Translation Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Translation Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

His communication skills allow him to translate these skills effectively.
John's skills will translate very well into any position at any company.
He can and will translate these skills to whatever position he holds.
His skills would easily translate into other application frameworks.
Unfortunately, these skills do not quite translate to his poker game.
Importantly, he knows how to translate all of that to profitability.
He always has insightful perspectives and is skilled at translating that into actions that get results.
His best skills are translating the ambiguous and complex into something cogent and actionable.
His skills could easily translate to any endeavor and he would be an asset to any organization.
He has a diverse skill set that translates well and comes through in everything he touches.
That did not deter him from translating and applying his skills to his specific pursuit.
He's an out-of-the-box thinker with the skills to translate his ideas into results.
He immediately delivered and was able to translate skills he had to the new role.
He artfully translates accomplishments and skills into words within resumes.
John possesses the leadership skills to translate vision into reality.
This skill translates to the consistent results that he brought in.
These skills translated well as he took over biz dev efforts for our company.
These skills also translate to his abilities as an instructor.
Those skills translated today should make him an excellent leader.
He makes certain that he understands your skill set and how they will translate to your goals effectively.
John's truly gifted, and thoroughly enjoys doing what he does - and it translates.
He translated for them, greeted them and made sure they had everything they needed.
It was clear right away that he just got it and could translate it into action.
John's passion for doing things right translates into everything he does.
If you're looking for translations, he is the guy you want to hire.
John explains things very well, so nothing gets lost in translation.
Moreover, he's able to translate back and forth between the two.
John has collaborated with him in some translation requests.
He then translates those insights into useful recommendations.