Training Officer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Training Officer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John came to our offices and trained all of the staff who would be using this.
It is well-known around our office that the employees whom he trains become employees of the highest caliber.
When all was done, he invited him to his office to be trained on how to use and update his website etc.
He did all this and more in addition to training and graduating hundreds of new officers per year.
John held an afternoon training session for us at the offices which we all found very helpful.
John delivered some incredibly valuable training at our offices today.
His training helped him get off to a fast start at his new office.
He made him better by being the best he could be every day at the office.
John took the time to train him on all office procedures, giving him his first opportunity to work in an office environment.
John, the company's training officer, was our primary liaison.
John came to our office and gave the team our company training.
We all enjoyed his training both at the home office, and when he would come to our area to do seminars.
John came to our office to train new recruits within our organisation.
We are looking to take some of his photo's for our new offices.
Taking this information he then ran a training course for all our offices.
When he came into the office for his initial training he was already a leader.
John's care of the office sets the tone for our office culture.
He came out to our office and helped us to get started and train our staff.
He excelled in all faculties of training and went on to become a very accomplished officer of the force.
He will train you, guide you and make you feel super comfortable in the office environment.
He progressed well through basic training and was identified as a potential officer.
John delivered an expert and effective lunchtime office training session.
His second introduction was in officers' training, where he was a trainer.
He also followed up with the officers and continues to do that to this day.
John is someone special, where if he is not in the office you notice.
He really deserves the best in life, inside and outside the office.
He showed him that it was more than just cleaning your office.
He scored the highest in feedback from our team that has ever come out of any training we have had in our office.
John's training is not just for the sales people in your office.
In addition, he was also selected as one of the subject matter experts who trained front office and back office staff.
Also keeps things light around the office, he's always down to have fun.
His training was well received by his staff and he is still quoted around our office.
John inserts his personality into the training to make the training fun.
John came into our office for computer training - both on the basic level and the advanced.
He then moved into a training position at the corporate office.
At our company, we were both instructors for the officer training classes.
John handles more than one office and is perfectly capable of making sure that everything is taken care of at all his offices.
Tauseef is a very able training officer who knows his job and the company's requirements.
John always went above and beyond to teach others around him in the office and out.
John is the best solution for and all of your office needs.
When in the office he seemed to always be in 'teaching' mode.
John went out of his way to also update and help train our sales reps in the office.
He also helped train others in the office while maintaining his customer focus.
Always a pleasure to be in one of his training sessions and a great colleague to have around in the office.
John created customised training for our overseas office, which expertly met our brief.
Our office had a great experience when he spent several weeks training us in our new our company.
While he welcomed us to his office, he would also come around just to say hi and see how your day was going.
He can make you laugh like no one else can and he brings so much life to the office.
Everyone in our office loved having seen him every day, and we miss him terribly.
He will make your life easier and you will be happy to have him in your office.
John loves to relax and let his hair down when he is away from the office.
He recently built our beautiful new office and we couldn't be more pleased.
He came into his office sat down with him and helped him with his image.
To this day he still stops by his office to see how things are going.
Around the office, he helps bring his colleagues up even on down days.
He made it so pleasant for him to be in the office every single day.
John came down to our our company office to conduct training for the regional team.
The in-house trainings he held in the office were also helping out a lot.
Not only will he exceed in this, but he will have many clients and offices.
He wants those he trains to know the importance of their actions of those they engage with in the office and on the phone.
Every training so far has been very insightful and helps him not only at the office, but also in his personal life.
John and his wife have two wonderful horses that are well trained.
The timezones where never challenging, he was always willing to work with us from home, train stations or the office.
He'd often be taking photos of things that were going on around the office and blogging/twittering them in our company.
He's often at the office until the lights go out, which is to say him dedication knows no bounds.
We all enjoy interacting with him whenever he comes to our office since he is so down to earth.
When he would arrive in the office, others would light up to see him.
John is the light of the party - both at the office and outside.
John lights up the office and always was an inspiration to him.
His interactions with all colleagues in the office are pleasant.
John is the direct interface between his office and the company.
He's known to break out into an impromptu dance in the office.
And, of course, his habit of bringing pastries into the office.
John knows how to keep the office lighthearted and positive.
John is an excellent press officer when he was at our company.
John's training was insightful and interesting and personally was popular with all he trained.
His trainings are among the most sought after training programmes by the participants/participating institutions.
The bespoke programme of training and his training methods were truly inspirational.
John makes each day in the office a pleasure, he will often have the entire office in hysterical laughter at any moment.
His staff would always come back to the office energized and ready to put into action the training.
John, thank you and your office for helping him with his job search.
He kept our office functioning under some very severe constraints.
The entrepreneur is always a first read when it arrives in his office.
He delivered training to our corporate office as well as the hotels throughout the region.
Constantly striving for his and the teams betterment, he sends out emails for training or arranges training events in the office
He works hard to help organize training for the new officers and keeps in touch with them.
John recently visited our offices to deliver two days of sales training.
John is passionate, committed, friendly and vibrant and this really comes across when he is in the training room and wider office environment.
John came to our office and delivered up to date training in the boardroom, transforming us from beginners to experts in four hours.
He listens more than talks and creates an environment of collaboration and fun both in the training room and back in the office.
We had one day session in our office and he trained everyone really well with amazing clarity in such a short time.
His training of personnel has caused his reach and influence to go beyond the office in a very successful way.
Most importantly, he created a great culture in the office and it was an enjoyable place to train.
When he would leave his office, after our talks, which, when at the end of the day, could last for hours.
John came into our office and explained to everyone exactly what was involved and how to use the plan.
Before we even went into his home office, he sat down with him to discuss what was going on in there.
He's quick and efficient taking up very little of his day and even came to his office for the shoot.
He would be in his office few days before the deliverable was due and have everything already done.
However, it is him kind and welcoming nature that makes who want to come into the office each day.
He gets along well with everyone and is often involved in planning the next office get together.
The first to enter the office and probably the last to leave on most days when he was in town.
From the very next day after one of his workshops, you could feel the difference in the office.
John breathes life into the office and goes above and beyond to help his fellow colleagues.
One example, was the way he took on our entire office move on his first day with the company.
John came into the office the next day with a version he had done himself - and it was great.
He has great passion for what he does, and it shows throughout the office each and every day.
He's often one of the last in the office trying to squeeze just a bit more out of the day.
People sat in his office for two reasons: the did something wrong or something right.
Him dedication goes far beyond the office and is evident in all aspects of his life.
John is also incredibly hardworking, the last one in the office many days of the week
He's one of those guys who just makes it easier to show up to the office each day.
His joy of life is all around him and affects everyone in the office positively.
John's door is always open, he's one of the last to leave the office every day.
The toughest of situations seem to be just another day in the office for him.
John is often the first one in the office, completely planned for his day.
It was always nice to see him smiling face in the office each and every day.
We still miss how great he was at capturing special moments in our office.
He brought serious value added to our government office and interface.
Since that day, sharing an office with him was the greatest pleasure.
As a result, he is universally well-liked in any office environment.
John brought new life to the office from the first day he started.
John came over one day and evaluated the clutter in his home office.
He brings fervor to the office that is evident each and every day.
He's also great fun to be around and brings life into the office.
And his positive spirit brightened our office each and every day.
Each day, as he walked into the office, he always had a smile.
Being alongside him in office is a new lesson every single day.
He brightens up the office every day with him happy demeanor.
John is exceedingly optimistic and brings life to the office.
John is one of those rare individuals who you look forward to seeing every day at the office.
John provided our officers and board with excellent media training that lives on to this day.
Sure enough, he won over the difficult client-and everyone else at the office.
He came to his client's office to make it easier for everyone to be involved.
He loves what he does and shows it, whether at the office or with clients.
He also made it out of the Geekzone to client's offices on occasions.
John demonstrated that the training is provided is delivered easily and clearly while the recipient is sat at their desks in the office.
Our company a personal level, John is charming and office trained.