Training Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Training Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

He was also a diligent self-educator and always on top of the latest technologies.

His impressive skill set and willingness to expand that skill set was a tremendous asset.

This training was an eye-opener to see that networking is not about going to evening sessions you're not interested.

Thanks for learning me to network.

He brings life to theory with his memorable examples making lessons interesting and with a class full of students eager to learn.

John when he was the lecturer for one of my courses in my second year, and he made an immediate impression with his classes being the most enjoyable and beneficial.

His lessons were very interesting and helpful.

It is definitely worth attending courses, seminars and conferences just because of him.

Academically, he has been a brilliant student with an amazing enthusiasm to learn beyond the classroom.

I got an opportunity to attend John's learning program.

I recently got a chance to attend John's learning sessions and thoroughly enjoyed it.

It was my pleasure to tell I had a learning session where John was the trainer.

Thanks for being an amazing mentor and a teacher.

He was very diligent in preparing for the class, working with his classmates on course preparation and actively participating in class discussions.

John went above and beyond in all training sessions and was always available to answer any questions before and after each class.

I've sat through his training sessions and he would appreciate all my comments about him trainings.

John is very patient with teaching computer skills.

John is an amazing entrepreneur and is always willing to teach others what he is learning.

He even followed up with me after our sessions were done and asked me that if I still need any help.

I have taken John's training and the value has been amazing.

John is truly passionate about helping find advance their careers.

He enjoys learning new things and advancing his knowledge.

John is helpful, professional and knowledgeable.

Thanks for all your effort and friendship.

If you ever have an opportunity to go to his seminar, take advantage and go.

He is very hard-working and goes the extra mile when giving class.

He has truly helped me in my career.

John is a first class person and a first class professional.

John is an amazing training and development professional.

John is a fast learner who is always eager to learn and apply new methods.

We regularly visit meetups and conferences to improve our professional skills.

His enthusiasm, work ethic and a knack for learning new skills quickly have added to his value to the team.

I've known him for many years and I value the friendship and guidance he has provided for me throughout my professional career.

He grasps new concepts with enthusiasm, and works with the technology until he fully masters it - impressive perseverance.

I heartily recommend John for any training needs and look forward to leveraging him for my next training opportunity.

He shares what he learns not only with his team, but those around him.

John is a skilled professional that has a passion for teaching as evidenced by his willingness to go the extra mile for his students.

He is able to apply modern teaching techniques to his classes effectively and easily.

John has given me invaluable careers guidance for almost two years.

I would happily have him facilitate training sessions for my staff.

I have attended John's trainings a number of times now.

Since training is his passion, he does full justice to the trainees and hence is popular with the trainees and they want more of his sessions.

John is an impressive coach and career mentor.

John's passion for learning and development shines through in everything he does; from teaching a course, to working with a colleague one-on-one.

His training was effective, interesting and stimulating.

Thank you for all your hard work and time with our members, I'm so glad I took part.

I have recently done a training session with John.

During this time he made a number of improvements and put forward recommendations to improve training.

John held a training session at my company recently and it was very well received.

He also has the ability to train you with patience, respect and encouragement.

During all this time he transmitted his enthusiasm and best-in-class attitude to us.

John is very humble, eager to learn and open minded.

I attended one of John's training sessions this year and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

He is always prepared to learn and grow and encourages his team to do this as well.

John is a diligent and enthusiastic software engineer who is not afraid to learn new things.

Great professional skills, positive thinking, enthusiasm and generosity.

He practises mindfulness so when he teaches, the authenticity shines through.

He loves learning new things and even prefer to transfer his knowledge.

He has also been a mentor and teacher and always been willing to give me his time and guidance.

He has trained my staff and the results were very pleasing.