Training Specialist Performance Review Phrases Examples

Training Specialist Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He hired him for some very specialist training, which had terrific feedback.
John's abilities as a training specialist have always been stellar.
Detailed in his training style as well as his materials that's being used for training.
John is known for his training content and training delivery.
He kept very good training for us and material for the training was excellent.
John is one of our training specialists and he worked directly with our customers.
His first meeting with him was in a training center and we were trained together.
As a training specialist, he definitely went out of his way to help you feel confident in whatever your task was at the time.
John always had him department very well trained and organized.
He understands the difference between good training and training that is just an event.
The scene is master in training and his training session is very informative.
His training of others was top notch and we were able to expect the same performance out of those he trained.
Till the end of the training, his performances were outstanding.
During his time on his team, he mentored him into becoming more than just a training specialist.
He will change the way you think about training and delivery.
He then assisted us in training the new our company specialist.
He never made anyone feel uncomfortable while being trained and was an asset to the our company training team.
It's definitely helped him take his training curriculum to the next level.
John also has the ability to tailor a training session to your requirements, rather than just "training from the manual".
He makes training very interactive and gives examples from his real life to bring character to the training.
John build the training very much considering his needs and occupation.
He is an exceptional training specialist and a fantastic coach.
John hired him to do a training at our company when he was head of training.
He has never let him down whenever he was called to respond to our training needs in the region.
John made sure that not only did we learn while training, but also used them during live calls.
Nevertheless, he provided clear trainings and was always willing to help in case necessary.
He understands that training does not end in the classroom, it is only the beginning
He hasn't only trained on the how to's, but the why it is important to all of us.
Providing training to bring out the best in his employees was very important.
He also trained internationally during several important launches
Once this training was complete, he learned the new platform.
John signed up for one of his online trainings about our company.
He is well versed in each of the training materials he presents and makes sure that everyone gets involved in his training sessions.
As part of this training, he uses training packs which are very detailed and in picture format.
His training style is both thorough and detailed but he also keeps it interesting.
John looks at the needs of the group and adjusts his training if necessary.
His trainings were very detailed and well appreciated by the participants.
During the training he is very flexible to adjust to different needs.
His training has enabled him to know what activities to prioritise.
His performance in various training capacities has been excellent.
John provides excellent training with as much detail as you need.
His activities during the training are very helpful & beneficial.
John is a very detailed individual when it comes to training.
He acted on his own analysis through training and practicing.