Transparency Performance Review Phrases Examples

Transparency Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is very thorough and will make sure we are very transparent about our capabilities.
Best of all, he's always transparent about what's going on and what he needs.
He is also quite passionate about what he does and does it with transparency.
John is very transparent in an industry that sometimes like transparency.
He also tells it like it is - always honest and always transparent.
He is very transparent and everyone always knows where they stand.
John is easy to get along with, and he was always transparent.
He is also as transparent as he can be what he knows you know.
He is transparent and always gets back to him on our company.
John always reached out and was very transparent about what was going on, both before and after his interview.
Him teams genuinely want to be around him because he does what he says and always provides transparency.
John is also very transparent about why and how actions should be taken to get to better results.
He is wonderful about being transparent so you don't have to wonder what he is thinking.
He is also very transparent with all the things he does and would recommend his services.
John is honest and transparent and always wants the very best for you and your client.
Second, he is transparent and will let you know immediately what he can do for you.
He has transparency in all activities and is always willing to go above and beyond.
He isn't afraid to say no and to be transparent so everyone are on the same page.
He is always very transparent and therefore our reviews never had any surprises.
He is transparent with what he knows and what he doesn't and asks when in doubt.
He's always considering those who he works with & is transparent in him our company.
But what really resonated with him was how transparent he was with everything.
He is always transparent with him and those who worked directly under him.
He leads to transparency and isn't afraid of what transparency reveals.
John is very approachable and explains things clearly and transparently.
He is very knowledgeable and transparent with everything we were doing.
Finally, he is well-known for his no-nonsense adherence to transparency.
He's a transparent leader that knows how to get the best out of his team.
John is one of the most transparent and cooperative when we need him.
His relationship with us was always professional and very transparent.
John has always been very approachable and transparent to the team.
He is transparent in his dealings and says and does the right thing.
Have always found him to be straight forward, honest and transparent.
John listened to him and was very transparent in his recommendations.
John is known for his availability, accessibility and transparency.
John is transparent, motivating, and thoroughly constructive.
During all our discussions he has always been fair and transparent.
Under his leadership, things get done efficiency and transparency
He is very transparent and would follow through on his promises.
He always has been very transparent and supporting to his juniors.
Besides this he is very honest and transparent in his interaction.
John is supportive and transparent throughout the whole process.
He encourages new and different thinking and is very transparent.
He is transparent about our successes as well as our challenges.
John gets things done without fuss and with great transparency.
He is very straight forward and always transparent to customers.
He is transparent and is clear on what can and cannot be done.
He is charismatic and is transparent to all his subordinates.
This makes working for him very transparent and not dramatic.
John's transparency ensures that he is the right one for you.
The best thing about him is his transparent nature of our company.
He is really transparent in him our company and knows his trade.
Our company knows that John has your back and will always be transparent in the way things need to progress.