Translator Performance Review Phrases Examples

Translator Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Importantly, he knows how to translate all of that to profitability.
He knows how to get the best out of people, which translates to getting the best for his customers/clients.
John is one of those translators who take their our company very seriously and will ask all the right questions.
John knows how to translate what the customer wants into something much more than they ever expected.
He has the ability to translate what someone is asking for into what they really need delivered.
If you are looking for excellent translations, he is the translator you should be working with.
John's truly gifted, and thoroughly enjoys doing what he does - and it translates.
He translated for them, greeted them and made sure they had everything they needed.
He knows how to translate what you want and require by asking the right questions.
He listened well to our needs and translated that into exactly what we needed.
It was clear right away that he just got it and could translate it into action.
He listens well and tries to translate into what's possible and he is honest.
He is always listening to his needs and tried to translate them to the client
John is passionate about what he does, and it translates into his results.
He went beyond his expectations and didn't just implement the translations.
He knows that in the end - it's that focus that translates into sales.
He has the ability to translate your needs and wants onto your walls.
John has been one of our go-to translators for several years now.
John explains things very well, so nothing gets lost in translation.
This can be seen translating into the projects that he is involved.
John is an expert in translating what you do into why you do it.
John is one of our most professional linguists and translators.