facilitate success in all whom he manages.
He is an absolute asset to the organization and the people he manages and trains.
Him training classes was spot on and was a help for us managers at the branches.
John's approach to people management and training is genuinely second to none.
Many of managing techniques come from his wealth of knowledge and training.
John is an exceptional training manager and is passionate about his work.
His management style is relaxed yet effective in training and mentoring.
Him preparation, training, management, and materials were that good.
He applies his management training in all aspects of his work.
He also trained a new data manager who is now very effective.
His creativity in managing people and training is also notable.
John reached out to him for help convincing his management to purchase his training.
He always manages to engage all trainees and manages to cope with differing skill/experience levels so that everyone gets the most from the training.
He can coach/teach any subject from computer training to leadership training.
John always did an excellent job of reaching out to management prior to all training sessions so that all were on the same page for the training agenda.
His training style is conducive to learning and he manages to avoid the training doldrums and keep things interesting for all participants.
John is on the lookout for management trainings and anything that can help do his job better.
Of particular importance is his ability to manage and deliver training across several cultures.
Subsequently, he was commissioned to deliver the training again to a group of new managers.
He expertly managed several different types of systems with very little training.
He managed his staff well, and had them well trained to be punctual and helpful.
Our doctors, managers, and staff found his training to be very enlightening.
He managed to win over several training solutions for large organisations.
We were such big fans that we asked him to facilitate a manager training workshop for our managers at our company.
We have trained together in various groups and he is capable of training top management in any industry.
He understands training well and was involved in all aspects of training from coordination with management.
He managed the training and we liaised heavily to ensure that high quality training was delivered.
His specific inputs for sales training and distributor management training come to his mind.
John doesn't micro manage, but trains his people and is always willing to get his hands dirty.
Over the years he trained him how to manage people as people and not just figures.
He provides consistent training and support, but he does not micro-manage.
John providing training for all of his managers and direct reports.
John adds excellent value to our training provision with his delivery of our company training.
John can train your spokespeople to manage communications to avert huge problems, or if you don't have time for training, he can manage the communications for you.
John does serve as an example to others, providing training, guidance, guardianship while managing his own responsibilities.
He is very open, listen very well the participants and makes enjoyable the training courses that he manages.
Furthermore, his positive attitude and demeanour makes it easy for him to train and manage almost anyone.
His presence and availability to the managers and employees during the training sessions are invaluable.
Him simple yet insightful approach would be an asset to any company that would need management training.
His steady guidance made training more consistent and thorough while also making it easier to manage.
Everything was made simple and easy for him to manage, with training delivered with great patience.
He manages all aspects of training, and is constantly looking for ways to improve outcomes.
John's leadership training session on management techniques was extremely useful for us.
John's leadership and training have been vital to his growth and development as a manager.
John's extensive training and management experience helped him excel in this position.
In that regard, he hired and trained great personnel and managed them very effectively.
He trained him in how to manage other employees and to handle the nuances of doc review.
He responds quickly and provides good training, empowering you to manage your web page
He held many responsibilities, including hiring, training & managing at all levels.
John also showed great leadership by training new colleagues and managing workloads.
He does very well with training and is a good candidate for a management position.
In addition, his management and training style is open and inviting to questions.
This training made a significant impact on him as a manager, and individual.
John provides the most practical, real-world management training available.